Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 1 – June 8, 2011

The streak is over. Finally, the Cubs manage a win. Ryan Dempster started out with weak stuff and weak command, but by the end, he was dominant – striking out the side (including Joey Votto and Jay Bruce) in his last inning of work. The bullpen was solid, the bats were adequate, and the defense was decent. Good game all around.

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30 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 1 – June 8, 2011”

  1. RY34

    Finally a good performance all around; something to build on hopefully; even though we have four with Philly staring us in the face! Maybe we can beat Kendrick and Oswalt; at least we don’t see Hamels.

  2. Jeff

    Nice win, good pitching from Dempster again. I hope he has figured things out and the bomb starts are only a bad memory the rest of the season.

  3. TWC

    What? The surging Koyie Hill doesn’t get a “yes” enhancement?


  4. RY34

    Koyie Hill will never be tradeable in a million years!

  5. Jamesjones

    Didnt we sweep the Phillies in a four game series last year? I think we did, we even “got” to Halladay as well.

  6. Ian Afterbirth

    I’m officially back on the bandwagon and eagerly anticipating clinching the division in September!
    Oh shit did I just jinx it…..?

    1. TWC

      Pessimist. Why not August?

      1. Ian Afterbirth

        I’m just being realistic.

  7. chris

    IF someone wants Soto, let’s deal him. The guys adequate at best behind the plate and at the plate he is nothing more than a guess hitter…check him out when he’s ahead in the count 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, all he does is swing, regardless of the pitch location. And he looks silly 9 out of 10 times. But most times he just gets behind 0-2 by watching hittable strikes go right past. I credit him for being in better shape starting last year but i think he’s plateaued. He has decent “wind blowing out” power, who strikes out a ton and he fails more times than not when the situation calls for “situational” hitting. Now i wouldn’t deal him for a bag of balls and on a good team Soto behind the plate is just fine. but we are not a good team and if he can net us something in return then do it.

  8. chris

    And when it comes to “un-tradeable” players; whether it be no trade clauses or huge salaries…if you can’t make a deal for some of these dudes by the deadline why not just buck up and eat the money and dump them. Seriously we have young talent in Castro, Barney, Colvin, D.J., Jackson, and Cashner. And If those guys are the future then the last thing you want is them being contaminated by old, overpaid, underperforming malcontent veterans who don’t care (aramis, fukudome, soriano mainly) So why not just cut these guys loose if you can’t deal them. Because if you can’t deal them or don’t cut them then they will still be around ( at least soriano and ramirez will be). I guess that would mean Hendry would be admitting his mistakes and provide the Ricketts with a reason to tell him to go jump in the lake. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS HENDRY GONNA DO?

  9. chris

    pardon my french in the above post, but we can dissect this team, the owners, the front office, Hendry, Grace getting a dui, corey patterson playing well in toronto, ryne sandberg winning in philly AAA, bob brenly actually speaking up, steve stone on the south side, lou piniella’s 5 o’clock shadow, shawon dunston having a better arm than dwight gooden, and chip caray absolutely sucking as a broadcaster, etc, till the cows come home but right now the cubs suck and it’s not my job to figure it out…HOW DO THEY GET BETTER? WHAT CAN HENDRY DO? And if there isn’t much he can do to dump some of these guys, then what????