Enhanced Box Score: Astros 3, Cubs 1 – June 1, 2011

A sweep. At home. To the Astros. The writing was on the wall when it was Davis v. Myers, but, hey, they gotta play the games, right?

Aramis Ramirez left after taking a ground ball to the face, by the way. Which would normally be weird and warrant a totally separate long write-up, immediately after it happened. But, you know, 2011 Cubs. He’s expected to be OK after he gets some stitches to his lip.

Only a picture will do on a day like today.

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45 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Astros 3, Cubs 1 – June 1, 2011”

  1. Brian

    Say what you will about January Jones, but she never let this happen.

  2. chris

    if i post a comment on this AWESOME cubs site does it mean that i care?

  3. chris

    worst part of the broadcast today on t.v. was when Len and Bob were talking about the huge crowd on hand…just hoping they lose another 6 in a row to see how bad it can get and to see if anyone is gonna decide to do anything! This team is atrocious and last time i checked they had the 5th highest payroll in the mlb for 2011. YIKES jimmy boy!

  4. EQ

    Alright!!! Fuke’s up to 5 rbi!! on pace to have at least 20 this year!!! that’s money well spent JH! Of course, he’s the only player on the team that can draw a walk & he’s not on the DL.. so….

  5. chris

    is Mark Riggans a midget?

  6. hardtop

    thats it, after the pirate series i was holding out a little hope. if cubs could sweep the -worst in the nl- astros before they hit the road, i thought maybe they could creep back to around 500. but instead we get swept by the,,now, second worst team in the leauge, as the cubs, with todays total stinker, have firmly secured the worst of the worst.

    i know we have injuries but lets be real:
    1. we have the second worst pitching in all of baseball! (if you are going to tell me that wells and cashner would have remidied that, well ienjoy your time in a staright jacket and padded room)
    2. we just went 3 of 6 against sub 500 teams at home while being swept by the bottom feeders of the division.
    3. we are 9 games (+/-) out of first (2 games out of last) all while maintaining a top payroll.

    who’s to blame? if this were any other business, and a low like this had been reached, heads would role by the end of the day! is ricketts that clueless? Hendry should his boxes in his trunk before the cubs are on the plane to st. louis, misery

    1. hardtop

      i apologize for the poorly typed comment. my rage/disgust/sadness is so overwhelming i can hardly gather my thoughts, let alone type. i shouldn’t be posting in this emotional state… someone please help me.

  7. chris

    Ace what is that drawing of? i’m embarrassed for having to ask…it looks like a joint!

    1. hardtop

      steaming turd <—- is that how you spell turd?

    2. TWC

      Kid, you have *got* to learn how to roll a better joint…

  8. Raymond Robert Koenig

    If you were a (supposed) self-professed Cub fan and had the resources to buy the team, and you bought the team, what would your main goal be? To make money, because baseball is a business, or to bring a World Series to the North Side of Chicago? One does not preclude the other, but so far Ricketts has shown me only his businessman side.

    1. Michigan Goat

      I hope, hope he is just doing his research and gathering a leadership team that can handle the baseball side so he can focus on the $$. I’m holding judgement till all-star break.

      1. Bric

        Attention Jim Hendry’s internet spies: Please stop using Michigan Goat’s avatar and name. The bleacher nation knows this poster wouldn’t write such total B.S. in hopes of trying to sell a few more tickets before the all star break. Have you no souls?

  9. EQ

    Common sense says that the Cubs winning a World Series would make them a boat-load of money. Pretty sure it did when the BoSox finally got over the hump.

    1. Raymond Robert Koenig

      Exactly! And Ricketts isn’t spending the money at the major league level or the minor league level. All I hear him talking about is the new spring facilities or the Triangle building or other income producing things for the Cubs. Spending more money on player development or the major league roster? Not at the top of his list.

    2. Serio

      I agree NEW SPRING facilities?!?! I don’t want to see the play in Chicago why would i go to AZ

  10. jim

    Again, every day, kaspar says it’s still early. I assume castro is cubs all star.

  11. GMacdaddy

    The Ricketts are going to follow the path of the Pirates…they will get rid of the expensive players and field a team through the minors=low payroll! They may think Cubs Fans are Loyal, but their in for a rude awakening…..been a cub fan all my life but may find a more friendly confines then the Cubs!

  12. Roughriider

    I’ve been a Cub fan for over 50 years and tears. I won’t move on to friendlier confines but I won’t spend much time watching a sinking ship either. Right now the only thing worth watching is Castro, Barney, Tennesse, Daytona and Peoria. No money will leave these hands to support this garbage.

    The Cubs may not have the highest payroll but I’ll bet the cost per win is the highest.

    1. ron

      “The Cubs may not have the highest payroll but I’ll bet the cost per win is the highest.”

      That is the best most true line that i have read. Sad but true.

      1. Sam

        2011 Team Payrolls
        No. Team Payroll Average
        1. New York Yankees $201,689,030 $6,722,968
        2. Philadelphia Phillies $172,976,381 $5,765,879
        3. Boston Red Sox $161,407,476 $5,978,055
        4. Los Angeles Angels $138,998,524 $4,483,823
        5. Chicago White Sox $129,285,539 $4,788,353
        6. Chicago Cubs $125,480,664 $5,228,361
        7. New York Mets $120,147,310 $4,290,975
        8. San Francisco Giants $118,216,833 $4,378,383
        9. Minnesota Twins $112,737,000 $4,509,480
        10. Detroit Tigers $105,705,232 $3,915,009
        11. St. Louis Cardinals $105,433,572 $3,904,947
        12. Los Angeles Dodgers $103,788,990 $3,459,633
        13. Texas Rangers $92,299,265 $3,182,733
        14. Colorado Rockies $87,998,071 $3,384,541
        15. Atlanta Braves $87,003,192 $3,346,277
        16. Seattle Mariners $86,424,600 $2,880,820
        17. Milwaukee Brewers $85,497,333 $2,849,911
        18. Baltimore Orioles $85,304,038 $3,280,925
        19. Cincinnati Reds $76,181,365 $2,539,379
        20. Houston Astros $70,694,000 $2,437,724
        21. Oakland Athletics $66,536,500 $2,376,304
        22. Washington Nationals $63,681,929 $2,195,929
        23. Toronto Blue Jays $62,517,800 $2,016,703
        24. Florida Marlins $56,944,000 $2,190,154
        25. Arizona Diamondbacks $53,639,833 $1,986,660
        26. Cleveland Indians $49,188,867 $1,639,629
        27. Pittsburgh Pirates $46,047,000 $1,534,900
        28. San Diego Padres $45,869,140 $1,479,650
        29. Tampa Bay Rays $41,932,171 $1,612,776
        30. Kansas City Royals $36,126,400 $1,338,015

    2. Ian Afterbirth

      Yeah – can we get a report on this stat for each team? That’d be pretty interesting.

  13. DieHard

    And don’t forget paying Silva $10 mil not to pitch When Ricketts did that, convinced me that the Cubs are only a write off hobby for him and family…win or lose, he will still relive his youth going to cub games…and they will continue to play like the teams he used to watch….oh well, whats another 100 years among friends?