Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 3, Phillies 4 – June 12, 2011

It would be very easy to criticize Sean Marshall for blowing this game, and I suppose, to some extent, that would be accurate (though anyone facing Victorino-Utley-Howard is going to have some issues). But I don’t think too many teams can score three runs in the first, then do absolutely nothing for eight innings and expect to win.

At least some of the bullpen looked good.

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26 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 3, Phillies 4 – June 12, 2011”

  1. Michigan Goat

    Riddle me this Q? How does putting Marshall out against the middle of the Phils order, after he was hit hard and labored yesterday, helping to “save” the bullpen? Did occur to you after Utley’s double that maybe, just maybe the Phils were onto Marshall? Why did Samarj have to be pulled after pitching a good inning? How could you have coached this long and be this inept managing pitchers? Oh and Mr. Riggins, I see you hiding back there, do you even have a voice? I can handle losing, I can handle bad luck, I can handle God’s wrath, but I can’t handle inept management.

    1. TWC

      I couldn’t agree more, MG. And I can’t fathom Quade’s decision to put Marshall in after getting shelled yesterday. Was it the lefty vs. lefty nonsense? I really think that strategy is a little played out, especially if the team you’re playing pounded you the day before.

  2. ry

    is q using the magic eight ball to make his decisions? this may go down as one of the worst hires ever; oh wait a minute it is just par for the course for an idiot like hendry. i will have the biggest party ever once dumb, dumber, and dumbest are finally shown the door; that is if the rickets have the cahones to even make a decision that is so blatantly in the best interest of the cubs!

  3. Ace

    Word is Kerry Wood has a blister that may send him to the DL. Cubs might decide tomorrow. We need to count the injuries. It’s becoming legendary.

    1. Michigan Goat

      At least we winning in the injury scorecard.

      1. TWC

        Winning the injury scorecard? We’ve already clinched the injury division & home field advantage…

        1. Michigan Goat

          Yeah but come playoff time we might get too healthy, get swept, and realize we need more left-handed injuries.

  4. Zach

    Where has Kerry Wood been for the last week? I like how Quade says that he has to keep the starters in longer so the bullpen doesn’t get overused, but when Kerry Wood hasn’t pitched in 4 or 5 games you decide to put in Marshell who pitched yesterday and didn’t do very well.

  5. ME1963

    This again is living proof of what I say repeatedly…we have a manager who has this job by luck and a pitching coach who does not have a clue how to manage a big league staff!

  6. Hogie

    This game could have been a ton worse. I’m a little dissapointed that the offense fell asleep after the first, but the only real complaint I have is that Davis continues to get sent out there. He only allowed two runs, but this was by no means a good start. This is the Phillies we are talking about guys, you know, best record in the league. I am pretty happy that the box made it look like we were competitive for three of these games. I don’t feel like this was a mismanaged game, and I feel like I have been a lot more dissapointed after a series than I am for this one.

  7. Ramy16

    I see aramis wants to actually wants to stay beyond 2011…at least that’s what Carrie muskat reports

  8. pfk

    The series turned out about as expected with the Cubs coming away with 1 win. The Phillies are just that much better. The division is turning out pretty much as I expected too. I thought it would be the Brewers, Cards, Reds and then the Cubs. I never thought they would be competitive within the division. The surprise is Pittsburgh being 4th but I still think the Cubs can finish 4th. But 4th?!! It is only acceptable if we are positioning for a rebuild and a push for 2012 or more likely 2013. The silence from Ricketts is deafening BUT the silence could also mean there is change in the works. It is at a tough time like this that if you are 100% behind your GM, you come out in support and tell everyone to back off. The silence may mean that the support is not 100% and he is evaluating the situation. Ricketts is the one who said, on several occasions, that he would hold Hendry accountable. If true, then support at this time is not warranted and hence the silence. Ricketts’ respnse that we are struggling because of injuries was probably more of a knee jerk comment in being caught off guard than a serious answer. He’s not one to pop off on the spur of the moment and rant. So, I throw away that comment. What I don’t throw away is the lack of comment now. The silence may be deafening but it brings some measure of hope.

    1. Ian Afterbirth

      I wish but I doubt.

      1. pfk

        OK, I think its time for the Bleacher Nation Casino to start taking bets on this. Hmmmm, anybody been to the casino? I hear the babes are unbelievable. To get in, you have to knock on the door and when the peep hole opens he asks you, “Who was the Cubs PA announcer that worked from field behind the plate?” If you know the answer, you get in.

        1. Ian Afterbirth

          Can I just *watch* Casino instead?