Rodrigo Lopez Joins the Rotation on Monday

While I joked about it in today’s Enhanced Box Score, I wasn’t totally joking: newly-acquired swingman Rodrigo Lopez will be joining the Chicago Cubs’ rotation on Monday against the Astros.

If you hadn’t figured this was in the plans since he joined the team earlier today, Casey Coleman’s relief appearance should have sealed it in your mind.

While he’s no savior, there is reason to believe Lopez can at least out-pitch Casey Coleman (though, given his alternating good/bad starts, the Cubs probably should have waited one more start since he was terrible last time out) or James Russell, if not Doug Davis, too. If you want a complete rundown on the merits of Lopez as a starter, there’s a pretty spirited debate on the subject in the acquisition post.

Ultimately, Lopez will be competing with Doug Davis to remain in the rotation when Matt Garza returns, hopefully for his next turn in the rotation. If that’s the case, Lopez may have only one opportunity to shine before that decision must be made. What better team to face in such a situation, though, than the Astros?Then again, if he dominates one of the worst lineups in baseball, what will we know, really? I suppose we’d know more if he was knocked around in a James Russell-like fashion.

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41 responses to “Rodrigo Lopez Joins the Rotation on Monday”

  1. TWC

    That sound you hear is Joey’s head exploding.

    1. miggy80

      You called it, geesh

  2. Joey

    Russell – 79.2 IP, 5.31 ERA, 1.42 WHIP, 2.0 HR/9, 2.0 BB/9, 6.7 K/9, 10.7 H/9, .301 BAbip, 81 ERA+, 5.35 tERA (career)

    Lopez – 498 IP, 5.29 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, 1.5 HR/9 2.7 BB/9, 5.7 K/9, 10.6 H/9, .307 BAbip, 84 ERA+, 5.51 tERA (5 year, from 06-10)

    Weeeeeee, I cant wait! Now we will officially have not one, but *TWO* Russell’s on the club at the same time!!! I have a tingly feeling in my leg…

    Anyway, its a bit of a strange change of events such a short time after Quade told Carrie Lopez was headed to the Pen. I wonder if Hendry forced Mikes hand on this one.

  3. Ron

    Hey Joey, look at Sean Marshals lines as a starter and reliever and tell me there is not a difference. If you looked at straight numbers he would be the number 3 guy. Why then does he pitch out of the pen? The tried using your logic for three years.

    1. Joey

      So Marshall pitching multiple innings when he was a 23-24 year old rookie is somehow comparable to his pitching 1 inning at the age of 27-28?

      1. Ron

        No, Marshal played the swingman role sorta like Russell for 2-3 years. Marshal was still being discussed as a starter the year before last. With even a mention this year. He would be more valuable as a starter if it worked for him.

        1. Joey

          yeah, and there will probably always be the question of his possibly being more valuable as a starter at this point.

          But that didn’t hit my real question. While you are correct that he was a spot starter making completely random starts like Russell in 2008, he pitched really consistently in both roles that year and would have done about the same in 2009 if not for the one horrific start against the Dodgers in his final start.

  4. Dan0mite

    Coleman was optioned to Iowa today. I wonder whole will be the 5th starter when Garza comes back?

  5. Ron

    Is that the 1930′s Natzi or the 1940′s?

    1. miggy80

      If you ask my Grandma, who was a civilian in Latvia, she would tell you 40′s Nazi’s were way worse!

      (this is the truth but said Jokingly, so Joey don’t take me seriously and bring in all sorts of comparisons about how the 30′s Nazi’s were worse I’m going to take her word for it)

  6. PFK

    Reading the Joey/Ace discourse was hilarious. Man, do I love the smell of Bleacher Nation in the morning!

    1. Ian Afterbirth

      I gotta agree with PFK – SO many places I wanted to jump and be a smart ass!
      Thank goodness I have a wee bit of self control!

  7. pfk

    Stay tuned for “Blogomania II” where they both enter the blog through fake smoke and Vince McMahon bellows, “Let get ready to bloooooooog?”

  8. Caleb

    That was the least funny argument ever.

    Joey needs to get laid.

    It’s simple, really. Russell sucks when he starts. So ANY alternative is at least worth a shot. I’m talking, let Vince Vaugn start- he played some little league. Draw random names from the crowd. Use a pitching machine. Call in the kid from “Rookie of the Year.” Have Greg Maddux throw a few innings. Let Donald Trump just stand on the mound and intimidate batters with his stare until the umps call the game. Bring up hot chicks to pitch to each batter so we at least have something to look at while we lose. Bring back the “Eck.”

    If the choices are A) Russell again, or B) Other, I’ll choose B every time.

    Plus he has success in relief so why mess with that? My suggestion (in a different comment) was to ostensibly “start” Jeff Samardzzdididzzia and bring in Russell for innings 2-5. That way he thinks he’s relieving.

    Could be just crazy enough to work.

  9. Michigan Goat

    Wow, that was fun to read

  10. joey shut up

    joey is an idiot enough said.

    1. Bric

      What are you talking about? This guy’s a genius! I read every word of all of his posts. Really. Except for his and Ace’s disagreement about which Nazis were better- the 30′s or 40′s. You’re both wrong. The Nazis of the 50′s had a way better line up.
      BTW, Ace, I think you should end every one of your responses to us readers with the words “You jackass”.
      Example: “Bric, that’s a good point you make about why the Cubs should fire Hendry, you jackass.”
      That way we’d know if you’re being aggressive.