Instead of a normal bullets post, today you just get a rundown of the nearly-insane number of Chicago Cubs injury updates in the news.

  • Andrew Cashner’s visit with Dr. Lewis Yocum was successful, at least insofar as Dr. Yocum did not recommend surgery on the youngster’s strained rotator cuff. His opinion is the same as the Cubs’ original plan: Cashner should rest and then rehab. So, the kid will still be out for quite some time, but this is good news.
  • Randy Wells is back with the Cubs and officially will start on Saturday. With Matt Garza going to the disabled list, the Cubs can defer the fifth starter decision – i.e., Doug Davis or Casey Coleman – for another week. Wells will not be activated until he starts, so young relievers Scott Maine and Justin Berg will have a few more days to impress and hold onto their roster spot.
  • Geovany Soto is also on his way back. His 15 days on the DL due to a groin strain are up later this week, so he’s expected to play in an extended Spring Training game today, before heading to AA Tennessee and a couple rehab starts. He’ll be back either Saturday or Sunday, Welington Castillo will return to AAA Iowa, and Koyie Hill will return to driving us crazy but once a week instead of six times.
  • Marlon Byrd is going to do almost nothing for the next couple of weeks while his face and the attachment behind his left eye heal. “The bruising in the retina area is subsiding some, which is good,” Hendry said. “Because of the fractures and the bruising in that spot, it’s detrimental for him to do any more than walking around for one to two more weeks. That’s not surprising, and that’s good news because the healing process has started. We’ll have to play that by ear.” The Cubs aren’t setting any kind of timetable on Byrd’s return, which is for obvious reasons. The team will continue to go primarily with Reed Johnson in center field, spelled by Tony Campana and Lou Montanez. Because of his hand injury, we can only wonder what the Cubs might have decided to do with Brett Jackson, who is not expected to start playing again until later this week. He still might be called up later this year.
  • Jeff Baker was feeling much better yesterday (groin strain), but didn’t start. Most assume he’ll be available to play from here on out.
  • pfk

    I think I strained my oblique just reading this. That means I’m going to have to do simulated Bleacher Nation posts before I’m able to do posts for real.

    • TWC

      pfk, start with the long-toss posts before the simulated posts. You don’t want to rush things and experience a setback.

      • Ace

        Better type with a towel before you even try to simulate posts.

        • Bridger

          If we learned anything from Carlos Zambrano, you should probably avoid typing completely. :)

          • Ace

            Another in the long line of bizarre Cubs injuries. Things to avoid: typing, getting drunk, sneezing…

    • Ian Afterbirth

      I’m cautiously optimistic for your quick recovery and assume the DL isn’t even remotely likely at this point.

  • auggie1955

    I have to say that I was really shocked and upset with the way the Cubs handled Cashner’s injury. Since I have shoulder problems and have suffered a strained rotator cuff, I knew that it would take 2 months of rest for it to heal. Therefore I was surprised when after only 2 weeks Hendry announced Cashner was starting on a rehab program. Now Hendry has announced that Cashner will be out until the all-star break. Let’s see that’s about 2 months. What an idiot Hendry is!!!!

    • willis

      Eh, in case you missed the last 7 years, the cubs handling of pitching injuries is absolutely pitiful. I expect nothing less than to be lied to and then watch as the rehab goes down in flames time after time.

      Towel drills.

    • Melvin

      Why do we blame Hendry for these medical decisions? Do we really think the GM is over-ruling the medical staff and forcing him to throw? Isn’t it more likely the medical staff made a decision, everyone else followed that decision and the GM made the public announcement? Isn’t it also likely that the medical staff made a reasonable decision– a short period of rest, then throw, if it still hurts, more rest……

      • wax_eagle

        No he doesn’t overrule the medical staff, but he hires them.

      • TWC

        Don’t mess with the narrative around here, Melvin!

      • http://BleacherNation Bric

        You’re talking about a guy who over ruled all of the writers, anylists and fans to sign a piece of sh*t bad attitude, wife beating NWA, AND outbid himself in the process. A guy who traded the three most covetted players in his system for one player who was considered a fifth wheel in his own organization. A guy who traded the two best established lefty starters he had for a couple minor leaguer or near minor leaguer players to safe a couple of bucks, even though his own salary is higher than all of theirs’ combined. A guy who is finally getting national attention concerning his job security (even though we Cub fans have wanted him gone long ago).
        Yes, I truly believe it’s possible that this d-bag over ruled his medical staff in a vain atttempt to save his own skin. His cred desintegrated long ago as far as morals are concerned.

        • jstraw

          “NWA?” Nice.

          • http://Bleachernation Bric

            His own term- not mine.

            • Ace

              Bradley called himself that? Wouldn’t surprise me, but I hadn’t heard that.

              And, vitriol aside, I agree: Hendry still does not get enough shit for the Bradley signing.

              • Jeff

                It seems to me that he got off the hook because of the Silva trade, how insane is that? Traded one overpaid,hot headed, me first player for another to cover up the mistake of signing the first one, and all of a sudden he was a good GM again. That’s the impression I got, because I can’t see any other reason that Ricketts gave him such a vote of confidence last year.

  • Mike

    I’m just glad it was a night game and Byrd didn’t have on his sunglasses.