Enhanced Box Score: Astros 7, Cubs 3 – May 31, 2011

How many low points do you think the Cubs will have this year where you think to yourself, “Ok, THAT was the low point of the season”? Unless this was actually the low point, there’ll be at least one more, I suppose.

Carlos Zambrano pitched brilliantly, Carlos Marmol not so much. The Cubs’ bats were largely shutdown by a 20-year-old kid making his Major League debut. What more do you need to know?

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37 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Astros 7, Cubs 3 – May 31, 2011”

  1. TWC

    Ace, I don’t understand how you could even hold a pen (or whatever it is that you write the EBS with) after the end of that game.

  2. Dan0mite

    3 words Nikki Fraking Cox. Ace, I request, nay demand you call up Marina Orlova and insert her as our rep. She is ridiculously hot.

  3. Serio

    THE ASTROS!!! Oh god! This is REAL BAD. A 20-year-old kid making his Major League debut shutting out the Cubs. Sounds about right. How come we don’t have any 20-year-old kids that can shut down a team? Yes I am aware he pitched against the Cubs. Thank you. What are the Ricketts going to do? Im so done with the Cubs

  4. Zach

    I don’t know why Quade doesn’t make the logical decision and take Marmol out because you could clearly see he wasn’t on his game today. He does this again and again and I don’t know why he doesn’t learn from his past mistakes. I can’t wait for this team to get rid of the veterans and start playing the young guys (hopefully) because this team is pretty much unwatchable except for Castro and Barney.

  5. Brian

    Well this was a home-stand they could have and should have left with a winning record. I won’t hang my hat up on them yet… I feel that they are going to pester around and somehow show signs of improvement. If they are like this in June… for my mental health’s sake I’ll have to talk myself out of thinking something big will happen.

    At least Zambrano broke his bat… best hit all night from the Cubs if you ask me.

  6. Dave

    Marmol did only walk one, so that’s something.

  7. Curt

    And it’s only may, how big will the dog be in the dog days of summer will we lose a 100 games, will that be enough to get hendry fired or will he get an extension ,
    Hey Jim wtg on rodrigo, is there no one in the farm system tht we have to go out and try a retread, and lastly as good as I thought quade managed last year he really makes some very suspect decisions. Can god really hate the cubs this much, no pitching after the 2nd starter, no clutch hitting , tons of injuries, and a manager who’s smiling in the dugout while the Astros are putting 6 on the board in the 9th I found nothing humorous about that

  8. Serio

    Ace seriously what is there to do? This is not good! Does Hendry sell? Can Hendry sell? And the Ricketts, what are they gong to do when its July & there are 4 people at the ballpark?

    1. Ian Afterbirth

      Selling needs to be done but do we want Hendry doing the selling???

      1. jstraw

        Hendry is good at trades. It’s not a big worry to me. I DON’T want him handling another post-season though. He’s bad at free agents.

      2. Raymond Robert Koenig

        No, we do not.

  9. Caleb

    Guys blow saves- it happens. Ask the Cardinals. Marmol is a great pitcher who had a shit night. Ace, ever since you put up your “maybe Hendry should go” post, every comment on every article seems to be some anti-Jim rant. Blown save? Fire Hendry! Hitters not hitting? Hendry! Byrd getting a fastball to the face? Yup, Hendry’s fault. Sofia Vergara not lasting as the rep? Well…. that just sucks, and if it WAS Hendry’s fault I’d be the first to punch him in the throat.

    But still, come on peeps. Let’s raise the discussion level above the “Cubs suck as usual, fire Hendry’ mantra.

    And also I didn’t see anyone comment on Ramirez batting 5th. I wondered, a month ago, how long a guy got to suck at RBIs before getting moved out of the cleanup spot. Apparently “this long” was the answer. And then they walk Pena to get to Ramirez and he doubles. That was kind of cool.

    1. Jeff

      Actually, yours is one of only two posts on this thread that mentions anything about firing Hendry. I can see it being annoying that it’s so repetitive, but the guy has earned the criticism. It has been a pretty common theme among Chicago internet fans the last three seasons to call for Hendry’s job, and isn’t going away until the team changes something.

      Zambrano pitched pretty well again, it has been nice to see, even if it’s wasted on this season. I also thought it was about time ARam moved out of the cleanup spot, but I didn’t see anyone on the roster really capable of sustaining cleanup production. I guess Pena gets next crack at the spot, hopefully he continues to warm up at the plate as the season goes and drives in some of those pesky baserunners that are clogging up the bases.

    2. TWC

      That was Ramirez’s first clutch hit since 2007.

    3. Michigan Goat

      My bacon was not crispy…. Fire Hendry

  10. awesome

    over the weekend and from a 2nd stringer on the score, the host said he knows for a fact that Ricky is very fond of Hendry, has known him for many years.

    1. jstraw

      Fire Ricky.

  11. Blinda

    Well that was a quick way to raise Marmol’s ERA

  12. Korean Goat

    The biggest problem of the cubs is pitchers. Look at the baseball-reference.
    AVG, OBP,SLG,OPS are very good but ERA,SV,IP,R,BB are very very bad.
    That tells us what the cubs need to do from now.