As predicted, today the Chicago Cubs placed set-up man Kerry Wood on the 15-day disabled list with nasty right index finger blister. The move is retroactive to the last day Woody pitched, June 9. While it would seem that two weeks is plenty of time to get over a blister, it’s kept him out for longer before, and Wood himself says he has no idea how long it will take to go away.

In a corresponding move, the Cubs activated utility man Jeff Baker, who was out for a couple weeks with a groin strain. Baker, who has been a bright spot this year in limited action (87 at bats), returns to a .368/.382/.483 line. He’s in the lineup today playing right field.

  • Dave

    I wonder how often things like “blister” and “pulled groin” are code words for anal fissures.

    • Ace

      I’ll try to find out once I’m over this hangnail.

      • Dave

        That reminds me of the other one that annoys me. “Flu-like symptoms” Please, just say he has a hangover.

    • Roughriider

      I think that mainly applied to Eckersly.

  • Michigan Goat

    Blisters are a major problem for some pitchers, Josh Beckett has regular problems with them among other. You’d think modern medicine would have solutions for these problems and I’m sure they do, but MLB must monitor these treatments since I’m sure the include special bandages and fillers (I know guitar players frequently use super glue on blisters and cuts on their fingers). Does anyone know if pitchers hands are inspected before the game? Are their specific rules about how blisters can be treated? I just can’t imagine their isn’t something that can be done to treat a blister quickly, but I can see treatments giving pitcher an edge with grip and spin… Just curious ho the MLB police treatments with pitchers hands.

    • Ace

      I’m fairly certain the super glue route is a non-starter from a rules perspective, and I also think it would deprive the pitcher of the touch he needs.

  • TWC

    Man, it’s really time for Darwin Barney to take a couple of days off. Maybe Quade can have LeMahieu spell him for a couple of days. Then Castro, and then Ramirez. Then he can catch for a few days, then play some outfield.

    Then, send him back to AAA because he “can’t play at the major-league level” and “needs more seasoning”.