Randy Wells looked OK in his return to the rotation… until the fourth inning. When you give up a homer to Ronny Cedeno, you know things aren’t going to end well. Of course, it was all academic as the Cubs bats were doing nothing for the second straight day against the Pirates’ starter.

What can I say, but…

  • Jamesjones

    I was keeping up with the game at work. People would look at me funny as I continued to punch my desk. I am at my wits end with this team. Why do the Pirates have to be such an”enigma” and why must we make their pitchers look like cy young candidates? It was Ronny Cedeno. Yeah. Someone punch me in the face.

  • jim

    When will ricketts get it? Brenly or stone for gm.

    • awesome

      i say why wait for the trading dead line or end of June. we all know they stink with bad players young or old. Ricky was fooled by Quade’s record last year and i guess so was Hendry which shows how much they know talent.

      if they felt they could compete this year, as they both said, and needed just 3 players as Hendry repeated many times, why would you sign a declining player (197 in 2010), trade some so called talented future Cubs, for a 2-3 starter, and sign a past his prime Wood? and please don’t tell me about the money. if you only need 3 players, you spend the money, for good ones. otherwise be honest with the fans and rebuild.

      he should have stuck to Ricky’s rebuilding plan and tell the fans the truth, then make some moves in 2012. it would give the kids another year in the minors, Castro, Barney, Cashner, and maybe Castillo a year of ML ball, and money for some good young FA’s in 2012. oh and we’d still have SS Lee and Archer.

  • pfk

    The good news is that if the Cards win tonight, the Cubs will be 8 1/2 back with 3 games to go before June. That should allow them to fall at least 10 games back, which means that if the rumors are true, Hendry is gone.

    • Ace

      The rumors I’d heard had less to do with Hendry than to do with when the Cubs would try and sell pieces. It was 10 games out “by June,” which I took to mean the end of June. Either way, it’s looking grim (or bright, depending on your perspective).

  • TSB

    I’m here in LA…what happened to the Cubs today?! did they have to catch a plane? was there a tornado warning? something good on TV? why did they even bother showing up, they could have hired some day laborers to fill in for them (“will swing bat for food”)

  • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

    But hey guys – we only left 5 on base!

    • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

      And we hit a robust .333 with RISP!

  • Brian

    I’ve been a huge Ramirez supporter for years, but it’s time to let him go. I do not blame his individual performance for the outcome of today’s game, but the Cubs need energy. There have been countless situations for the Cub’s offense this year that Ramirez has turned to dust. Since Ramirez joined the Cubs he has demonstrated to be their clutch player. Last year and this year he has lost the clutch… which makes me believe he has lost energy for the game. He has stacked up great numbers with the team but it’s time to go before his career totally dies out and is remembered for being a sub-par player as opposed to the offensive hero that he has been for the team for many years.

    Sorry for the Ramirez rant…

    It doesn’t look like the Cards are going to win today which is basically the only good baseball news that I have heard today.

    • Ace

      It’s not just that he’s no longer clutch (though I totally agree with you, it’s a bit hard to define the contours of “clutch” and what makes a guy “clutch”), he’s no longer particularly good. If you take out his scorching July and August last year, he hasn’t been any good since halfway through 2009. He’s paid to be one of the best 3B in baseball, but he performs like an average 3B at best. This, of course, is a problem for the Cubs all over the diamond.

  • awesome

    does Soriano have a NTC? they should have paid most of his contract and traded him to the AL. or released him instead of Silva. yes i know, Hendry won’t do that.

  • al

    I agree with brian bout ramirez…hes lost his desire to play in chicago and be THE RBI MAN…get rid of him but i doubt if we could get much now that he sucks… and brian dont apologize about the rant ….its the cold hard fact…

  • CubSouth

    I’ve watched the Braves my whole life, and the Cubs too, and we all know how baseball is a copycat sport, so why haven’t the Cubs picked up on what makes a championship team? The Braves got a GM that knows talent and does not sign troubled players, a coach who expects hustle, leadership from veteran players and does not give lucrative insane contracts, albeit they don’t have the money to spend like that anyways. Plus one thing I’ve noticed is that they look toward the future, at almost every position they have talent coming up the ranks, ready to take over for the last guy or in rare cases they sign a FA. They believe pitching and defense is the core of the team and no matter how bad you have been lately, the coach always had your back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Braves fan, just love the game, but don’t you think its time the Cubs model themselves after a winning franchise? Maybe Maddux can shake up that front office and pave the way for a brighter future. I’m tired of seeing the same faces on the diamond and everyone expecting a different outcome. A budget the Pirates would walk the plank for lose time and time again. When I watch the Cubs play, of course I want them to win, but over everything else, I want to see them hustle, look like they have a plan at the plate or the mound and stop making the same ridiculous mistakes they did a week ago. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, I salute you soldiers (active and retired) and God bless.

    • Ace

      Great post. Agreed on all fronts.

    • http://Beachernation Bric

      I agree with you on basically every single point. It’s becoming really hard to root for this team (an I’ve been a Cub fan for 30 years) when they seem to make the same mistakes over and over again and then either make an excuse or just scratch their heads like “Gee, I didn’t see that coming”.
      But the FAs and trades is what has really ruined this team in the last five years. I can’t think of a single signing or FA that I’ve said “Whoo hoo! We beat out those other teams for this guy!” Hendry keeps just keeps waiting for other GMs or players to kiss his ring for the priviledge of playing for the Cubs. Examples: Bryan Roberts, Jake Peavy, Matt Garza. He either doesn’t do anything or waits too long and gives up too much.
      As for FAs, when has he brought in a guy that has no issues (such as injury, attitude, or ability)? Where was he in the A.Gonzalez deal? Or the Holliday, or Lee, or Oswalt, or Greinke, or any other big name players who don’t have any question marks? Nowhere. He chooses to play the “We don’t have the money, we don’t have the prospects” b.s. and then realizes he’d better keep up with other teams in similar situations with even tighter budgets so he goes out and gets whatever’s left. My mind is made up. This team will continue to go nowhere as long as he’s running the show.

  • http://Bleachernation Ramy16

    Totally agree bric..iwas born and raised in chicago..northsider all my life..so know how ya feel..the cubs should model them selves after the dbacks..I live 3 hrs from phoenix..it’s crazy on how well they are playing..and there bull pen is made up of throw in arms..whats cubs excuse? Still trying to figure it out