Whew. I mean, don’t get me wrong: losing *another* series to the Pirates is not a good thing. But being swept by the Pirates is much, much worse.

Hope you tuned in early (well, with the rain delay, late), otherwise you missed almost everything interesting about this game.

  • Eric

    So seeing as Garza goes on the DL once Wells comes back, and Johnson goes on the DL once Soto gets back. Who is going on the DL when Garza comes back…

    • Ace

      You’re assuming he comes back at all…

      I kid, I kid (I hope).

  • Raymond Robert Koenig


  • Max

    Hey ace have you heard about the rumor that DJ LeMahieu has been called up and if so is it true?

    • Ace

      Sorry, Max. I was late to the party – but, yes, it’s happening. And no, it doesn’t make sense.

  • Jeff

    LeMahieu got called up. Both he and Snyder have been absolutely tearing up the minors, so naturally they are going to be called up to sit on the bench, pinch hit every once in a while, and then get sent back down when they “struggle”. Unless they are trying to see how he handles third base in the majors, I see no point in bringing him up. I think Marquez Smith, Bobby Scales, or Scott Moore would have all been a more appropriate short term call up to fill in a back up infield spot.

    • Ace

      And it ain’t the third base thing – there’s a zero percent chance he starts even remotely regularly at 3B unless Ramirez goes down. I’m not even sure Quade would start him over DeWitt. Like I said in the post on this, unless there’s some kind of plan in place, this is absolutely asinine.