Cliff Lee today demonstrated why, even if the Cubs managed to make the playoffs, they could not possible win in it. As Roy Halladay similarly made clear, this lineup is eminently dominable.

Oh well. At least there’s this…

  • Cpat

    Coleman looked good….. Quade needs to understand recalling these kids isn’t working! Why can’t we try McNutt or any other good kids

    • Jeff

      McNutt is out with a rib injury, Carpenter and Jay Jackson are both struggling, and there really aren’t a whole lot of options. The only really obvious guy is Ramon Ortiz, who has been pitching really well at Iowa, but I don’t think that there’s very much major league ready pitching talent in the organization at the moment.

      • Hogie

        I would almost rather have Coleman getting shelled every other time out then Davis getting shelled every time. Give Coleman the starts and let him work through the issues, see if he can get back to what he showed last year.

    • PFK

      Huh? Coleman stunk it up big time!

  • Dan0mite

    Is there a reason Wood never gets put in? Coleman flew in hours before the game started and probably wasn’t ready to pitch, yet Quade sends him out instead of Wood. Does Quade not like Wood?

  • PFK

    What a pleasure it is to see a great organization like the Phillies. Great ballpark, great talent made into a great team because of a savvy GM who was able to make deals in large part because of a good minor league system that had talent to deal. And, he knew when to deal or not resign an aging veteran. Ricketts has an excellent opportunity to do the same thing and, after an understandable period of getting familiar with things, he has reached the time to make the tough decisions that will define the future. Success always stems from ownership down. I love the Cubs so much and have been disappointed for 60 years. This will most likely be my last chance to see success. My dad, mom and older brother saw the Cubs in World Series and reminisced often. I long to be able to say the same to my son.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Great post! I’ve been a Cub fan since ’69 and always will be but I appreciate how other, well run, organizations put their teams together. The Phillies are just one example.