I can only assume that, after Ozzie Guillen’s hilarious outburst and ejection tonight, he and Carlos Zambrano are out to dinner, where Z is offering Ozzie the names and numbers of the city’s best anger management therapists.

Zambrano gave up a first-inning homer to Paul Konerko and then bupkis. It was pretty awesome, and, much to the chagrin of every writer in the city, he didn’t even kill anyone. Starlin Castro continued to do his Castro thing, and Carlos Pena had another homer. He’s heating up just in time to be sent to another team.

  • Dave

    I’d feel bad (well, angry) if he were playing on the other side of town making $56 million.

  • Spencer

    I think Z heard people talkin stuff about his velocity being down…he popped 95 a couple times tonight. Also, does anyone know of a place where I can watch the games for free? I’m abroad right now and the only thing I could find tonight was a Sox radio broadcast (barf).

    • Dan0mite

      You can try this one. I haven’t used it in awhile but it definitely worked the last time I checked.


      • Serio

        Is there a good app?

        • Dan0mite

          Not that I know of. That’s the only site I know.

      • TWC

        I think that’s the site I used to watch a few Bears games, until I was able to finagle my brother’s DirectTv/NFL Gameday password. Hit or miss, it seemed for me. Quality wasn’t always the best.

      • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

        Awww that link leads nowhere, man!

        • Dan0mite

          I just double checked it. It should have been ilemi.com however that site has been shut down my the government.

    • PFK

      I’m abroad too. Best to subscribe to mlb.com and buy the package. I can watch every team and it’s great. I watch on my laptop and also iPad.

    • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

      I use gameday audio. It’s pretty cheap, and even if you miss the game live you can play it later.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Didn’t get to see the game, but just watched the highlights… Ozzie getting ejected was pretty funny. Especially how as soon as he got ejected the first thing he did was kicks Soto’s face mask about 20 feet and Soto just looks over at the Cubs dugout and can’t help but start laughing… Classic!

  • al

    nope i dont feel bad we couldve got stuck with another BAD contract..