The Chicago Cubs’ last six wins have all been by at least six runs. While it’s always nice to win blowouts, it would also be nice to win a few close ones, eh?

  • Carlos Zambrano headed out without taking interviews yesterday to see the team doctor about a “stiff neck.” Jim Hendry says (obviously) it’s nothing to worry about. “Doc Gryzlo wanted to take a look at him before the end of the day. The doc wasn’t at the park today. It was nothing to worry about, nothing that would endanger his next start. Obviously [ed. – a ha!] he’s throwing the ball well, swinging the bat well,” Hendry said before adding that the neck issue was “very insignificant.” It’s easy to be on edge any time the Cubs say they aren’t worried about a pitcher injury. Indeed, this has happened before with Zambrano: in 2008, Zambrano had a “stiff neck” in May, and wound up on the disabled list the next month with a sore shoulder. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me 983 times…
  • But at least the Cubs now have Rodrigo Lopez to take up some of the slack, AMIRITE? But, seriously, I don’t hate the acquisition, given the state of pitching affairs ’round these parts. If nothing else, competition is good, and it’s not as if he’s going to be taking away innings from someone who was pitching well. Of the deal, Hendry said, “We’ve been scouring, looking for people like this. He’s had a really good year in Triple-A with the Braves…. We thought it was a good move for us, obviously with our injury situation, and even some setbacks at the Triple-A level, we felt like it was a good move.” Hendry added that the team will decide his role over the next few days – in other words, they’ll decide whether Matt Garza is going to miss more than one more start, whether Carlos Zambrano is going to miss time, and/or whether they want to bump Casey Coleman from the rotation.
  • Koyie Hill has Mike Quade’s back re: the umps calling Wednesday’s game early.
  • Hill will probably get another start this weekend – AA Tennessee’s game was rained out yesterday, which likely pushes Geovany Soto’s return back a day to Sunday.
  • Ron

    Doesn’t a AA rain out pushing Soto’s return back a day get filed under God’s wrath? Just saying.

    • Ace

      Fair point. God’s Wrath by Papercuts.

  • Joey

    Hendry: “We’ve been scouring, looking for people like this. He’s had a really good year in Triple-A with the Braves…. We thought it was a good move for us”

    Jim is so full of S* its not even funny…

    We’ve been “scouring, looking for” a pitcher that we don’t really know what we are going to do with yet – he may be tossed into the big pile of questionable 5th starter options, or possibly join the huge list of long-relief guys we have stockpiled…

    Oh, and he is a pitcher who happens to be a huge contact guy with astronomical HR-per-9 ratios to play in front of one of the worst Defenses in the game in one of the more Homer-Friendly parks you can find?

    Seriously Jim??? THATS the kind of pitcher you have been “scouring” for?

    As I said in the other thread, this reeks of a Hendry reactionary “look, I’m trying here” diversionary tactic in the face of the team doing poorly and suffering injuries. Adding Lopez as AAA filler wouldn’t be that bad, but there is literally no reason to add him to the 40-man (let alone the 25 man!) Jim’s insistence on adding him to the ML roster and plan to figure out some kind of role later proves to me that he is just trying to parade a move in-front of the people (or possibly more important, his boss) to make it look like he is actually doing something productive.

    And the fact that Lopez has a specific skillset which is extremely detrimental to our situation probably never even crossed Jim’s mind – its all about activity, not real fit…