It’s probably for the best that the Cubs didn’t win the series against the Yankees, lest we all be left to wonder what might have been if the Cubs had just played up to their ability earlier in the season.

  • Randy Wells says his arm strength is feeling more normal with every start, even if the results aren’t quite where he wants them to be. At times he looked like the Randy Wells of the past two years – hitting his spots, great late movement, great sinker – and at times he looked like a BP pitcher.
  • Mike Quade offers the self-unaware quote of the week: “You just keep working through it to winning series. It’s funny, the three-in-a-row thing … but I’ll take two out of three the rest of the year and never win three in a row and be really happy about it. You can make a lot of money in this game doing that.” The Chicago Cubs haven’t won back-to-back series since 2010. Keep hoping for two out of three, Mike.
  • Quade used Chris Carpenter’s rough outing last night as a teachable moment. When he removed the kid, Quade was seen giving Carpenter a talk rather than just taking the ball. “He just told me to keep trusting in my stuff every time you go out there, adjust, and get better every time you go out,” Carpenter said. “Use today as a stepping stone or learning curve, whatever you want to call it. Just don’t get down on yourself and stay positive out there.” For his part, Quade says he sees Carpenter as a closer in the future.
  • For those of you “vote with your wallet” types, this won’t make you too happy: the Cubs set a franchise attendance record in their three-game set against the Yankees. It was the highest series attendance since 2007, and included the highest single game attendance – Saturday’s game – since 1978.
  • Fluffy questions about the Crosstown series, which starts today.
  • Mike Quade is pretty excited about the series, which he admits is a little more important than just any other series. I actually like that.
  • Yes, last year around this time at the Cell is when and where Carlos Zambrano blew up at Derrek Lee, leading to a month-long suspension and anger management. We get it. Does everyone in the media have to write about it as though that somehow makes it more likely that he’ll have a blowup today? I’m not even going to link for fear that the shear volume of articles would overwhelm this post.
  • Michigan Goat

    No these weren’t bullets, but 1- did anyone think of the Derrick Lee injury when you watched the Pujols injury? And 2- I know we keep wanting Ricketts to pull the trigger but we could have the Marlins ownership, and I’m not sure I would want an owner who can’t keep a manager- but they have won WS in my lifetime.

    • Jeff

      They fired two of the best managers in baseball to bring in their guy and he quit on them, but that’s the way baseball down here goes. They are opening a new stadium, but it’s in a terrible spot and no one will go to the games after the first couple of months anyway. So, nope, still would rather have Cubs ownership/management.

      That was almost a flashback/replay of the Lee injury, Goat. It could be a potentially huge hit to Pujols and the Cards. Imagine Albert signing a huge contract next year and stinking for three quarters of the year because of his wrist. I could totally see that happening to the Cubs.

      • Ace

        If the wrist is in any way injured more than a few day type thing, I think the Cubs’ interest dies. That seems like an extreme reaction, but committing such a huge chunk of cash to Pujols was already tenuous. Somewhere, Prince Fielder’s belly is joyfully jiggling like a bowl full of jelly.

        • Hogie

          “Somewhere, Prince Fielder’s belly is joyfully jiggling like a bowl full of jelly.”


          My Grandmother (the matriarch of Cubs fans in the family and has watched EVERY single game for years) told me that if the Cubs get Fielder she won’t watch until he’s gone because “he’s too fat for baseball, there wouldn’t be any room on the damn bench!”
          Ahh, the things sweet little old ladies say.

    • Michigan Goat

      I’m with both of you. I want a stable owner that lets the baseball people he hires to make the baseball decisions and I think Ricketts set preparing for that to happen, and yes Pujols will lose his bargaining power if he goes on the DL and doesn’t return lighting the scoreboard up. Hopefully if he does decline Hendry doesn’t convince Ricketts we can get him cheaper and sign him long term… And yes the waves on Lake Michigan are huge right now because of vibrations from Prince’s belly.

  • Jeff

    They don’t get to “take two out of three” for the rest of the year, because they’ve only done that two or three times this year anyway, why would they be able to do it now. Here is a little bit of history for Mr. Quade; no team in the history of baseball has made the post season, let alone the World Series, when the team didn’t win three or more games in a row at some point in the year. As a matter of fact, looking at the list, I see one team that has finished above .500 in the last 50 years without winning three in a row, but it’s a lot of information to go through, so I can’t guarantee the numbers. What is there is pretty conclusive, it won’t happen very often, if ever. So, you’ll have to find a new basket for all those eggs, Mr. Quade.

    It’s funny, the guy won’t play small ball, because he plays for the big inning, but he doesn’t think winning three in a row is important, he’d likes to win one or two in a row. One of them doesn’t seem conducive to the other.

  • TWC

    Quade must read Bleacher Nation, because I said pretty much the same thing just the other day (the whole 2-out-of-every-3-ain’t-bad thing). Of course, I was being a sarcastic ass. For him to say it, well, you take away the sarcasm, and he just sounds like an ass.

    • Ace


      And I have a strong feeling that Quade/Hendry/Bush/etc. are aware of fan sentiment, and one way they keep up on things like that (despite what they might admit) is by checking out places like this.

      • TWC

        Funny you mention that. I just got a tweet from Jim Hendry telling me that he’s coming after me if I make one more ‘wait ’til next year” crack.

        • Jeff

          Tweet him back and tell him that Ace will raise 10,000 angry Cub’s fans and we will be there when he comes after you.

          • TWC

            Aw, *sniff*, you guys are the best.

      • jstraw


        Do something.


  • Bryan

    Anyone have an estimate of the percentage of Yankee fans at that last series? Just judging by what I heard and saw on TV it appeared that it was at least 30% or higher.

    • Ace

      Someone on the BN Facebook page who was at the game(s) said he thought it felt like upwards of 40%.

    • http://BleacherNation Bric

      I was wondering the same thing. Also, question: does anyone who went to the games have an idea if these Yankee fans were local or flew/ drove in for the series? Just asking because I wouldn’t peg the Yankee nation to have that much nostalgia (even if it is Wrigley) to make the trip to see a very mediocre Cubs team in a pretty meaningless series. But you gotta figure they’re from out of town because you don’t see that many Yankees fans in any series against the Sox. Just curious.