The Phillies really are a crappy reward for finally ending an eight-game losing streak.

  • The Cubs might not consider calling up top positional prospect Brett Jackson until rosters expand in September. I’m actually OK with this for two reasons: (1) Jackson missed a lot of time in May with a hand injury and he’s still getting his season back together, and (2) Alfonso Soriano is due back in a week and Marlon Byrd is due back a few weeks later. I don’t think anyone wants to see Brett Jackson on the team with Soriano/Byrd/Fukudome all healthy, lest he receive the Colvin/LeMahieu bench treatment.
  • Ryan Dempster almost didn’t make his excellent start yesterday. Rodrigo Lopez warmed up when Dempster complained of hip soreness. Dempster battled through, but does have a minor hip strain. He says he’s not worried, but we’ve danced that dance before. I’m assuming his season is over. (Massive hyperbole.)
  • Shawon Dunston is thrilled that the Cubs drafted his son, but he gave no indication as to whether his son will actually sign with the Cubs. Trevor Gretzky is also going to be very tough to sign. The thing to remember about these two kids in particular – they aren’t the only “tough signs” the Cubs drafted, they just get discussed the most because of their  parentage. But, that said, their parentage is actually a reason to discuss their signability: because each comes from a wealthy family, the monetary incentive to sign just because the Cubs are throwing cash at you isn’t as strong as it is for other prospects.
  • Mark Grace got a DUI, which is simultaneously unsurprising and contemptible. In a completely unrelated story that I’m choose to post within this bullet for reasons I will leave to your imagination, the Astros and Rangers each drafted a paralyzed player in the draft yesterday, which was pretty cool of them.
  • The Cubs are surveying locals to see what features they’d like to have included in the long-discussed Triangle Building.
  • CubsFanatic

    Triangle building? What the heck is that? I missed that one…

    • Ace

      Check the link. Long-stalled project.

  • Quinn

    You know what I want in the triangle building? A trophy case with a World Series Trophy. Forget the stupid building and put some capable baseball players on the field.

    • jstraw

      Beat me to it.

      • Ace

        You all think alike, it seems.

    • TWC

      I, for one, would LOVE to see a new Bed Bath & Beyond in the triangle building.

      • Ace

        If there isn’t a Jamba Juice, I’m going to kill myself.

  • Quinn

    And WS trophies from the 1900’s don’t count any more.

  • Fishin Phil

    “The Cubs are surveying locals to see what features they’d like to have included in the long-discussed Triangle Building.”

    I would like to see a display case for a World Series Trophy.

  • pfk

    Actually, the Triangle Building is key to the Cubs progress for a couple of good reasons: It stands to be a good revenue generator and it will provide badly needed facilities for the players. it’s features and attractions will draw people to Wrigley on non-game days year round and that generates good revenue. It also shows an organization committed to improving revenue and conditions for the players. They need to get this done pronto.

    • Raymond Robert Koenig

      Revenue. Always at the top of the list for Cub ownership. Winning a World Series? The Cubs have been making money without winning one, why try to accomplish it now?

    • Ace

      Problem is, the Ricketts don’t want to commit $200 million to the Triangle project until they know they can get some money from the city/state for Wrigley. It sucks that it stalls things, but I think that’s a pretty fair request.

      • pfk

        It is crazy that they can’t get help in funding the Triangle Building and improvements to Wrigley. Every other team in sports gets help including the White Sox. Part of it stems from the Tribune days as Daley hated the Tribune because they were on his case all the time and supported the opposition. I’m confident that something creative will get worked out. As for spending the money on the team to get to the World Series, Boston didn’t win it until they modernized and came into the 21st century business wise for revenue generation. Fact is, a club has to do both, not one or the other.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    I was a huge fan of Grace as a player.
    Then I heard him talk.
    I was still a huge fan of his playing (probably helps that we’re both lefties) – but dang what a mutton-head.
    I hope he never becomes part of the Cubs broadcast team EVER.

  • ReiCow

    “He says he’s not worried, but we’ve danced that dance before. I’m assuming his season is over. ”

    I almost blew my drink out all over the monitor at this… so funny… ahh the sad life of being a Cub fan.


    • Ace

      Thanks, RC. It’s sad how easy it is to zing this iteration of the Cubs.

  • Roughriider

    The Cubs should leave Jackson down in Tennesse. The team is too pitiful to derive any value from Jackson and the tradition of losing could do harm to him at this point. At least Tennesse is winning and it gives him the time to get back on track from his injury.

    As far as Grace is concerned. I’ve liked him and followed him as a player since he was with Peoria. However, He needs to stop and think, as do all people who drive impaired. He has a child, how would he feel if a drunk driver, God forbid, hit and injured or killed his child ? Every time impaired drivers drive they are putting someones’ loved ones at risk. Maybe even thier own. As a young person I myself had a lot of instances of abusing alcohol and driving. I was never caught and never had an accident but it was pure luck. I reformed when a friends 3 year old was hit by a drunk driver. I have seen the pain of parents and families. I can only imagine what the pain is like for someone who has actually caused a death or injury. I know it would haunt me for an eternity.

  • Jeff

    I absolutely don’t want to see Jackson called up before some of the other outfielders are moved out. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play at Iowa for a month or so at the end of the year though, same place DJ and Colvin should be playing.

    If the Triangle Building does nothing but improve parking and the players workout facilities, it will be worth it to the Cubs, the problem is making it worth it for the community.

  • Robbo

    If the city of Chicago won’t contribute to help the Cubs finance a Wrigley renovation/Triangle building, then why don’t we get some of the Cubs players to contribute. How about Fonzi donates $50k for every error in LF, Fuko contributes $50k for each ballerina-like spinning strikeout, and Big Z $50k for every anger-induced tirade. We will have it financed in no time. Problem solved.

    • Ace

      That is awesome.