Ozzie Guillen is the Unstable Chicagoan of the Day and Other Bullets

Everyone who writes professionally in the Chicago sports scene just had to be dying of glee when Ozzie Guillen left the dugout to argue a swinging bunt dribbler in the sixth inning last night. Sure enough, Ozzie kicked Geovany Soto’s mask for an extra point, and they had their story: “this year, Ozzie’s the crazy one!” I imagine some copy editor had to remove the “LOL!”

  • Of the kick, Soto simply laughed. “You have to understand, there’s a lot of emotions,” Soto said. “[Guillen]‘s pulling for his team. Stuff happens. I think he thought it was the umpire’s mask. I just thought it was funny.”
  • Paul Sullivan says Greg Maddux might well leave the organization if Jim Hendry gets the boot. Sullivan also agrees with my often-given response when folks ask about Maddux as the next GM: Maddux likes his life right now because his duties as a special assistant don’t interfere with his time with his family and time for other pursuits. A GM job certainly would.
  • Carlos Zambrano really does love the people of Chicago and wants to “push” the Cubs to win it all for the fans.
  • Carlos Pena on Zambrano: “Sometimes it’s very easy to pass judgment very quickly, just seeing how intense he is on the mound. But he’s a quality man and a quality teammate. I’ve been impressed with him off the field more so than what he can do on the field.”
  • The Chicago Cubs put together an “It Gets Better” video in support of LGBT teens, which is great. And, loathe though I may be to joke about something so serious, I can’t help myself: the Cubs next planned to put together an “It Gets Better” video for Cubs fans, but feared the legal repercussions of disseminating such a blatant lie.

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23 responses to “Ozzie Guillen is the Unstable Chicagoan of the Day and Other Bullets”

  1. EQ

    The Cubs need to stick to baseball and not get involved in stuff like this..

    1. EQ

      Oh wait… that’s right, they suck at baseball… oh well..

    2. jstraw

      You’re wrong.

  2. CubsGirl

    I agree! This is a very important issue in the lives of young people today and I applaud the Cubs organization for getting involved. We all need to do whatever we can to help lessen the effect of bullying on the lives of young people and reduce the tragic consequences it produces. Go Cubs!

  3. TWC

    If the video makes a difference to only one LGBT kid, then it was worth it to make.

    Although, I admit, I was really hoping for a Ryan Dempster/Harry Caray “Holy cow!” at the end.

  4. cdc

    Don’t really care one way or another about the Maddux bullet. He was brought in to appease cub fans and make us all believe in something that really has no relevance. If a young pitcher or two in the system has gleaned something from him then that’s great, I know i’ve read where Wells has appreciated instruction from Maddux at times.

    And for the record i thouroughly enjoyed the Cubs broadcast last night, albeit the WCIU broadcast. Anytime i can watch a cubs game AND listen to steve stone at the same time that’s a treat. Just curious who everyone else watched? As big of a cubs fan as i am i’m not loyal to the cubs broadcast team. loved listening to the YES network last friday in the yankees series opener and loved hawk and the ponie last night!

    1. DaveB23

      Sorry, but there’s no way you can call yourself a Cubs fan and say ‘loved hawk last night’ in the same sentence. Thats just blasphemy. Ive spent 4 years in San Diego listening to their senile broadcasters, as well as having to listen to away announcers whenever watching the Cubbies on MLB gameday, and theres no one announcer I despise more (not only in baseball, but in all sports probably) than Hawk. I have yet to find a true Cubs fan who does not feel the same way. I have nothing against Stone, hes a great color guy and I really enjoyed when he was on the Cubs broadcast, but Ive grown to love Len and Bob more than Chip and Stone back in the day. Hawk is just garbage. He doesn’t belong in the broadcast booth of a big market professional sports team. Maybe a single-A summer ball club, but even thats a stretch

    2. hardtop

      i agree with dave… kind of. i dont think hating hawk has anything to do with being a cub fan, he just sucks no matter who you are a fan of. im not necessarily a white sox hater, now that there fan base has quintupled in chicago, im a little leary of sox “fans”, but really have nothing against the team itself other than they are AL. Anyway, Hawk is such a homer, he makes Ronny look like a legit unbiased color man (r.i.p ronny). Not to mention his use of juvenille catch phrases and habit openly slamming the opposing team, make for the lowest level of professional broadcasting I haver personally witnessed. I live in denver and also follow the rockies, so i get a chance to listen to or watch a lot of different broadcasters, and Hawk is, in my opinion, the worst in the business. even my cube mate, a die hard sox fan, hates him passionately. He came in this morning and told me how glad he was on WGN last night so he could listen to len and bob.

  5. pfk

    I get so tired of the beat writers and columnists beating a stupid story to death…such as, “Will Z explode?” or…”The curse”…Actually, with a couple of exceptions, Chicago sports writers really aren’t all that good.

    1. Caleb

      True story.

  6. EQ

    does anyone else think that Ozzie & Big Z would make for a killer reality show?

  7. Ramy16

    Well put DaveB23…the same bull shit comes out Hawks mouth