Alfonso Soriano was not able to avoid the disabled list with his quad injury, and he’ll be out for a couple weeks. Corresponding move? Tyler Colvin will be coming back to Wrigley.

Which is interesting.

Mike Quade said late yesterday that Blake DeWitt would fill in for Soriano in his absence. Surely, however, that was predicated on a short-term absence and not a DL stint, right? And now that Colvin is coming back, we have to assume that he’s going to start, right?

I ask these questions knowing that they *should* be rhetorical, but you just never know with this organization. Either way, we’ll see soon enough.

Colvin returns to a miserable .113/.191/.258 line with the big club after putting up a .260/.283/.500 line in a couple weeks of work at Iowa.

  • Jeff

    Thought he could use another week or two at Iowa, but if he’s going to get to play everyday, then it’s a good move. If he’s being brought back up to play the same role he was earlier in the season, it’s another head scratcher.

  • Dave

    It’s not even June yet and the Cubs have had a catcher, an infielder, three outfielders and 3 starting pitchers go on the DL not to mention Aramis probably not at 100%. Now, I didn’t have high expectations for this year, but you really have to wonder what the standings would look like if this team had been healthy.

    I’m expecting Castro, Pena and Dempster to all get gangrene or something in the next couple weeks.

    • Ace

      The Cubs have had it very bad, but the Reds, Brewers and Cardinals have all had very significant injuries as well. Shit, the Cardinals lost the best pitcher in the NL Central for the whole year and they’re still dominating. … freaking voodoo magic…

      • Michigan Goat

        It’s not vodoo it’s a team that builds with the expectations that the DL bug will bite them and has A B C plans in place… This organization is built on what if’s

    • Brian

      I’ve been asking myself “what if” questions like this since opening day!

      • Ace

        What if the Cubs scored more runs than their opponent 60% of the time…?

        • Brian


    • awesome

      what IF’er went on the DL? Pena? lol, Cashner has never proven he’s a ML starting pitcher. Soriano sucks, Byrd is average, Reed was a 4th OF’er and DL guy. Aram is healthy and that’s the only thing I’ll give him credit for. all that and i agree with Ace.

      the Cubs were never going anywhere this year, don’t believe Hendry.

      • wax_eagle


  • Serio

    BEST thing EVER!

  • Ian Afterbirth

    This is now officially hilarious.

  • TSB

    My neighbor’s kid plays pretty good OF for his little league team…he can be on the next flight to O’Hare

  • pfk

    This from Tom Verducci of “The Cubs are so bad that they have played a third of their schedule without ever winning three games in a row. They are 6 games under and 7 games out of the wild card. They have little speed, they don’t take walks, their pitching is atrocious and they are next-to-last in the league in defensive efficiency. This sums up their ineptitude: They have taken the fewest walks in the league while giving the most, resulting in a net deficit of 71 walks in 52 games.”
    There you have it folks. A squad this bad falls squarely on the shoulders of the GM. Earth to Tom Ricketts!

  • Jerry McClellan

    The lineup is in and is Colvin or Montanez in the lineup? Of course not. DeWitt is playing Left field. It’s a joke.

    • Ace


      • deej

        I think it’s time to build for the future, but honestly still be able to win some this year…. DeWitt is too young to give up on. And guys like Colvin and Campana should be given a chance now, not in spring training next year

        our lineup for the remainder of the year should be:

        Campana – CF (SPEEEED)
        Barney – SS
        Castro – 2B
        Pena/Baker – 1B
        Colvin – LF
        DeWitt – 3B
        Fuk – RF (but Jackson by the end of the year)
        P – oh shit… we still lack pitcher

        • wax_eagle

          There really isn’t any offense in that lineup, especially when Pena doesn’t play.

  • WOW

    LOVE IT!! Getting shut out by a 20 year old rookie lol. This team is a darn joke.

  • Eric

    Why do i continue to watch this team?

  • ME1963

    Mike Quade plus Mark Riggans…a combination for disaster!

  • Jay

    This is the time where you say yet again “wait till next year” I will not attend any more games or buy anything from the cubs until the front office puts a team Worthy
    of its loyal fans that have endured what no other fans have. a good team doesn’t consist of blockbuster contacts that to us always seem to under deliver. Its about scouting and finding talent sometimes from within. How can they find it when the dead wood occupies half of the positions available.

    • Ace

      I hope guys like you help drive the message home, Jay.