If you predicted this outcome, please buy a lottery ticket. Today. For me.

Who knew that the secret to getting a good outing out of Doug Davis was to send him out there against a ridiculously stacked lineup. And here the Cubs have been sending him out against the shit-boxes of the league. Just save him for the big boys, Mike (oh, and next time, pull him after seven and 100 pitches).

And how about *another* spectacular catch from Reed Johnson, this time immediately after he comes in to play defense. Yo.

  • RY34

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!! Thank god Q put in Reed; no way in hell sorryano would have ever got close to that ball in the ninth of Cano’s bat! One hell of a start by Doug Davis, my hat and everything else are off to him , ha ha!!!!!!!! Come on Demp, get us another one tomorrow!

  • Jamesjones

    Can we please stop with the “sorryano?” Sorry. Its becoming a cliche to insert disses into someones name. Its kinda like Brewers fans referring to the Cubs as “Scrubs.” Its not funny. At all. Its pretty stupid actually. Oh and get off my lawn.

    With that said.

    Jesus effin Christ. We beat the Yanks….with Doug Davis.

    • Toosh

      I actually called Soriano SorryOhNo! after one of his dismal playoff performances. Some people didn’t like it then either.

      • Jamesjones

        Its fine to diss Sori all day long.

    • Roughriider

      Calling the kettle black aren’t we ?

  • Dan0mite

    So what can we chaulk Davis up to today. Fluke? Finally getting a feel for it? Or sign of the apocalypse? Brenly was making the point that when Davis was first signed he was no where near ready. That due to necessity Davis was rushed through his extended spring and was starting for the Cubs before he was ready. Could this be true? Is Davis maybe more stretched out and in better control?

  • Toosh

    Davis’ career averages per start are 6 IP with a 4.50 ERA. Until today he was averaging less than 5 IP with a 5.90 ERA this season. He’s not as bad as that. I expect more average starts from him.

  • Jamesjones

    I actually refer to Soriano as the “19 million dollar man” in front of my fellow Cub friends. (Cue Million Dollar Man WWF music and diabolical laugh)

  • jim

    Trade davis now! Silva went 8 and 0 and hendry did nothing!

  • Toosh

    Now it’s getting interesting! Zambrano just said he’s willing to waive his NTC. One less hurdle. Let the bidding begin!

  • Sam

    Hell is frozen solid

  • MichiganGoat

    Sometimes life is just f***ing beautifully perfect.

  • Coal

    I was at the game today and it was really great. 100% great. But man, looking at the the Yankees offensive stats killed me … seemed like their 7-8 hitters each had as many HRs as the Cubs leaders and obviously there were high teens and twentys in a few places. I know it’s the AL, but the victory was great because of how outmatched the Cubs were on paper….but that is the rub here — it’s just not a good team. But hey, let’s enjoy it for 24 hours.