I’m not sure that a return to Wrigley Field will be the cure for the Cubs’ woes: the Cubs have just 12 wins at home, the fewest in the NL and the second-fewest in baseball (Twins).

  • Mike Quade knows he and his team will hear it from the fans when they get back home after a 2-8 road trip (which itself followed a miserable homestand), but he’s optimistic: “I hope [the fans] come out and support us. We need it. We haven’t laid down, but people want you to win and we’re struggling right now. People will come out. Ultimately, if you show up at the ball park concerned about [fan opinions] and not about your own game and what you want to accomplish then you really have a problem.” Although some of the boos that are likely to surface this week will be directed at Mike Quade (or a loafing player or two), most will be directed at the Chicago Cubs organization.
  • Speaking of which, Cubs owner and Chairman Tom Ricketts remains elusive to the media. We’ve heard nothing from him since his infamous “nothing is wrong but the injuries” comment 11 days ago. I suspect the silence has as much to do with work behind the scenes as it does with not wanting to publicly address the team’s problems, but that isn’t stopping Gordon Wittenmyer. He has (literally) asked fans to shoot him an email if they have a game day conversation with Ricketts, who regularly strolls through the ballpark. I say email me first.
  • Alfonso Soriano didn’t get a hit yesterday in his first go-around with Iowa (five innings). He’ll play seven innings today and then nine on Tuesday. He’s expected back with the Cubs on Wednesday, but he says his leg is just 90 percent right now.
  • Ozzie Guillen agrees with Peter Gammons that Wrigley Field is a dump, and doesn’t think the Ricketts will pony up the necessary “cake” to renovate.
  • Billy Beane for next Cubs’ GM?
  • Looking for a new Pitching Machine?
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  • Michigan Goat

    I was thinking about Beane as GM as i listened to MLB radio this weekend, but it just seemed too good to consider. A low budget baseball wizard who has kept the A’s competitive for years running a team with nearly unlimited cash! Sounds exciting, sounds perfect, sounds too good? I would worry about the expectations Beane would face in Chicago, just because he is good with a small payroll doesn’t mean he’ll be amazing with a large bank roll. His skills maybe perfect for making frugal decisions and playing “money ball” with little cash, but those skills may have little usefulness in a large market. I hope Ricketts is very cautious and avoids the “sexy” pick, I hope he’s been doing his diligence (and I’m sure he is you don’t make that much money by going on you gut)’ and I hope our next GM is the next Theo E. Another thing that might be worth considering is Beane as President, maybe he is looking for a different role and he is obviously an amazing baseball mind.

  • Serio

    BILLY BEANE’s a Dumbass!

  • http://bleachernation.com ricosanto

    Billy Beane traded Carlos Gonzalez and Huston Street to the Rockies for Matt Holiday then he traded Holiday to the Crads for no one that is even in the majors.Forget Him.GEt
    The tamps rays assitant gm or Ned Colletti.

    • Ace

      No thanks on Colletti.

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/5386b75c5ecdcd1a7490dde9cd6dd3fa?s=80 Jeff

    I don’t think Beane is a great fit for the Cubs, even if he is inclined to leave his multi-year deal on the table to come to a big market. The best two guys for the Cubs in my opinion are Ben Cherington from Boston (worked alongside Epstein in the transformation of the Red Sox franchise and stadium, briefly replaced Epstein when the latter stepped down in 95 and did a pretty good job), and the other is John Coppolella from Atlanta, who has worked under both Brian Cashman and John Schuerholtz. Both are young, smart, and have major market experience. I think they need to go with a young gm and an experienced baseball man as team president to oversee things.

  • Jim

    Props for the extremely obscure Simpsons reference, btw.

    • Ace

      Thanks – I’m showing my age (which cuts both ways).

      • http://Bleachernation Bric

        Achtaleiber! Raccoons!

        • Ace


          You’ll note that my ‘Simpsons’ references are almost all from the 1991 to 1998 period.

  • ry

    I would love Billy Beane as GM. On a different note, if Soriano’s leg is at 90%, i would still bet that his brain and heart times 2 is still less than 90%! I still marvel at the absurdness of his contract; one which without a doubt will go down as one of the top five worst ever.

  • Kyle N

    I’m not going to lie, I originally thought your “Need a Pitching Machine?” link was going to redirect me to Casey Coleman’s (or any number of other pitcher’s) statistics on Baseball Reference. Haha!

    I guess you were actually plugging ACTUAL pitching machines. Go figure. :)

    • Ace

      Ha, sorry Kyle. Gotta keep the lights on. :)

  • your mother

    Ozzie Guillen is trash.

  • Jay

    Ozzie Guillen thinks wrigleys a dump? Its bad enough that no one can understand the guy but to contradict himself on his opinion makes him a idiot. I remember him saying to espn that the reason why there are more cub fans Compared to the almost extinct sox crowd was because of wrigley. That its a beautiful field. What a flake! He sucked as a player and as a person. I myself am hispanic and the guy couldn’t speak english to save his life.

    • TWC


  • http://Bleachernation Ramy16

    Ozzie guillen blows…and the cubs should get Omar minaya!!..I think he got a bad rep in the mets organization..

    • Ace

      I think he proved he can’t handle the big market.

  • miggy80

    I know it’s pretty late news but in Sunday’s game in which Soriano played. He said that he wasn’t 100%http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20110612/SPORTS1402/106130314/Soriano-hitless-Cubs-fans-still-entertained, my attempt to share link and from second hand news I heard he dogged one of his ground outs to second, the guy bobbled the ball and the base hit it may have landed two feet in front of him. This is not an attack on his effort. I just hope Al isn’t hurting more than he is leading on to be.

    • Ace

      It’s probably both.

  • ry

    Sorryano is a joke, he dogs everything, even his home run trots.

    • Ace

      It’s spelled “Soriano”… oh, wait. I see what you did there.