Albert Pujols did it again – and that’s as literal as it gets. For the second straight game, the Cubs blew a two-run lead only to see Albert Pujols hit a walk-off solo home run to give the Cards the win. I’d love to say this is as low as it will get for the 2011 Cubs, but they invent new ways to crush me every week. They’ll figure something new out.

Perhaps the worst part…

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    At least we know that because Hendry and Pujols are such good friends, Pujols will be playing for the Cubs next season. Plus, Hendry gets to keep his job.

  • Jamesjones

    Pathetic. Im done with this year. I wish in a perfect world that people would vote with their dollar (as mentioned a few columns ago) and would keep Wrigley empty. This is pathetic, its getting closer to 2007 all over again. Hell we might as well call up Glendon effin Rusch to come pitch for us again. Might as well with all the other starting misfits and crappy bullpen guys. Change is the name of the game yet we have to suffer through all this uninspired play. Man, Im sorry, just venting. So pissed.

  • RW

    Well a start would be-
    Just an idea.

  • Caleb

    Totally disagree about pitching to Pujols yesterday. He eats cubs for breakfast, especially in high profile at bats. Strike 1 from me on Q. Apparently, he learned nothing. 88 mph meatball down the middle in extra innings against him again? Strike 5. He now ranks3rd behind Lou not playing reed in the 2008 postseason and ferentz not going for it against Ohio state 2 years ago. Not cool, Q. At least the added bonus of getting Pujols next year( totally guaranteed- see the hug post) is that he can’t murder us as a cardinal. Nice speed getting this post up, ace. That’s one reason this is my favorite cub site.

    • Ace

      Thanks. If I can’t be positive or sunshiney, I can at least be speedy.

  • ME1963

    Without a closer and without a Pitching Coach this will happen with regularity!
    It’s time to make big league changes!

    • Ace

      And here people were questioning the wisdom of trading Marmol. I’ve been saying it for over a year.

      • Michigan Goat

        Hopefully Jimbo will listen to offers. He may have amazing stuff but the cubs just won’t having a winning team for a couple years and he will be wasted on this team. There has to be a team that needs a closer with his potential.

  • Cheryl

    With the way they are going the cubs should get first pick in the draft next year. And, if they can only get a new GM and pitching ccoach,plus a new first baseman, third baseman, etc., etc. it would help. Trade Marmol. See if Texas or the Yankees would be interested in Z. He must be getting tired of what’s happening when he pitches, but don’t trust Hendry to pull off a good trade. Ricketts can’t you see what a bad team this is? Change is needed Not after the season ends, but now!

  • Roughriider

    Maybe Hendry should clue Q into who Pujols is and what he’s done in his career. Does anybody really believe the Cubs will sign Pujols during the off season ? Or anybody else of real value/ bang for the buck ? Does anybody believe that Pujols would play for a mess like this ?

    There were times that you could look at who the Cubs were playing, who was pitching and feel confident that they had a good chance of winning. No longer. I fully expect the Cubs to lose each and every day. If they win it’s a fluke an aberration.

    First things first. Fire Quade. TONIGHT !!! Better yet make him coach in the Dominican Republic.

    • Lou

      Fire Quade.What??? Look blaming Quade will not rid the fact that this team is incompetent from top down. And replace him with Sandberg, I suppose? Someone who would also be way in over his head with this team!! We need to build a farm system. If Ace has been saying trade Marmol, which I agree because it would net us the best bunch of prospects, then I’ve been saying improve the farm system for like 10 years now. And people bitch about the Garza trade. Why??? If we have such great SP on the farm, because we didn’t trade it for Garza, wouldn’t it be up here. Looks like injuries and the likes of Jay Jackson are doing it for us!

  • Jamesjones

    Didnt take Zambrano long at all fellows…

    • Ace

      Somebody had to say it.

  • Dave

    A year from now Albert will be a Cub hitting .138 and will probably be hit with a 50 game PED suspension sometime around the break.

  • terry

    good for zambrano. about time someone on the team starts getting po’d about this crap

    • Roughriider

      Somebody needed to get as mad as the fans. Unfortunately with Zambranos’ past it will just be considered one of his rants. My only problem with what he said is that he was giveing the Cubs too much credit. They aren’t playing as well as a triple A team. Well , maybe the Cubs triple A team.

  • Derrick

    I never agree with throwing teammates under the bus, but Z WAS SPOT ON IN HIS COMMENTS. At least the guy shows some emotion, this team is awful and Hendry and Rickets could care less. Hendry is banking on the fact that we believe that Pujols will sign here next year which I highly doubt. Even if we do get Pujols how much better are we with thar guy. Sori for a few more years and No Pitching!!!! Besides Z and Garza for a few starts i oculd get a hit off these bums. Ive been to 4 games so far and Im bleeping 0-4 no more for me. SAD SAD TIMES

    • Lou

      We have pitching. It’s injured mostly right now, especially our prospects in the minors. We can get better with Fielder at 1b and a signing like Jason Kubel in RF. I know he’s injured right now, but his production has been steady. And he was developed by a team, the Twins, that stresses the fundamentals, unlike our organization.

      • Ace

        Ha. That was funny.

  • Steve

    If this was a four game series, and Albert came to bat with the game tied in extras, Q would pitch to him again. I am certain of it. In a side note, I feel a Zambo meltdown coming. Mark my words…

  • Michigan Goat

    Would it be wrong to walk around with a baseball, find a man in a Pujols jersey, bean him and send the video to Quade so he could at least have one idea of an acceptable way to pitch to PooHole when the game is on the line.

  • Curt

    I just can’t understand it how many times does pujols need to beat the cubs before they quit pitching to him and marmol and a catcher pitching against the defense , what a mess please do not let Jim hendry handle the trades and rebuilding of this team and last but not least Ryan theriot yu suck

  • otto cub

    Everyone remembers Theriot’s double and Pujols’ homerun, and those players deserve credit for their success. But the Cardinal’s first run in the sixth inning was a gift from the Cubs. Pujols reached base thanks to Starlin Castro’s bad throw, and he came around to score what turned out to be the game winning run.

    • Ace

      Colvin missing the cutoff man in the 9th with a chance to throw Cruz out at the plate doesn’t get mentioned either.

  • otto cub

    Defensive lapses are killing the cubs this year. It is uncanny, and it happens in almost every game. Even though they don’t show up in the boxscore as errors, there have been so many missed cut-off men, poor relay throws, players out of position, bad throws on close plays, passed balls… Most of these ‘errors’ don’t occur in the 8th or 9th inning, so they are forgotten. But a gift run or two in the first few innings, or another run or two in the 6th or 7th. These are the deciding runs of games. I hope the Cubs follow the lead of the Reds, and re-build with players who can play fundamental defense

    • Ace

      Very well said. Fundamentals was the buzz word of Spring Training. So much for that.