Some good news on the injury front, as three members of the Chicago Cubs’ overwhelming crew of injured players are set to start rehab stints.

Jeff Baker (groin) and Reed Johnson (back) are expected to be in Iowa tomorrow, and Alfonso Soriano (quad) is expected to join the Iowa Cubs on Sunday.

Johnson has been out since May 25, so he would have been eligible to come of the disabled list tomorrow. Baker, similarly, has been out since May 28, and will be eligible to come off the disabled list on Sunday.

Soriano joined Johnson and Baker in the infirmary a few days later, last playing on May 30. He’ll be eligible to return to the Cubs in a week.

None of the injuries were expect to be particularly serious, so I would expect each of the three to return close to when their required 15-day stays on the DL are up. When they do, presumably, you’ll see DJ LeMahieu sent back down, as well as two of Brad Snyder, Lou Montanez and Tyler Colvin.

  • Roughriider

    Ace is God’s wrath the fact that they were injured or the fact that they are coming back to the team soon ? Just asking.

    • Ace

      Haha. Oh man. If Johnson and Baker hadn’t been playing so well when they went down, this comment would have been absolutely perfect.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    Yay! I can resume my Reed Johnson RBI watch – it’s been the most fun part of the season for me.

  • miggy80

    Ace will these guys only be in AAA for one game?

  • jstraw

    Man, the iCubs are gonna kick all kinds of ass! Woohoo.

    • Ace

      That’s Apple’s version of the Cubs. Probably would be really awesome looking, but once the season started, you’d realize you had little use for them.