It would seem that the Cubs are to the Brewers as the Pirates are to the Cubs.

Matt Garza didn’t have it early, but recovered well, and the bullpen locked things down (at least until things were well within hand). The bats were out in full force, and, with three homers, the Cubs finally took advantage of the wind blowing out. The defense was solid, too. Smiles all around.

But my favorite part? When Kosuke Fukudome returned to the dugout after flying out to left in the bottom of eighth, ending his hopes of hitting for the cycle, you know who was there waiting at the top step to pat him on the back? Carlos Zambrano.

  • Laura


  • Fishin Phil

    I attribute this series win to the picture Laura picked out for the She-View!!!

    • Laura

      Thank you, Ace, for giving her magical butt a shot!

      • Ace

        Thank YOU for the suggestion. She ain’t goin’ nowhere after that performance.

  • RY34

    awesome game and awesome series! finally a bright spot even though john grabow still sucks! hell of a series win!

  • Cardfan

    Congrats and thanks for picking me up when I’m down. This helped, as well:

    Enjoy – as it helps remind me of what this game is all about. We should all be so lucky to be used as a pinch runner when we are 81…

    • Ace

      I love that his dad comes out to support him.

      • Cardfan

        and gets on his case when he messes up! Dem some fine genes…

  • TWC

    Good game. Love beating the Brewers. Hate John Grabow.

  • Hogie

    You guys hear that whistling sound?

    Sounds like trade values skyrocketing for Fuk and Pena!

    I heard the Giants might be looking at Pena…

    • Ace

      That’s not the team I’ve heard, but, yes, teams are definitely considering Pena.

      • http://BleacherNation Bric

        It’s funny how a couple of wins can change everyone’s attitudes. But we should take a look around and remember everything that’s happened. 1.- Ricketts gave Hendry the thumbs up which pretty much screws our chances of any meaningful trade other than to save a few bucks. 2. – Hendry’s trades in the last few years are absolutely the worst in either league. Other than Baker, no GM has given up more and gotten back less than J.H. So unless the Cubs win the pennant we have nothing to look forward to other than meaningless Pujols/ Fielder speculation. BTW, if the farm system was as good as J.H. makes it out to be we wouldn’t need either (which I don’t).

        • TWC

          I agree with Bric. We’re definitely gonna win the World Series.

          • Ace

            Bric’s totally right. CHICAGO CUBS WS CHAMPS 2011!!!!!1!!!!!lol!!!!!

            • PFK

              Yesssss! Castro wins MVP, Barney is Rookie of the Year, Campana breaks single season stolen base record, Pena breaks single season home run record, Davis pitches perfect game, Grabow sets save record, Soriano, well, he’s still trotting slowly to first on a fly ball that winds up not being caught.

        • Ian Afterbirth

          Would you guys shut UP???
          You’re jinxing it!!!!!!!

  • hardtop

    yeah, it hurts me to agree with moving these guys. when kosuke and pena are in the line up we actually have a chance to win. and as much as i like the idea of winning big a couple years down the road, its still hurts to see this team suck so badly (save yesterdays performance, though garza was less than stellar). My main concern about trading these guys early/mid-season is that i trust hendry and his staff’s scouting skills about as much as i would trust my 80 yr old blind grandmother with the same decision. so im quite certain whatever hendry gets for z, or fukudome, or pena, will not pan out and ultimately we’ll loose big this year… and have nothing to show for it down the road.