Today the Chicago Cubs recalled pitcher Casey Coleman in an effort to replenish their weary bullpen, DFA’ing Brad Snyder to open up a spot.

Coleman, 23, had an unsuccessful turn in the rotation earlier this year before heading to Iowa to start regularly – where he did so, successfully, three times before coming back up. Don’t get your hopes up that he’ll replace Doug Davis in the rotation – Coleman is likely to stick in the pen until Jeff Baker/Reed Johnson/Alfonso Soriano come back, at which time he, or another bullpenner, will head out.

As for Brad Snyder… well, it was a rough go of it for the journeyman outfielder. Always successful at the AAA level, the 29-year-old never could quite put it together in the bigs. This time around, he had just one hit in nine plate appearances with six(!) strikeouts. He’s unlikely to be claimed, and will probably return to AAA Iowa.

  • Jeff

    So what exactly is DJ doing these days? Is he still on the bench, because I haven’t seen him. I’m guessing he’ll go down when Baker and Johnson are activated Monday. Seems like bringing him up was another humongous waste of time.

  • ry

    Hendry must be an avid dart player; or at least that is what his crappy decisions time after time make him out to be!

  • Andrew

    Surely it’ll be LeMahieu and a pitcher going down when Johnson and Baker get reactivated. The question, to me, is which pitcher?

    • Hogie

      Barney’s looking like he could use a day off, hopefully DJ can get in there before he gets sent down.

  • Eric

    nice return for coleman, glad to have that 7+ ERA back…

  • Cpat

    Coleman is a joke! Why not try Carpenter, McNutt, or Jay jackson