The 2011 First Year Player Draft wraps up today with rounds 31 through 50, starting at noon EST (11am CST). Yes, for the most part, the guys picked today will fall into one of two categories: (1) organizational filler, and (2) guys whom the Cubs have no real hope of signing.

But,¬†occasionally, there’s a gem or two. In the 2009 draft, the Cubs took a little known pitcher in the 32nd round named Kenneth McNutt. Two years later, “Trey” McNutt is the top pitching prospect in the system, and one of the top 50 prospects in baseball. Seven rounds later, the Cubs grabbed Nick Struck, whose pitching well in AA.

Just last year, in the 41st round, the Cubs took a chance on a kid recovering from Tommy John surgery. Now, Dallas Beeler is on the fast track, already in AA at just 21 years old.

So, you’ve gotta go deep.

Feel free to use this post to comment on the later rounds of the draft (or the draft in general). Eventually, I’ll have all of today’s picks up in this post.

31. Ronnie Richardson, OF (Central Fla.)

32. Peter Levitt, RHP (Mt. Olive Col.)

33. Sheldon McDonald, LHP (U. Brit. Columbia)

34. Hunter Kelley, OF (Calhoun CC)

35. Ian Dickson, RHP (Lafayette Col.)

36. Travis Garcia, INF (Martin Meth. Col.)

37. Steven Maxwell, RHP (TCU)

38. Casey Luchese, RHP (Col. Charleston)

39. Ricky Jacquez, RHP (HS)

40. Patrick Francescon, RHP (Trevecca Nazarene)

41. Austin Urban, RHP (Des Moines Area CC)

42. Brad Zapenas, SS (Boston Col.)

43. Jay Calhoun, RHP (HS)

44. Kenny Socorro, SS (Marshall)

45. Tanner Kichler, RHP (HS)

46. Scott Weismann, RHP (Clemson)

47. David Ernst, RHP (HS)

48. Sam Howard, LHP (HS)

49. Antonio Gonzales, LHP (HS)

50. Cody Edwards, RHP (Bellevue CC)

  • jim

    We should get a hi pick next year!

  • Michigan Goat

    Well it appears the sky may be falling: something is wrong with Dempster, he was almost pulled at game start, and now his velocity is low 80’s on hist fast ball and his control is off. Hoping that Gods Wrath isn’t smacking us again, but he looks off and as of now no information or bullpen activity.

    • Michigan Goat

      Okay his velocity returned but he did load the bases on 20+ pitches, hopefully this was just the broadcast panicking and making more out of a non-issue, this is what happens we a team is this bad

  • sam

    He’s just old. Thats really all there is too it. I don’t think he has the physical strength anymore to pitch at his former velocity.

  • Caleb

    Was somebody just ripping on Dempster? Sorry- I wasn’t paying attention. Dempster just struck out the side in the 6th.

    Just teasing (mostly). He’s certainly had a few… issues this year. Hopefully he’s healthy, because I think he’s a great pitcher. Plus, velocity isn’t everything. I seem to remember a certain Greg Maddux not having any overpowering velocity. Crafty veteran? Yup- kinda like Doug Davis.

    Er… whoops. nvm.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Ryan Dempster has nowhere near the skills that Maddux had. To compare the two is ridiculous.

  • EQ

    STAT UPDATE – A-Ram & Pena have now combined to take the HR lead over the injured Soriano (12-11)… together, the make one heck of an average player!!

    • Ace

      Aramlos. Half the time he’s an awesome teammate and a hard-worker, half the time he’s incredibly patient at the plate, half the time he’s great with the glove, and half the time he still has prodigious power. He’s the most schizophrenic player in baseball.

      • Hogie

        It’s kind of sad that all of the good half remarks refer to Pena, and sadder it’s become true.

  • KB

    For all of Wilkens’s many faults, his strength is focusing heavily on these late rounds. So, I hope we can find another McNutt; they’re rare after about Round 20.

  • Caleb

    Easy, snappy-pants. While Greg is certainly in a league of his own with a long and successful career, Dempster has been a pretty good pitcher in his own right. An impressive W-L record, low ERA, and many innings of work have marked his last 3 years as a starter for the Cubs (we’ll not mention his 2008 post-season work for the moment). (Speaking of, I seem to remember Maddux having trouble with the Giants in ’89.)

    Also, you seemed to miss the point. Allow me to summarize in simpler terms:

    Sam and Goat: “I’m concerned about Dempster and his velocity.”
    Me: “Don’t be too concerned, he just did a good thing. Plus, velocity isn’t everything. Some pitchers have not had much velocity yet still been super duper. Like the super duper Greg Maddux.”
    You: “Dempster is not as good as Maddux and you implied that he was which is ridiculous.”

    Hopefully that clears things up. To recap, I assert that A) Maddux is better than Dempster at pitching, and B) a pitcher can be effective without overwhelming velocity.

    If you disagree, let’s fight. If you agree, let’s save words like “ridiculous” for things like: Cubs handling of minor league players, organizational handling of pitchers, Pena not hitting a single homer in April, or Ramirez with 2 homers.

    Finally, I would like to note that after Russel’s first start I was the one to first suggest that we bring Maddux out of retirement in a surprise move to fill the 5th starter spot. Nobody listens to me though.

    • Ace

      Unrelatedly, Ryan Dempster is 500 times better than Greg Maddux.

  • EQ

    So we hit 2 hr’s today, gained separation from the Astros and beat Arroyo??? things are looking up gentlemen!! what’s next, winning 3 in a row??? oh wait, never mind, we have the Phillies next..

    • Ace

      One more win and it’s a season-high winning streak!

  • Michigan Goat

    Okay I was fooled by the way everyone speculated at the beginning of the game concerning Dempster, and mix that with “my sky is falling” attitude with this team. Mi culpa, Mi culpa

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  • Tawana Kelley

    Congratulations Hunter Kelley You are an AWESOME athelete! Go for it! Love you!

    • the don

      You two wouldn’t happen to be related?

  • pfk

    The pro scouts review of the draft and which clubs did a good job is now coming in and, not surprisingly, the Cubs aren’t even in the discussion. They discussed the top 5 (Arizona, Toronto, Tampa Bay, San Diego and Boston). They mentioned another 6 (Seattle. Washington, White Sox, Minnesota, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh).

    I look forward to seeing other scouting reports on the draft. Lets hope the Cubs show up.

    Yes, it takes a few years to really see who did well with their picks but at least an elite organization should make the top 10, unless, like some teams (Phillies) traded away picks.

    • Ace

      Eh. To me that’s a list of teams that picked high (D-backs had two top ten picks!), picked often, or picked a bunch of top prospects whom many think won’t sign. That list of the top five sounds really lazy to me.