I get a lot of promotional materials sent my way.┬áMost of it is crapily packaged crap for a crappy product, which is nice, because it’s easy to ignore.

But, because I have actually played on DraftStreet and think it’s pretty awesome, I tend to read their materials a little more closely. So when they sent me an promotional story about a kid playing some fantasy sports on their site, I read it. DraftStreet was asking me to read and share the story, and then offer my readers some free cash to sign up for their service.

And the story made me incredibly angry, so I agreed.

The short version: the kid to the right is a player at DraftStreet (handle: “hixvillehunk” – you can’t make this shit up), and he started playing a little while ago with just $60 in his account. Now, he has over TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. That’s a two followed by four zeroes. I don’t want to tell you how long it takes me to make $20,000. This kid has made a *job* of playing fantasy sports, and it cost him, like, nothing.

Just saying it again makes me angry, and makes me question the decisions I’ve made in my life. You probably feel similarly.

So, you’re clearly wondering, “how can I turn chump change into big money so that Ace hates me, too?”

Go to DraftStreet and sign up. Use the promotion code “bleacher25” when you make a deposit and they’ll give you a $25 bonus for your account. Then play, win a bunch of cash, and then I can write an angry post about you in a couple months. Jerk.

And for those of you who already signed up the last time we did a DraftStreet thing, but didn’t make a deposit, you can use that promotion code, too, to get the $25 bonus.

FYI: DraftStreet, in case you didn’t pick it up, is a fantasy sports site that lets you play every day for money or fun. If you want to just up and play some fantasy baseball today but not do the season-long thing, you can do it. You draft a team based on the guys who are playing today, watch the games, and see how you do. Yes, I do receive compensation for this promotion, but I sincerely do think the product is pretty sweet.

  • Jeff S.

    Draftstreet is the coolest site on the web! Thanks bleachernation!

    • Ace

      For the record, that’s a legit comment (as far as I know).

  • Butcher

    Haters gonna hate.

    • Ace

      Un-pop your collar.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been playing on Draftsheet since the first promotion. I haven’t won much yet, but I’m still playing with house money with the deposit bonus I got the first time. I just hope this site doesn’t go the way of Pokerstars.net, I was killing it on there and they froze all the accounts because of legality issues.

    • Ace

      Nice, Jeff. Hopefully bigger pots are in your future.

      DraftStreet has a whole legality disclaimer thing – they’ve apparently done their legal research and concluded that their games qualify as “fantasy sports” as opposed to “gambling,” which protects them from the fate of Pokerstars and the like. Note that, this is not ME saying this, this is DraftStreet saying it. I, personally, can’t make any such statements.

  • Jeff S.

    I actually came across this link. Fantasy sports is considered a game of skill or something like that. That’s why I think its legal.


  • dk

    Too bad he didn’t use some of that 20K to buy a less goofy looking jacket.

    • Ace

      Indeed. The choice of picture was not accidental.

  • Sam

    The code is not valid now