Enhanced Box Score: Astros 12, Cubs 7 – May 30, 2011

Scoring 7 runs against the Astros and not winning is like eating 7 burritos and not taking a massive dump immediately thereafter. It starts out all well and good, but ultimately you’re left feeling sick with the knowledge that the shit is going to hit the fan (and possibly the ceiling) at some point in the near future.

The last time the Astros scored 12 or more runs was August of last year. They scored just 13 in their last four games combined. I could go on. The Astros are not good. And today, they destroyed the Cubs.

To keep things par for the course, Alfonso Soriano left early with a strained quad. More on that later.

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15 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Astros 12, Cubs 7 – May 30, 2011”

  1. jim

    Hendry luvs snyder; kept him on roster and let mcghee go to brewers!

  2. Spencer

    what a disaster

  3. Brian

    Campana was pro on the bases today… that’s basically the only good that came out of today.

    It was too bad the Cubs offense couldn’t make good use of the favorable wind today.

    Hopefully they can tip-toe out of Wrigley with a winning homestand. The road-trip looks gruesome… and I’m not just talking about the driving through Ohio factor.

  4. Jeff

    I’d rather see Lopez again, or possibly Ramon Ortiz who has pitched pretty well at Iowa. Russell has looked pretty good when he is used in his normal role. The guy was converted from a starter in the minors for a reason, he sucked at it there too, had over 30 starts and couldn’t figure it out, why would he just suddenly become capable. At least Lopez and/or Ortiz have had some kind of indication of success as starters before.

    Soriano’s out, the Cubs continue to stink. I wish the Tennesee Smokies or Daytona Cubs were on tv more often, they seem like pretty exciting teams, and both seem to have promising futures, unlike the big league club.

    1. Ron

      If enough guys go on the DL we will basically be watching the smokies.

  5. jstraw

    “Scoring 12 runs against the Astros and not winning…”


  6. chris

    I think we should call amaury telemaco for a start