Games are nine innings long, and there are literally dozens of moments to which you could point in a one-run game that, with a better bounce here or a different decision there, directly impact the outcome. So singling out just one is foolish at best, and dishonest at worst.

But I’m going to do it anyway.

How on Earth could Mike Quade have let Koyie Hill hit in the 8th with the tying run on third and one out? I know all the justifications – down to one catcher, lack of great bench options, etc. – so save them (unless Soto is hurt – that’s the *only* legitimate excuse). The game was on the freaking line, Mike. It was just sitting there at third base. Get the tie, and worry about the rest later. As it was, Hill struck out, and the Cubs lost. It was his third strikeout of the night and dropped his season line to .221/.291/.325.

Hindsight’s 20/20, but sometimes foresight is slapping you in the face. You just have to pay attention.

  • Dan0mite

    Series like these suck to lose. The Cubs could have easily swept the Sox.

    I have a question. I’m not trying to be a poor sport or a sore loser. However did it seem to anyone else that the Sox were getting a lot of border line strike calls and the Cubs were only getting few? A couple of times I thought Perzynski’s (sp?) arm was gonna snap from the G’s of brInging his glove back into frame. Did anyone else notice this or am i being overly sensitive to close losses?

    • Brian

      Pierzynski is notorious for pulling the glove into the strike zone and unfortunately umpires eat that garbage right up.

      In other words… yes I did see borderline calls in favor of the Sox.

  • Brian

    You’ve got the fastest player on the team (Campana) on freaking third base with one out. When Hill came up and swung… well you can call game right there.

    I do like seeing Pena hitting homers, he needs to get into that three spot though.

    Bullpen was stellar. Quade… well he needs to stop calling Hill “Hilly” and make better decisions to get through winnable games.

    • Dan0mite

      Quade needs to stop with all those nicknames. With Campana on 3rd why not try a squeeze play? He is definitely fast enough to pull it off.

  • Robbo

    Agreed on Koyie Hill….could barely stand to watch that at bat…or Koyie’s previous strikeout with runners on a few innings before.

    Couple positives…Carpenter bounced back nicely from rough outing against Yanks. Also, Cubs finally running a little (even if it is against the little league arm of AJ Pierzinski) with Castro, Campana, and even Soriano stole a base! I was beggining to think Fonzi forgot he’s allowed to swipe a bag once in a while. Would be nice to see a team that can manufacture a run now and again.

  • Korean Goat

    I was crying out in my heart for squeeze bunt in the 8th. sigh…

    • Dan0mite

      Me too.

  • Hogie

    Must’ve been Quade “going for the win”

  • die hard

    Quade plays for the three run homer like Earl Weaver…he thinks hes Weaver…but hes no Weaver cause if he was hed realize that he doesnt have the horses that Weaver did to avoid playing small ball…no excuse for ever leaving a man on third…or ever leaving a man on second with one out or less….

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Ace

      And Koyie Hill ain’t hittin’ a three-run homer any time soon.

  • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

    This is not a defense of Q, but not having seen the game and not knowing who was available to pinch hit, I would like to say that when there’s a fast guy on third with one out it’s awfully tempting not to pinch hit for a lame hitter because pretty much all he has to do is not strike out in to have the run score – and of course he struck out…
    I think Q’s made much worse decisions.

    • hardtop

      its a disturbing way to put it, but you’re right. quade has made worse decisions. he’s just too friendly with these guys. its seems like its alwasy the “i believe in you buddy” attitude with quade, same reasonn he left pitchers out there to get killed in april. business 101, you can’t effectively manage your friends! drop the nicknames and do what it takes to win some games and maybe save your job while you’re at it.

      • Jeff

        As I watch the Cubs this year and read the comments from Quade, Hendry, and Ricketts, I am now of the belief that every one of them thinks the Cubs are a contender as is, and are satisfied with the direction the franchise is moving. I don’t know if it’s because they are all buddy buddy, or they are all just really stupid, but I am convinced that this is our organization for the foreseeable future.

  • ry

    yet another pathetic outcoached performance by the cubs. koyie hll has got to go, the guy is so horrible. this team is an embarrassment, haven’t won three in a row all year(the only team in baseball) that can claim that dubious honor; haven’t won back to back series in forever if at all this year, yet again the only team that can claim that dubious honor. All the while, the powers that be still think everything is gonna be fine and this totally inept team will catch fire sometime this year. Newsflash fellas, it ain’t happening. This team will continue to suck and will end up with one of the worst three records in mlb come the end of the year. Mass change within this organization has to happen soon! Attendance for the next homestand will be telling.

  • ry

    better get a backup team then, because if this is our organization for the next few years, its gonna be letdown city!

  • hardtop

    re: back-up team
    i just cant do it. it’s not the same, no matter how hard i try. i get to go to a lot of rockies games. when i first moved out to denver, tickets were cheap and easy to get, even when they made their world series run, i went to maybe a dozen of their lat 20 regular season games for cheap or free. it was fun, love watching baseball at the park, knew the players and cheered for them. but when they lost the world series, i really wasnt that disappointed. as much as i wanted to, i just couldnt fall in love.. ive been in a loveless marriage with the cubs since i was born. i literally cried when after the “bartman” game, because i somehow knew. i cried the consecutive games of that series too, no kidding, wept like a baby. i also have a friend who plays in mlb. i try like crazy to be a fan, i follow him and want his team to win, but, honestly, when they loose a tough one, or a game they should have won, or even if he puts up a stinker, it doesnt bother me. not even as much as when soto goes 0 for 4, and i’ve never even seen geo from closer than the upper deck (okay a dozen rows behind home plate, but still).

  • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

    its a disturbing way to put it, but you’re right.quade has made worse decisions.

    It is indeed disturbing!
    If only these were the types of moves we were questioning!