Kerry Wood hasn’t made an appearance since June 8, and, as Mike Quade continued to leave his starters in for a batter or two too many while complaining of a taxed bullpen, many of us were critical of Wood’s non-use. It turns out there was a good reason for Kerry sitting out: he’s got a big ‘ole blister on his right index finger.

Wood was hopeful that the blister would subside on its own, so it was unclear each day whether he’d be able to go or not. Yesterday, it sounds like it flared up worse than it had been, and the Cubs are likely to decide to put him on the DL, retroactive to June 9. The last time Wood was on the DL with blister problems – last July – he missed 19 days. Even if he misses the minimum this time around, he won’t be back for another week and a half.

As for the roster move that will couple the Wood DL stint, we know that Jeff Baker is already set to be activated today. Because the Cubs already sent Brad Snyder out in favor of an additional pitcher (Casey Coleman), the Cubs may simply activate Baker and DL Wood today.

Alternatively, the Cubs may elect to continue going with 13 pitchers for the next few days, and, in that case, would send down (thankfully) DJ LeMahieu in favor of Baker.

The wrinkle is the return of Reed Johnson. He was hit in the head by a pitch Saturday in Iowa, and will be examined in Chicago today. The injury is not considered serious, and Johnson, too, could be activated today. If that happens, you’ll almost certainly see Wood DL’d, and LeMahieu sent down. Mike Quade has suggested, however, that Johnson is not likely to be back until tomorrow.

For more roster move candy, Alfonso Soriano is due back on Wednesday.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    Was Soriano gone?
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        I KNEW you’d say that (although the jerk part was a nice twist)!

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    In Ace we trust! Great site! This site keeps me from wanting to punch the dog after every cubs game it seems; knowing that there are many other cub fans to suffer through this miserable pathetic horrible luck of a season!

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    Any chance hendry and or crane kenney could go on the dl