Though he missed his last start with “elbow stiffness,” there has not yet been any indication that Matt Garza may actually head to the disabled list.

Until now.

In his article about today’s Lou Montanez call-up, ESPN’s Bruce Levine casually drops the suggestion that the corresponding roster move might be sending Matt Garza to the disabled list. He says this like it’s no biggy that everyone has been discussing. It is a biggy, and *no one* has been discussing it.

Obviously the DL stint itself wouldn’t be a huge issue as it would likely mean only one or two more missed starts for Garza (the stint can be backdated to the last time he pitched, May 17).

But what makes it a huge deal is that it would mean once again, the Chicago Cubs were overly optimistic about the health of one of their players. When the Cubs announced that Garza would miss his weekend start against the Red Sox, manager Mike Quade, GM Jim Hendry, and even Garza, himself, went out of their way to describe how benign his elbow issue was. If it were later in the season, he could go they said. He’ll just rest, and all should be well for his next start they said.

Missing multiple starts and heading to the DL was not discussed as an outcome of the “elbow tightness.” That kind of thing would be both big news and a big shift in the narrative for the Cubs. (As if to confirm my point, Twitter is blowing up as we speak about the possibility of Garza heading to the DL.)

It’s also the kind of thing that would make already gun-shy Cubs fans absolutely terrified.

We’ll know more soon, and I want to reiterate that Garza to the DL is not the equivalent of the Cubpocalypse. It would mean a couple missed starts, unless, of course, the injury is more serious than the Cubs have let on. But that never happens, right?

UPDATE: I like ponies. Matt Garza is indeed going to the disabled list with a “right elbow contusion.” In other words, he’s got a bone bruise, which sucks, but is certainly better than the other dreaded elbow possibilities. The Cubs expect him to be back by early June, so this is just a couple starts kind of thing (which, I know, they said it was just one start… fool me once, shame on you, fool me 5,000 times…)

We’ll have much more on this when there’s a little more information. The good news, such as it is, is that Randy Wells is now slated to start on Saturday for the Cubs. One in, one out.

  • Michigan Goat

    Arggggggh, Argggggh, if this is true FIRE JIMBO NOW!

  • Brian

    It is too bad about Garza missing his starts. I’m almost positive it is killing him that he cannot go out and pitch his games. Garza demonstrates so much positive energy for the team. One of the few bright-spots this season for me has been when the camera focuses in on Garza when the Cub’s are batting and it shows how energetic he becomes when the offense is producing. It really makes me feel like the team is heading in a positive direction when I see a comfortable, positive-energy dugout. If more players on the team were as devoted as Garza is, well the team would probably be flying their flag a little higher on the NL Central standings out in center field at Wrigley.

    In conclusion… Garza = good!

    • Ace

      You’re making me feel worse.

  • Hogie

    How does Garza getting hurt mean fire Hendry? I dont like him either, but it seems to me like you are just making up reasons.

    The game got rained out…FIRE HENDRY NOW!

    • Michigan Goat

      It is completely reactionary. If a rainout gets him fired bring on the rain.

      • Hogie

        lol, good s**t

    • TWC

      I think Hendry should be fired because I spilled my coffee this morning.

  • jim

    Is ok, we’ll just bring up youngsters Archer, Guyer, And Fuld. Good thing we got rid of Gorz for guys who could not even crack spring training roster.

    • Jeff

      I think we have enough batters who can’t hit above .230, so you can keep Fuld where he is. Chris Archer has an ERA near 6, Hak Ju Lee plays middle infield(I’m pretty sure the Cubs middle infield is pretty set for a while), and Guyer would be in line behind Tyler Colvin in the “can’t get no at bats clubhouse”.

      Garza’s been a positive influence and the best pitcher on the team. I hear a lot of people that say Hendry shouldn’t have made the deal because pitching wasn’t a problem. Guess what? It’s the teams biggest problem, they have the worst starters in baseball. So we should all praise Hendry for having the foresight to acquire Garza(!)
      You can’t fire the guy for injuries or being aggressive in trying to improve the team, it’s the lack of activity and accountability at the worst possible times that should put the fire under Hendry’s seat.

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Starting pitching is the Cubs’ biggest problem now, it wasn’t at the time the Garza trade was made. Hendry had no way of knowing Cashner and Wells would end up on the DL. Just as he had no way of knowing Garza would get injured.

  • greg

    Fuck me

    • TWC

      Greg, do you think you could ask just a *little* bit nicer? Maybe?

  • pfk

    The Cubs front office under Hendry has a long and recorded history of misleading everyone on the extent of a pitcher’s injuries. So, I always take what he says with a huge grain of salt.

  • auggie1955

    I’m not too concerned about Garza having to go on the15 day DL. I’m sure Hendry will make his usual announcement that it’s only a precautionary move. I have total faith in everything Hendry says and does.

    • Ace

      I really can’t wait to hear the spin on this one.

  • jt

    carrie muskat just tweeted that garza is on the 15 day dl, wells is with the team and will start saturday

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Only 1 more SP on the DL at the same time and it will be ’85 all over again.

    • Jeff

      As long as the Bears win the Super Bowl like in 85, I’ll be happy. The Cubs were going to suck this year anyway, so why not go out apocalypse style?

  • jt

    the way things are going i almost expect the cubs home dugout to collapse and send everyone to the dl

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Don’t know if it’s been posted here yet, but Cashner WILL NOT require surgery.

  • auggie1955

    Just read in the Trib that Garza was placed on the 15 day DL. Sure enough Hendry said Garza “might” miss one start. Then again he might miss more, huh, Jim?

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate Hendry!!! The day he gets fired Cub fans will be dancing in the streets.

  • Spencer

    Well at least we will get Soto and Wells back this week, unless of course the Cubs are being overly optimistic about their prognosis also, as they have been about the rest of the injuries we’ve experienced this season. I don’t really understand the point of treating these injuries like they aren’t a big deal at first then finding out later that they are and having players go on the DL. Is this some sort of strategy to fake everyone else in the league out? Probably not. Is it because the trainers and medical staff on the team aren’t examining them properly and don’t really understand what’s going on? Or do Quade and Hendry just want to look the other way and pretend like all of this isn’t happening? I would rather everyone just be straight with us instead of beating around the bush and treating these injuries as not being significant.

  • http://Bleachernation Bric

    If the Garza DL thing has shown you anything, it’s that Hendry has lost focus and control. From a logical, non biased prospective it’s obvious this guy is just trying to hang onto his job and his salary which is higher than almost every other GM. All this when he knows he should’ve been fired after the Bradley debacle. We all love our team so it’s hard to sperate the emotions. But the reality is this A-hole is working on borrowed time and he’s gonna beg, lie, cheat, and steal whatever he has to to keep his job. He’s been doing this the past couple of seasons for three reasons: He loves the Cubs, he’s arrogant enough to think that everyone else knows nothing, and the ton of money he gets paid to produce this bull shit. So start looking toward 2012 if you wnat to but I’ve already wrote him off for shear incompetence. He’s kinda like those Wall Street bankers that threw money around, blew up their companies and let down all of their constituents. They were crying all the way to the bank, too. But please don’t think that one more big name free agent like Pujols or Fielder is going to put us over the top. Because it isn’t. We’re so far from the top the team needs to be gutted. And it starts with him. I know it’s not his fault it rained, but just about everything else is.