Ryan Dempster’s Hip is Fine and Other Bullets

Had I not become so jaded by, for example, miserable losses in Cincinnati in mid May, a sweep at home by the Astros, and back-to-back Pujols walk-offs, I would have said that last night’s win is the kind that can set a team off in the right direction.

  • Ryan Dempster is expected to be fine for his next start after experience hip soreness/tightness before his dominating start on Wednesday against the Reds. “He did his running today, and everything led me to believe he’s on track to start in five days,” Mike Quade said. “That was strange. It’s funny, sometimes you see guys that have a little (problem) … but if you can get through that, sometimes those are some of your better performances.” Object lesson? Take advantage of the Cubs’ cavalcade of injuries by playing the injured player immediately after he gets hurt.
  • Former Cubs’ hitting coach-cum-Phillies broadcaster Gary Matthews has some suggestions for Carlos Zambrano. “It would do Carlos good to be around a guy like [Phillies' ace Roy] Halladay, who doesn’t talk a lot or say ‘Do this, do that,’” Matthews said. “But to see his work ethic, the way he goes about the game, studies the game, writes down stuff on every hitter … there’s something to that. That’s why the guy is great. That’s why he’s not throwing at guys, and up and down. He’s able to harness his energy on the field, as opposed to being so angry and whatever, that you can’t get your pitch here or there.” It would also do Z some good to be around Halladay because that would mean Halladay is in the Cubs’ rotation.
  • Speaking of Halladay, I’m not terribly concerned about the Cubs facing him this evening. No, it’s not because the Cubs have had prior success against him (“the Cubs” have changed considerably over the years); it’s simply that, if Halladay pitches like Halladay and dominates the Cubs, you can legitimately tip your cap and move on. It’s not like being dominated by Aneury Rodriguez.
  • Jeff Baker and Reed Johnson’s first rehab start at Iowa yesterday was cut short by the rain. Each went 0-2 in four innings.
  • Andrew Cashner still isn’t throwing, three weeks after his previous setback. The Cubs now say they are doubling the time and effort associated with each step in the rehab process, so Cashner might not start throwing for another week or two. A late July return remains possible, but, like, don’t push it, Cubs.
  • Writing for Bill Simmons’ recently-launched Internet venture, Grantland, Dave Eggers recycles the extremely played-out meme that Cubs fans go to Wrigley just to be at Wrigley and don’t care about the game – he even throws in a Bartman reference to cover all his bases. If that’s the kind of tripe that’s going to save long-form, magazine-style writing, I find it incredibly appropriate that it’s now covered by me in a short, punchy, bullet-style blog post.

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38 responses to “Ryan Dempster’s Hip is Fine and Other Bullets”

  1. pfk

    I abhor the stereotype of Cub fans just going to see Wrigley and not to watch the game. If you love the game of baseball and all its nuance and strategy, etc. there is no better place to watch a game up close and personal to get the real “feel” for it. I’ve been going since my Dad took me in the mid 50′s and love nothing more than to watch the game. Sure, you can go and have a beer and a conversation and just enjoy the setting and a good friend. But there’s nothing like going with your son or daughter and filling in a scorecard, watching the third base coach for signs, knowing the situation and what the options might be, relish the little things like moving runner along or hitting the cutoff man, watching a perfectly executed bunt or a hook slide. Ahhh baseball! And no place better to watch it intensely as Wrigley.

  2. Caleb

    Last bullet= success.

  3. Michigan Goat

    As a teacher of literature I feel I need to defend Dave Eggers (who has written some of the best literature of the last 10 years and editor of an amazing literary journal). I don’t see this article as a bashing of Cub fans for not caring about winning, but a witty, somewhat satirical, and completely celebratory look at what makes being a Cub fan so amazing– WE HAVE WRIGLEY. All teams having losing periods (ours seem longer as if god and fate want it that way), but even when everything is shitty– we have Wrigley. Being at Wrigley makes you happy, makes you proud to be participate and belong to Cub nation, makes you proud that baseball was invented, and makes you proud of a city and ownership that refuses to tear it down. I think if this was published during a period of hope and/or winning, we’d might be praising his words or at least not be so aggressive or reactionary. Regardless of how you
    view and respond to this (and I urge you to read it multiple times and try to ignore you Cubby depression as you read) consider how much discussion it’s caused– and that’s huge
    for a journalist.

  4. chris

    I read Grantland yesterday and read it thoroughly. My mood revolving around anything Cubs lately has been negative, at best. The article didn’t do much for me at first because in my mind i know the team sucks, and we all want a winner. But i live in Nebraska so i do cherish my trips to Wrigley…2 years ago with my mom, brother and gf. stayed at hard rock hotel on michigan avenue, ate deep dish pizza, harry’s steaks, but the only reason we went to Chicago was to see the Cubs win some games at Wrigley. So i understand his article…

    Now on to last night. was on the back tv at 6:30 waiting for Mavs/Heat game to start so i could have the clicker back and forth between NBA and cubs game. best thing that happened was that rain delay cause i enjoyed the cubs rain delay programming. Ernie, Billy, Fergie, Ryno, Sut, Grace, where was Jerome Walton???

    then thoroughly enjoyed seeing Colvin get involved in a positive way! but like that groundskeeper says on Major League “ahh, they’re still shitty”!

  5. Korean Goat

    As a Cubs fan living in Korea, I’m looking forward to going to Wrigley Field.

    1. Caleb

      Korean Goat… ha!

  6. pfk

    One of the most spine tingling moments in sports is singing Steve Goodman’s, “Go Cubs Go” after an exciting win at Wrigley when they are in the hunt for the playoffs. I make it a point to go to darn near every park in MLB and nobody – but nobody – has that kind of post game spirit.

    1. Michigan Goat

      Nothing finer than signing and waving this flags and then be part of the celebration in the streets, on the L, and buses. I got my daughter singing Go Cubs Go before she learned her ABC’s

      1. Ron

        Me to with my boys!

      2. hardtop

        me too. sometimes i get mad at myself for bringing her into tormented life of a cubs fan. but then i read this site and i realize how lucky we all are to be part of such and incredible family.

  7. Caleb


    Like a kid waiting to jump into some double-dutch jumprope action, I’ve been trying to find a place to pose my question/suggestion. Now I’m just going to start adding it to each of your posts.

    Why doesn’t your comment form have a notification option? If I start hassling people I want to see if they leave follow-up comments. If I type out a paragraph of solid gold, I want to read anything that people commented on it. I need some notification when follow-up comments appear!

    plz handle. thx.

    1. Jeff

      This, and a live game thread would be sweet, and enable comment rating while you’re at it (WordPress has an easy to use one), and some nachos would be nice. Thanks Ace, you’re the best.

      1. Caleb

        And a “Like” button for Jeff’s comment.

      2. TWC

        Some sort of live game thread or whatnot would be pretty nifty. Also some way to note already-read comments would be swell. I’m tired of re-reading all of Michigan Goat’s muskie-catching adventures in the upper peninsula… wait, wrong site.

        1. Michigan Goat


        2. Jeff

          The live game thread is more what I was hoping for. I live in Florida and I only get to watch the WGN games, I follow a lot of them online, so it would be nice.
          I don’t know how you would work out the comment problems, but it would be nice to know which comments I haven’t read or if someone replies to something I post. Not that I don’t like the site as it is or anything.

          1. TWC

            You know, I’ve been getting the feeling that there are more regular posters here that are NOT living in Chicago than those who are.

            The Bleacher Nation diaspora.

          2. hardtop

            haha. I’m Denver. Becasue i can’t talk to my friends, co-workers, and family about it daily… I get to read Ace and you guys.
            MLB’s AtBat app for my phone. I listen to as many games as i can stomach on WGN. by stomach im not reffering to the quality of the broadcast but rather my emotional state during an 8 game losing streak, for example.

    2. Michigan Goat

      Could you also clean my place and pay my bills.

    3. Michigan Goat

      I must say that having those features might turn BN into a series of quick quips and one liners like see on other sites (BCB I’m looking at you). As much as I enjoy exchanging post I don’t want BN to continue be a place where commentators take the time to read, think, and respond with a maturity that few sport blogging sites do. I fear that features like the ones being requested may lead to exchanges that diminish the reasons I love this site.

      1. Michigan Goat

        Oh stoopid iPad and my fat fingers how you make me sound foolish I meant to say “I do want BN to continue being place where commentators…” I really need to start double checking my post before I press send.

      2. TWC

        What? We can’t have both?

        Truthfully, there’s always the tightrope walk of more vs. better. More features won’t necessarily make this place any better. More commenters won’t necessarily make this place any better. Ace, I think you can (and do) have the best Cubs site on the internets — making it bigger and/or more ‘feature-y’ won’t change that — but you might attract a broader range of folks whose broader range of opinions would continue to further the general awesomeness of this place. Or, you might just get a whole lotta trolls, dross, and White Sox fans. Tightrope.

  8. Caleb

    If you give me some details, I can probably help. I do, like, good shit with the internet and stuff.

    Until then, deal. I’ma keep hassling.

  9. Caleb

    If you’re using Hybrid (which you are) there should be a function already existing to allow comment subscriptions. Failing that, or to add additional functionality, there are a lot of plugins you can add to the site’s code. Even ones for allowing subscriptions without commenting first, or comment rating.

    Do it. Rum and cola. Do it.