It’s the best free fantasy baseball cash giveaway on the ‘net. I’m asking all my loyal readers (and casual readers, and folks who hate me) to help me out and sign up for a FREE cash one-day fantasy baseball tourney. There’s $150 in prize money at stake, people. It’s easy to do, and it’s only a one-day tournament, so there’s no stress. Here’s how you do it:

1. Sign up for your free DraftStreet account here.

2. Then pick your players here. You can tinker with your team until games start on Friday, June 17 (2:20 pm EST).

3. Then, if you want, watch the live scoring on Draftstreet on Friday to see how your team is doing.

I’m picking my team later today, and it’s going to be sweet. So sign up now, and try to beat me – for the sheer pride of it. Or, you know, for the cash.


  • Caleb

    Is the “tinker” deadline the same as the sign-up deadline? Though I was embarrassingly bad last time, I’m still planning on signing up tomorrow night if I can. Can’t do it from work (lame).

    • Ace

      You can tinker up to the time the games start on Friday.