Carlos Zambrano: If the Cubs Want to Trade Me, They Can Trade Me

Well, cross no-trade rights off the list of hurdles to a possible Carlos Zambrano trade.

Today, Carlos Zambrano said that, if the Cubs came to him to approve a trade, he would do so.

“If they come to me and want to trade me, obviously it’s because they don’t want me here anymore,” Zambrano told “I always say that. I’ll be here until the Cubs decide to trade me.”

“I won’t be like other players with no-trade clauses and say, ‘No, I want to stay here, I want to stay here,’” Zambrano continued. “I’ve heard rumors. I’ve already talked to my family. They said, ‘It’s OK. If you think it’s good for you, if you feel you want to be traded, do it.’”

Unfortunately, Z’s no-trade rights aren’t the only hurdle holding up a possible deal. There’s also the declining velocity, volatile temperament, and exorbitant contract to consider. For those reasons, among others, the New York Yankees – a popular trade rumor destination for Zambrano – aren’t terribly interested, says Ken Rosenthal. Still, the Yankees’ scouts have been watching him.

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41 responses to “Carlos Zambrano: If the Cubs Want to Trade Me, They Can Trade Me”

  1. Dan0mite

    Eh, he said the exact same thing last year.

  2. Toosh

    You’re right. But now Hendry has the hammer. He can bide his time and see where the Cubs stand on July 31. He doesn’t have to trade Zambrano, but if the Cubs are out of it and the Yankees are still interested, maybe he can get them and the Red Sox and maybe the Rangers to make offers.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I say if he looks good after his next start and a decent offer come in take it… it would be our luck to “wait” only to see Z go on the DL.

  3. Jeff

    If they “aren’t terribly interested”, then why have there been Yankee scouts out to watch Zambrano around the trade deadline the last couple of years and during spring training this year? I honestly couldn’t say what a fair trade for Zambrano would even be. Everyone is saying the Cubs need to eat money, but if they aren’t getting some good prospects back, no way should they trade him, let alone send someone else money to do it.

  4. Toosh


  5. jim

    It’s in Hendry’s hand. You have a ton of foolish trust. Just lookat the prospects we gave up recently & the supposedly good prospect we received. Look at the derek Lee trade tothe Braves & that gives you answers there. Hak ju lee is already a huge hit in the rays minor league levels. The Cubs really need a baseball guy to guide Hendry in the trade market. Oh, thats right, Ricketts says we don’t need one & Quade told the fans to bring it on. That’s the leadership we have. Think about that over breakfast in the morning. Don’t get fooled by this sudden success yet. You got fooled last year when cub vets beat up on opponent’s rookies. We started in 5th place with quade & finished in 5th place at the end.
    There will be 40,000+ for the Yankees & white Sox series & Ricketts will say everything is fine now. If you believe that then you need to leave Cubs nation because most Cub fans down deep will not accept it. Have we won 3 in a row yet because we are nearing the half way point & we are 7 games behind the Pirates.

    Hendry is in control & wants Big Z gone because he is not afraid to tell the truth & wants to win. The real truth hurts. If you are a Cub fan you are embarrassed to listen to the jokes being told by our opponents. They want status quo & Ricketts is giving them what they want.

  6. Dan0mite

    Quick question. If Z is traded who will pitch in his place? Will we truly be subjected to more Russell, Coleman or Lopez?

    1. Ol'CharlieBrown


  7. Cheryl

    Can’t have it both ways – we want Z because he is pretty consistent in terms of winning, we want to trade him (for his and the cubs good) to get some good prospects for the future. I wouldn’t just look at the Yankees for a market for Z. And I don’t blame him for saying if the cubs want to trade him they can.

  8. Ramy16

    Trading Z isn’t the answer..I think they should sit on if they are!..hendry has fucked this team for a longtime..why dont we build around him! Z garza …I would like to see if the cubs could get rid of dempster

  9. Ramy16

    “If they come to me and want to trade me, obviously it’s because they don’t want me here anymore,” said Zambrano. “I always say that. I’ll be here until the Cubs decide to trade me … I’ve heard rumors. I’ve already talked to my family. They said,’It’s OK. If you think it’s good for you, if you feel you want to be traded, do it.’ I don’t want to leave. I’ve been here 10 years. The town has been special to me, the fans, too.” I mean the guy wants to retire a fucking honest can I guy be..if the cubs trade him..fuck the cubs…I will totally dis own this team..I’ve been a cub fan for 39 yrs!!

    1. Dan0mite

      I kinda have to agree. The Cubs might get prospects back but Z Is a good pitcher. If you dump him expect to lose a lot. Z gives you a chance to win and this team will never be a complete rebuild. So you have to hang onto some talent. A rotation of Demp, Garza, Wells, Davis and Coleman/Russell/Lopez is not gonna win you much. I understand trading for talent, but not if it makes the team suck a whole lot more.

      1. STG3

        Here is what the 2 of you don’t get the team isn’t going to win this year or next if the keep the core of player they have. Meaning Dempster, Zambano, Ramirez, Pena, And Soriano (if we can trade him) need to go and use them to rebuild the system. You sacific 2 or 3 years to win 6 or more and we are at that point where we need to do that.

        1. Dan0mite

          What I feel you don’t get is that the Cubs can’t have 3 years of shit seasons. They’re simply too large a market to go through a complete rebuild. For better or worse they have to at least pretend that they are trying. Everyone crys play the young, rebuild, but if this happened and they loss 90-100 a season those same people would scream “what the fuck are they doing? No good Players, all youngsters. How do they expect to compete? It is very simple to sit in our arm chairs and demand things but at the end of the day many of them aren’t practical for the Cubs.

          1. STG3

            Ok we are going through our 2nd year of crap with no end in sight. The patching FA isn’t going to work next year yes we can get a big time 1B but, we still have a hole at 3B and RF. Not to mention we are still missing someone that can bat 3, 4 and 5. We have to rebuild or we are looking at another 100 of no championship. Look the Yankees did it in the late 80 earlier 90 why can’t we now?

          2. STG3

            It isn’t that I am demand, it is necessary. If you look at the holes in the time it not a quick fix. We don’t have any player that are true 3, 4 or 5 hitter on the roster and we don’t have them in the system coming up. Our system have a good number of good average Major League talent, nothing wowing. So a big trade is also out of the question. So we are going to either limp along for a number of years or we rebuild now.

      2. awesome

        if you can guarantee that the “good prospects” we get in return for Z, Dempster are a sure bet to be good ML players/pitchers, then trade them.

        seems like fans, some media want to trade what little pitching we have. pitching, D, are a big part of winning. our problem is very bad D, past their prime players, no common sense. if you trade Z or Dempster, you may as well play all your top prospects and flat out say “we’re rebuilding”, now.

        I’d try to trade/release/give Soriano to the AL. bring up B. Jackson and play the kid, everyday. next year you concentrate on a 3B. people talk about losing 2/3 of our starters the first week, Cashner has yet to prove he is a ML starter. Wells is a 10-12 game winner at best, so he’s your 5th man. good winning pitchers are hard to get.

        i like Z, i don’t think he dislikes his teammates, but you don’t throw your teammates under the BUS.

        i believe he’s mad at management for a bad job, having said that, he’s one of the guys who wanted Quade back. i would not trade him just to get rid of him.

        there is no guarantee they will win for 6 years or more as some of you predict. so you semi rebuild. now back to my BBQ.

    2. MichiganGoat

      You just can’t keep a person because they want to “retire a Cub.” My job won’t keep me just because I want to stay… especially if I haven’t lived up to my contract. Z is not part of the future for this team and would be gone in a couple of years anyway. If really wants to retire a Cub he can return after his massive contract expires and give us a Woody like discount, but to just keep him around because he want to be here is insanse and reminds me of the Einstien quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It seems that your solution is to just keep Z and ARam around until they want to retire, irregardless of the financial impact not to mention the lack of leadership they both bring.

  10. JB

    Here is the problem with the Cubs, what are they doing? What direction is the team heading? Why does Tyler Colvin have a hard time finding time to play and then you screw him up by not giving him enough at bats.

    Lets face it…this team isn’t going to be competitive with what we have right now. Ricketts or someone needs to stand up and say that and then execute a game plan. Why did we sign Carlos Pena? Why does Reed Johnson get so many at bats? Why does Fukudome still get playing time? The team isn’t going to win today or tomorrow with this sad group of talent then lets see what exactly we have in the farm system to see who can play. If none of them can play, then you clean house and start over and that includes Hendry and the entire organization. It sickens me as a Cub fan of almost 30 years to see an organization with so little direction of what they are going to do. Look at all the successful baseball franchises and look at the game plans they put in place and executed. The Cubs continue to put band aids on big problems and squander their money foolishly. Don’t get me wrong, I love Reed Johnson and think he is a nice player for the Cubs but he aint getting us to the promise land, and really…isn’t that the goal?

    1. awesome

      JB, well said.

  11. LouCub

    This is gonna sound sour, but I was hoping the Brewers and Yankees were gonna hand us our asses so maybe Jim Hendry wouldnt become delusional again and think we got a shot at the division…It will be the same thing when he refused to get rid of Kevin Gregg and Harden in a trade with the Twins cause he foolishly thought the Cubs had a big run left in them 2 years ago… I don’t want that renewed optimism with this bunch!!

    1. MichiganGoat

      I think many of us feel the same way, I love it when they win but when Hendry is fighting for his job wins just give him more reason to whisper sweet nothings into Ricketts ear. The first trade we make will tell us just how much Ricketts is listening to Hendry.

  12. JimG

    Until the Addams Family wakes up and overhaul this organization there not going anywhere.

    Sandberg should have been the manager with a 7 year deal, Maddox the new GM same contract. Hendry and Kenney GONE.

  13. JB

    Ricketts has a real opportunity here to rebuild this organization but its not an accident that the Cubs haven’t won a world series in 100+ years.

    The organization needs to do a clean sweep and review everyone’s position with the organization. I mean, wouldn’t you do that if you bought a team that hasn’t been successful for over 100 years. Financially, I know they print money and that my friends is the problem.

    A couple of guys here on websites like this bitching about the team that we love, while 30K fill that stadium day in and day out. We need to stop showing up or if you are didn’t going to go, show up with a bag on your head to protest the stupidity of the organization.

    I’m glad Sandberg didn’t take this job because its not a fair job. What exactly are you supposed to do? Try to win or develop talent? I think the later is the more important especially when the pirates have stopped letting us rape them.

    Trade everyone you can this season…put that money back into the ballpark if its something that needs to get done and develop your young talent. This offseason could be amazing but I don’t see what adding Fielder(no Pujols please) to the team when you have an aging pitching staff and corner outfielders that are terrible at best for the long haul.

    I thought you built a ball club up the middle(I feel like we have a good start here even though Soto is hit and miss) starting pitching(dempster and Zambrano are done, Garza and Wells are pieces) and power at your corners(Pena is a bad signing almost seems like a favor, ARAM is disappointing, Sori is killing this organization as is Fukudome. Think about that these four players are making 55Mill a year).

    I feel you deal our most lucrative piece in Marmol. Marmol is being wasted closing for this team right now. When you are going to need him in a couple of years, he is going to be on the downside of his career. Closers(outside of Mariano) don’t have long lifespans.

    Go Cubs…do something bold for a change and give your organization a direction.

  14. LouCub

    JB i’m with you on moving Marmol, he would probably net the best return on this club and with Rafael Dolis taking on the closer duties @ AA we’d probably have that in house replacement ready by next year..I know that Hendry has a boner for Ryan Dempster but seriously, this guy is not a #1 and is getting overpaid like one..He would benefit a team like the Yankees or BoSox however and should at least be dangled. Z and Ramirez and Fukodome should be moved as well for prospects, they are essentially part of the past now and Byrd should be moved provided he comes back ok…I wish this club would just bite the bullet on Soriano and move him by absorbing most of his current deal, he’s a piece of shit and has no clue about anything other than scoping out chicks in the stands..It maybe the worst free agent deal ever signed, EVER!!!!

  15. JB

    See…Cub nation…ok…based on two responses so this is a massive generalization, is OK with trading our current talent, eating contracts to get this team back on track.

    Lets say for an instance…the Cubs eat half of Big Z for next year(they will have to if they trade him), 2/3′s of Sorries contract…don’t resign ARAM, Dempster, Pena, Fukudome, trade Byrd(shouldn’t be hard he is a steal at a reasonable price)…the Cubs free up a ton of payroll… The problem is you have Hendry pulling the trigger.

    Mr. Rickets…pay Walt Jockety what ever it takes to get him here and let him do whatever it takes to bring a winner to this organization. When Larussa retires this year, sign Dave Duncan because he can turn crap into shine-ola. Look at the Cardinals when Duncan was there with all the projects brought from the dead, Carpenter, Wainright, Loshe(on days) for little money to start. The Cardinals are about to have a major death blow when they are forced to sign Albert so the time to gear up is now…

    Hendry needs to be fired immediately…not for Soriano, but for Bradley instead of Dunn, Pierre, Garza,Pena,Fukudome and Pinella. Critical organizational mistakes that cost the organization dearly.