Another day, another loss – another 8-2 loss. And once again, the Cubs matched the Reds in hits, but somehow the Reds scored six more runs than the Cubs. I can’t be the only one who is noticing this (well, I guess we’ve all been noticing it all season long). In fact, the entire box line 2-10-1 to 8-10-0 is exactly the same as yesterday. Wonder how often that happens?

Also once again, Doug Davis had nothing after the second inning. I’m not saying there’s a definitive better option in the Cubs’ system at this point, but it might be worth giving up the ghost and letting a young kid take his knocks.

If you’re looking for a bright spot, Blake DeWitt is hitting as well as anyone right about now. He may not be the Cubs’ second baseman of the future, but at just 25, he could definitely still be a future something, especially if he’s able to play all over the diamond.

  • Mark

    Ace, nothing new about out hitting a team and losing. This happened on 2/3 of the losses last year. At least last year, we mixed in a win or two.

    • Ace

      Winning is for losers.

  • Curt

    But Just remember it’s just the injuries were ok otherwise I was hoping for a hands on kind of owner like Cuban f Steinbrenner and what makes it worse why on earth would a top free agent want to come here this is a trainwreck that hasn’t crashed yet and we have no conductor, anyone know how many days are left in the season

    • http://BleacherNation Bric

      Great point about the free agents. I’ve been pounding away at Hendry since the Bradley signing but perhaps Ricketts is simply looking at the bottom line. I haven’t heard of a top free agent or player interested in playing for the Cubs since Peavy and Matt Capps. Neither got the job and are very happy for that. And that may be the simplest answer as to why Jim still has a job. It’s like finally trusting somebody with your credit card because it’s already maxed out.
      Honestly, what other GM would want any part of this mess? Maybe Ricketts is leaving Hendry in the job because he knows nobody else wants it and you don’t have to worry about any ridiculous new contracts because no player wants any part of it either.

      • Ace

        Just about any baseball executive who isn’t already a GM – and about half that are – would want a part of this mess.

  • Cpat

    Grabow, finally came back to the real world and got shelled! Oh wait thats always! We need a spark Fast. Even if its Brett Jackson or Trey McNutt, Doug Davis is starting to look like Russel on the mound. On the bright-side Aramis dove for a ball, showing more effort then typically

    • Ace

      Would be nice if Grabow could be, you know, good… he’s very tradeable if he didn’t suck.

  • deej

    Blake DeWitt… 3rd basemen of the future……?

    • Michigan Goat

      I’m glad to see him showing up, and if he can continue to hit then he is absolutely an option at 3B after ARam is gone. I believe 3B has been called his “natural” position, but even if he doesn’t settle into a full time position he could (yes the great Cub euphemism “could”) be a quality super-sub ala Mark Derosa. I appreciate the professionalism he has showed this season. And let’s not forget his as young as some of these “kids” we are drooling over to get playing time.

      • Ace

        Indeed. He’s just a few months older than Barney.

        • EQ

          He and/or Jeff Baker could be adequate.. Baker’s always hit well but hasn’t really had room to start full time… Why not platoon the 2 of them next year until someone wins out?

          • Ace

            That was supposed to be the plan this year. I’d be fine with it, but the Cubs have to figure out what they want to do with Barney. I love him, but I just don’t think he’s got the bat to carry second.

    • Ace

      It’s still possible. He’d have to become a consistent .300 hitter for it to work, though. He might keep developing his doubles power, but he’s never going to hit homers. And he doesn’t really take a ton of walks.

  • mark

    Ok, so I was wrong. But it’s still bad. I decided to look up how many games last year we lost but out hit or matched hits with the other team. Results: We lost 87 times last year and 36 of those loses we out hit the other team. All that tells me is that we don’t hit with men in scoring position, aren’t aggressive in base running, and love to give up leads in games. Or….we just stink.

    • Ace

      That is an absolutely incredible stat. Thanks for looking into that. That’s really, really atrocious.

  • Derrick

    Doug Davis aka “The Old James Russell” He is 0-5 with a ERA north of 6 and youre telling me there isnt one not one better option pitching in the minors then this guy? If thats the case we are in a very very bad spot. Go Cubs Go!

    • Ace

      The Old James Russell. Haha. Love it.

  • Dave

    Good news Ace, you only have 103 more of these enhanced box scores to do. And its unlikely that they will all be losses.

    • Ace

      Unlikely. But not impossible.

  • the don

    anybody else think we should forfeit are remaining games to save the humiliation of playing WORSE than a triple A team

    • Ace

      First overall pick next year!

  • Fishin Phil

    Who says the Cubs are inconsistent?

    • Ace

      Well said.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    “We stinks” – Not bad but you’re gonna start running out of things to write over the score sheets, Ace. Since we all pretty much know what what the score sheets will look like for the rest of the year hows about having a contest where we get to write them in advance and we get prizes when you use one of ours?

    • Ace

      Hey man, I’ve been doing it for two and a half of the crappiest seasons you’ll see. Almost 400 of them…

      And sure. I’d love to see some pre-emptive ideas. Your reward will be getting to see your product in lights (and blue).

    • Jeff

      Having been a reader of this site for over 2 years now, I am fully confident in Ace’s ability to make up new, creative, and funny ways to describe the humility of being a die hard Cubs fan every day. Besides, even if he whiffs, the comments section provides just as much humor, sarcasm, and hopelessness as Ace and the Cubs do.