Everyone who writes professionally in the Chicago sports scene just had to be dying of glee when Ozzie Guillen left the dugout to argue a swinging bunt dribbler in the sixth inning last night. Sure enough, Ozzie kicked Geovany Soto’s mask for an extra point, and they had their story: “this year, Ozzie’s the crazy one!” I imagine some copy editor had to remove the “LOL!”

  • Of the kick, Soto simply laughed. “You have to understand, there’s a lot of emotions,” Soto said. “[Guillen]’s pulling for his team. Stuff happens. I think he thought it was the umpire’s mask. I just thought it was funny.”


  • Paul Sullivan says Greg Maddux might well leave the organization if Jim Hendry gets the boot. Sullivan also agrees with my often-given response when folks ask about Maddux as the next GM: Maddux likes his life right now because his duties as a special assistant don’t interfere with his time with his family and time for other pursuits. A GM job certainly would.
  • Carlos Zambrano really does love the people of Chicago and wants to “push” the Cubs to win it all for the fans.
  • Carlos Pena on Zambrano: “Sometimes it’s very easy to pass judgment very quickly, just seeing how intense he is on the mound. But he’s a quality man and a quality teammate. I’ve been impressed with him off the field more so than what he can do on the field.”
  • The Chicago Cubs put together an “It Gets Better” video in support of LGBT teens, which is great. And, loathe though I may be to joke about something so serious, I can’t help myself: the Cubs next planned to put together an “It Gets Better” video for Cubs fans, but feared the legal repercussions of disseminating such a blatant lie.

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