The Cubs dropped their seventh straight in unremarkable fashion tonight at the Great American Ballpark. Matt Garza returned from the disabled list only to find a tough strike zone and an eager Reds lineup. The rust, I’ll presume, is primarily to blame.

The Thief handled the Cubs’ lineup adequately, “scattering” (I’ve always hated that euphemism) 10 hits and one walk over eight innings. Here’s a shocker – the Cubs and Reds each had 10 hits, and yet *somehow* the runs weren’t even close. Go figure.

At least Albert Pujols didn’t hit a walk-off homer.

  • Dan0mite

    I didn’t watch a second of this game and I feel great. I watched E3 instead and the Sony conference was better than any game I’ve watched this month.

    • Ace

      I caught a few minutes of E3 – they were showing some Disney Kinnect game, and some kids were on stage, flying and talking … it was weird.

  • cpat

    Colvin is batting .86!!!

    • TWC


      I believe that’s .086…

      • Ace

        .860 would make him an adequate fourth outfielder.

        • TWC

          If you combined the BA of all three of our outfielders, we’d be lucky to get .860.

  • awesome

    i think we’ve seen enough of Colvin, next.

    • Michigan Goat

      Exactly, I’m tired of hearing excuses. Pitchers figured him out at the end of last year, he is lost at the plate, he cannot make the adjustments a MLB caliber hitter must continually make, and he’s not going to improve by moving him up the order. He is just done. Hopefully he can be added to an upcoming trade and a new organization revitalizes his career, but he is done as a Cub.

  • JB

    Outside of Barney, Castro and Soriano(who we can’t get rid of with that stupid contract), this team better look completely different by August 1st. This is unexcusable.

  • awesome

    first off i couldn’t believe Colvin fixed his swing in such a short time, they should have left him in the minors. so bringing him up so soon was wrong. now he’s really lost or as i think, not a ML hitter.

    what’s with this B. Jackson? is he a good prospect or not? at this point is he the top OF prospect or not?

    didn’t he play 4 years of college ball? now it’s his 2nd or 3rd year of pro ball, he’s the guy you bring up, now, and see where he’s at. if you’re not bringing him up then play Campana.

    once Soriano comes off the DL, Quade will probably move the great DeWitt to CF.

    play the kids or send them back down to play, sitting on the bench is not doing them any good.

    • jstraw

      They didn’t bring him back up because he’d “fixed his swing.” They brought him back up because he’s ambulatory.

    • Ace

      Jackson missed three+ weeks with a hand injury, so I think the Cubs are being cautious before promoting him. Probably the right move.

  • cpat

    Bring up Jackson, its time for a spark! Castro in 2010, and Jackson in 2011.

    • Ace

      I think he would have been up already if he hadn’t been hurt in May. Problem now is, if he comes up, Byrd is due back in a few weeks. Then what happens with Jackson?

      • Jeremy

        If he hadn’t have broke his face he’d be a National at that point… summation of this season. Ifs and buts.

        • Ace

          Candy and nuts.

          • Dan0mite

            Merry Christmas.

  • RY34

    I didn’t watch one second of this game and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like punching something! I hope wrigley is virtually empty on the next homestand. These losers don’t deserve to play in front of big crowd unless people are going just for the comedic effect.

  • willis

    With Davis tonight and HR Dempster throwing in a HR ballpark Wednesday, there is a great chance of another sweep. And I would say a wonderful chance at 3 out of 4 lost in Philly. We all were not looking towards this road trip, but it may turn out even worse than we thought.

    • Ace

      Yeah, I fully expected the Cubs to have a losing record on this trip, but they might not win a game.

  • http://bleachernation Bric

    The thing is, sure the Cubs suck, probably the worst team in baseball right now. But you just can’t write off the season now and wait for all that money to come off the books in 2012. For one thing, there’ll still be more money ON the books than most teams starting payrolls next year. And that’s before jackass Hendry starts his fall campaign.
    I just don’t understand why Ricketts doesn’t just fire him now. Maybe Q can turn the team around in the next 100 games. Probably not, but it’s worth a chance. Anything is better than what we have right now. I’ve been saying since the Q and Pena signings that this season isn’t abut Hendry, it’s about Ricketts- and the fans have already started to speak. Ricketts said that Hendry’s job was secure until he could find a new manager. So what’s he still waiting for? He’s the proud owner of a team that hasn’t won a world series in over 100 years or a playoff game in 8. The value of this team continues to drop by the day… and yet Hendry’s still there. The honeymoon- dream ownership- thing has gotta be over by now.