I doubt anyone saw that coming. Well, maybe the part about the Cubs scoring just once, but not the part about the Brewers scoring just nonce. Ryan Dempster was, once again, phenomenal. Randy Wolf matched him, but the Cubs’ bullpen was ever-so-slightly better (when is it safe to start wondering whether Jeff Samardzija might actually be a decent 6th/7th inning type?).

Oh, and that one run the Cubs scored? Second and third with one out. Bare minimum, baby.

  • Ron

    Agree with the what, never even heard that rumor. Quade, always keeping us on our toes.

  • Spencer

    I’d say when Samardzija can go more than two and a half weeks without a disastrously bad outing.

    • TWC

      Yeah, Ace, where the hell is our Samardzija-Hershiser countdown clock?

      • Ace

        He’s up to 5.0 scoreless!

  • Cardfan

    Thank you…