Remember to keep your long view of the Chicago Cubs intact. Wins are always nice because they “feel” good. But 2011 remains an extreme longshot to say the least, because of the team’s pathetic performance until the last five games. I’m not trying to bring you down – just keep you grounded.

  • Larry Rothschild clearly still has affection for Carlos Zambrano, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. “To me he has always been a good person to work with from a coach’s point of view. So you saw the stuff and the comments he made but from my point of view he always did his work, he always listened to me, and he always really tried to get better. As a coach, that’s what you look for. We had a relationship for nine years, and we worked together for a long time.” There’s more of interest in that article.
  • Yankees hitters praised Doug Davis’ delivery and stuff, talking about him like Roy freaking Halladay. Where has this guy been all year?
  • Wrigley Field was as loud as it’s been all year when Carlos Marmol struck out Alex Rodriguez in the 8th inning yesterday.
  • National broadcasts are passing on the Cubs/Sox series, which, like, duh. Kind of sad, though.
  • Tom Ricketts roped off a 250-person section in the right field bleachers yesterday for Incapital, the banking firm Ricketts founded and on which he serves as Executive Chairman. It’s fine to buy tickets for your friends when you own the joint, but there is something a little unsavory about doing so in the first game of the very series upon which you based a new pricing tier for tickets this year. I can’t quite articulate what feels icky about it, and I’m the first to admit I don’t have all the details. Something about it, though, just doesn’t make me smile.
  • MichiganGoat

    Ah Larry and Z sitting on a tree…. this trade just makes too much sense for the Yankees not to pull the trigger.

  • jim

    To be honest with you, I think we should look at the pitching coach’s work before we trade Big Z. Hendry has not been very good in his trades of players for prospects lately but the blind people who make the decisions don’t see it that way. Has anyone noticed what Ryno is doing lately with the Iron Pigs. He is winning big, he’s in 1st place, & he could be looking at a “3-PEAT” for Manager of the Year again…..Another Hendry mistake.

    • Ace

      Sandberg wouldn’t have won with this team, though, and it could have gotten awkward very fast. The choice to pass on Sandberg isn’t one of my top 10 criticisms of Hendry.

  • Ian Afterbirth

    I don’t know how to accurately judge pitching coaches’ performances, but that would be another welcome change in a regime change as far as I’m concerned.

  • Jeff

    I’ve read a couple of sites today that say the Yankees are interested in Ryan Dempster. They like his contract, and they think his makeup is better suited for the Bronx.

    Really kind of sleazy that the owner would take 250 of the best seats in the stadium for one of the biggest games of the year for his rich banking buddies. Like Ace said, he already jacked up the ticket prices, they are the highest in baseball, and his team is a couple of games out of last. So he takes seats from the fans for one of the only games that everyone wants to see this year when he is having problems selling tickets, brilliant. I am liking Ricketts less and less the more I see and hear from him.

    • Ace

      Yeah, it does feel that way. Again, I’m trying to maintain the caveat that you never really know the whole story… but it just feels icky.

  • Chris Cottrell

    hey ace how bout a recap of the Draftstreet contest! i used a little formula for my picks yesterday, took about a half hour, and wouldn’t you know it i watch sportscenter last night and see most of my guys having good nights then figured it was worth logging into draftstreet this morning to see how i made out. unbelievable i finished in the top spot. big thanks to Ace for BleacherNation and to draftstreet for making it possible. Thanks a ton Ace! can’t wait for the next free roll!

    • Michigan Goat

      Congrats, what ever that formula is, it’s magic. I have no formula and got spanked.

  • Greg

    I’ve never posted on any of these pages I’ve been reading bleacher nation for over 6 months an its refreshing to see something written that isnt total bullshit lets be real the cubs suck I continue to support them only because I’m not a fair weather fan but this has gotten insane I’m only 31 but I’ve been watching them since i can remember an i use to be disappointed when I moved to tx a couple years back about not being able to watch all the games but what am I missing??? all i need is bleacher nation for a unbiasis(hope i spelled that right)ace you are the man i throughly enjoy reading your insight an screw most of the people on there just insult each other back an forth its amazing how tough people get talking through a computer when if you saw these people face to face they wouldnt have the ball to say that shit but thats the end of my novel keep up the good work ace hopefully the cubs will get this right before i die,lol is it football season yet?? aw damn thats right we may not even have that this year,god i love being a chicago sports fan go bears! an um go cubs

    • Ace

      Thanks, Greg. I do what I can.

  • http://BleacherNation Bric

    Funniest thing about yesterday’s win, as great as it was, is that if Hendry is still the GM after the season Davis pretty much guaranteed himself a two year five mil deal for next year with it regardless of whatever else happens (ala Grabow). Hendry loves to try to show that he’s smarter than everybody else by turning around washed up veterans.

    • Cardfan

      4 more days…

  • pfk

    If they get rid of Dempster I’ll be really sad. I love the guy. I’m still shaking my head over losing Lilly. I don’t mind losing Z but losing Demp would hurt – even if it made total sense trade wise.

    • TWC

      I wish Ryan Dempster were my neighbor. I bet he’s a gas at bbq parties.

      My brother used to run a bar in Wrigleyside (to remain nameless). Had some trouble one night with a customer who was hammered and wouldn’t put his pants back on: Dempster. For what it’s worth, Dempster was indeed rather pleasant about it.

  • TSB

    Zambrano is too entertaining to trade.

  • jim

    Corporate cubdumb lives! 250 standing room in bleachers cuz rickey wants to fete da boyz in the office. He hired same types for exec pos. Cubs r doooomed again!