Mike Quade was pretty angry that the umpires decided to call for a rain delay with two outs in the top of the seventh last night, and came out to argue for a few minutes. You don’t see that very often, but Quade was right to plead his case. Everyone knew that once that tarp came out, it wasn’t coming off.

  • Quade’s been catching some flack for using Carlos Zambrano as a pinch hitter when the Cubs were already up big on Tuesday night. Folks have the criticism right, but the rationale wrong. They say Quade’s a fool for using Z as a pinch hitter when he’s one of two regular starting pitchers who’s actually healthy; pfft. The real reason Quade’s a fool for using Z as a pinch hitter? Zambrano is *terrible* at it! His hit on Tuesday (which squeaked through the infield) was his first in his last 14 pinch hit appearances. For his career as a pinch hitter, he’s got just three hits and 14 strikeouts in 29 at bats, and a .103/.103/.103 line.
  • Quade isn’t exactly eager to get Tony Campana a start in the outfield, but it could be coming soon. “Somewhere along the line [Campana will start],” he said. “I think Reed [Johnson] is playing too well. It’s not out of the question that with the knuckleballer [R.A. Dickey] throwing [today] we’ll have some fun with ‘Campy.’ But right now the guys we’ve got in place are doing well. Yeah, I’d like to look for spots, but not unless an opportunity presents itself for me. It hasn’t yet. I look every day.”
  • Aramis Ramirez has just one home run all season, that coming on April 6. He’s slugging .366 in May. Of this and the complete lack of power from the rest of the Cubs, Quade says, “We’ll always take the homers. Just putting together quality at-bats. If they’re not home runs, a double here and there, but basehits are fine.” Quade is either playing nice with his superstars, or he hasn’t a clue about the relative value of a home run versus a “basehit.” Because I can’t fathom the latter is true, I’ll assume it’s the former. Either way, the lack of power on this team is a serious problem.
  • Geovany Soto’s first game-like rehab effort was a success yesterday in Arizona, at least insofar a hitless performance against a bunch of low-level minor leaguers and rehabbing vets could be considered a success. He is healthy and headed for a couple games at AA Tennessee. Assuming he still feels good, he’ll be back with the Cubs on Saturday.
  • Mike Quade sums up what most of us have been thinking about Darwin Barney: “I kept talking about him as an overachiever. Maybe I miss-evaluated him. Maybe he’s not an overachiever, maybe he’s just damn good.”
  • Ryan

    Is his line any better against lefties? I figured the rationale was that with Baker hurt, no right-handed bats available.

  • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

    Great line about Barney.

    Also, totally disagree about pinch-hitting Zambrano. I love the call, and have every time he gets a chance to do it.

    Watching him pester a grouchy coach, seeing that coach go “fine! geez! if you’ll just shut up!” and then Z eagerly taking up a bat and striding to the plate… awesome.

    Reminds me that baseball is essentially a game- and a fun one at that- and that maybe I shouldn’t let the Cubs performances (or lack of) bring me down or ruin my day.

    Just don’t do it that often.

  • Ace

    Three hits in thirty at bats. That’s not fun for anyone.

    • Jelly

      Yeah, but at that point, didn’t they already have a pretty comfortable lead? I guess I don’t see much a problem in doing it in games that aren’t close or aren’t in super-extra innings. Though I would like to see a pinch runner out there when he does actually get on base for it.

  • Spencer

    I laughed at the “base hits are fine” line from Q. Didn’t the Cubs outhit an opponent with 13 singles and lose? Yeah, base hits are fine. HRs are over rated anyway.

    • Ace

      Indeed – the Cubs have been outhitting their opponents and losing all year. It’s because of (1) the lack of power and (2) crappy hitting with RISP. Quade says both will just magically sort themselves out. Were it still April, I’d believe it.

  • Joey

    Quade: with the knuckleballer [R.A. Dickey] throwing [today] we’ll have some fun with ‘Campy.’

    wait, what? You mean, our manager is going to punish the guy and give him his start against the hardest thing in the world to hit in an attempt to “have some fun with him”?

  • Jeff

    “Base hits are fine” until your team averages 20 runners left on base a game, then it becomes a problem. In case you quit watching before the playoff collapses, it has been a problem for over 2 seasons now. Anyone who knows the game of baseball can tell you that base hits quit being fine when you don’t steal bases, advance runners on groundballs, utilize sacrifice bunts, and don’t hit and run. When you don’t do any of these things successfully and don’t have any power to drive in the guys who are doing “fine”, your team is going to suck and continue sucking until you do something about it. It might be “fine” for Mike Quade and Jim Hendry, but I don’t know any fans that are “fine” with the run production of the guys hitting in the middle of the order.

    • Michigan Goat

      Well put Jeff, we have been acting like a small ball team
      for years, except we aren’t built for small ball

  • jstraw

    Having ‘fun with Campy’ because we’re facing a knuckleballer. Yeah, that’s always a walk in the park.

  • jstraw

    Did I mention yet that I’m coming around to the conclusion that Mike Quade is an idiot?

    • Ace

      No. But message received…

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Speaking of the draft, the Red Sox just released Ryan Harvey, the Cubs’ first round pick in 2003.

    • http://BleacherNation Bric

      Quick Jim! Grab him! You still have a chance to establish yourself for knowing better than everyone else by fielding a minor league team of Thomas Diamond, Harvey, Blake DeWitt, Richard Lewis, Montenez, Michael Burgess, Christensen, Mark Pawalek and all the other failed 1st rounders of other teams and your own. Maybe even cut Simpson and Vitters early and then re-sign them. It will move the inevitability of their careers by a good year and a half.

      • Ace

        Pawalek… there’s a kid that just pisses me off to think about. He was supposed to be all universe.

        • TWC

          Ty Griffin, WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!?!?!

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Wait ’til this year’s draft. Less than 2 weeks away.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Here’s what the Cubs should do in this year’s draft. When it’s their turn, let the Rays draft for them. Every pick.

    • Joey

      Jim is so waaaaaayyyyy ahead of you – back in 2005 he literally signed Wilken to do just that

      …so far, it hasn’t worked out as well as one would have expected :(

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        He picked the wrong guy out of their system obviously.

  • awesome

    Hill, kissing quade’s ass again? Castillo should be playing.

    the Cubs are not going anywhere, ok i get it, and maybe Campana is not in the Cub plans for any year, but he does have very good speed, is a lead off man and Quade has him hitting 7th. I’d rather see Campana in CF and Johnson or B. Jackson in RF for the rest of 2011.

    Byrd is out a few weeks, play the kids, let’s try something new, for the fans, this year. let’s see what 2012 may have.

    we know what Hill and Fukudome bring, nothing. they are not the future and the Cubs are not going anywhere this year and or maybe 2012.

  • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

    Wasn’t “fun with Campy” a PBS childrens special in the 80’s?