Today, Chicago Cubs’ play-by-play broadcaster Len Kasper confirmed that he has re-upped for five years, signing an extension that will keep him in the booth through 2016. He was due to be a free agent, as it were, after this season.

Kasper, an adopted Cubs fan for the last seven years, is excited to stick around.

“Working with Bob [Brenly] every day makes me sound better, and I’m fortunate to have the best partner in the game,’’ Kasper said. “I thought it would be the greatest job in the world when I got here, and it’s been beyond my expectations. Of course, it’s more fun when the Cubs win, but to get to call half the games at Wrigley Field, it never, ever, ever feels routine.

“From every angle, professionally and personally and from a family standpoint, being back in Midwest [after three years with the Marlins] felt very familiar to me,” Kasper said. “Being from the Midwest, I feel like I have a good read on how people view the world here, and I’ve felt accepted here from Day 1. Cubs fans have been absolutely wonderful to me.”

Brenly, Len’s partner since 2005, is signed through 2012 as the Cubs’ color man, but, as the frequent target of managerial rumors, you have to wonder how much longer the pair will remain. Brenly has made only cursory efforts to hide his interest in returning to the dugout.

Whatever happens with Brenly in the near term, Kasper will be around for a while. And, I suspect, most would agree that’s a good thing. He has always struck me as knowledgeable and genuinely interested without being overly-homerish. He’s got a pleasant voice, and he’s excellent at keeping the action on the field at the fore, even when his discussions with Bob veer into humorous, tangential territory.

  • Fishin Phil

    Len has grown on me over the years. Ok, he can stay.

  • wernert

    Len is better than most because he simply isn’t trying to be something that he’s not — Harry, for instance. When he makes a home run call, he’s still too adnoidal but that can be lived with because he isn’t smug — the sin of most of ’em.

    • Michigan Goat

      Good point, Len isn’t trying to join the ESPN school of journalism and believe he needs an annoying catch phrase to compete. I don’t get to see many WGN games but I like Len&Bob, although I’m more of a fan of Bob. If and when Bob reenters coaching it will be interesting to see how Len works with a new color man. Remember the difference btwn Chip&Stone vs Chip&Carter, the latter was the worse duo in my lifetime.

  • TWC

    Who? You mean there’s someone other than Pat Hughes calling Cubs games? Weird.

  • Hogie

    Eh, never been all that impressed, but never hated him.

  • ry

    cubs know they will stuggle mightily over this time and they also know that kasper is just the homer to put a positive spin on everything. i guarantee if the cubs continue to be miserable, brenly won’t stick around that long.

    • Ace

      The homer is on the other side of town. And it’s paaaaainful. I can’t fathom enjoying it even as a Sox fan.

  • auggie1955

    Len is OK, but he always kisses his boss’ behind. That’s why they were happy to give him a 5 year extension. Just the other day against the Sox – Soriano hits a grounder to deep short and is easily thrown out at 1st because he was jogging down the line. Kasper did not mention Soriano’s lack of hustle on the play. These are the kind of announcers management just loves; look the other way and everything will be just fine.

  • Rafael Bruno Meirelles

    I like Len!
    That’s good news!

    Hope he can call something good…

  • Dan0mite

    I enjoy Len. I think he has a good balance of fan and professional. I think we can all agree his is better than Hawk Harellson.

  • CubsFanatic

    I like Len calling the games. Its Brenly I can’t stand. I hope hes gone after his contract is up.

    • Ace

      Really? Bob used to grate on me (“back when I was a manager…”), but in the last two years, I think he’s come into his own. He’s usually spot on, and bitingly funny.

      • CubsFanatic

        I just hate how he has something to say after every single play. He wants to sound like a know it all, and always says this should have been done, or that should have been done. I can’t stand that. I admit he does it a little less than when he started, but still.

        Though I don’t really know who else they would put in.

      • Michigan Goat

        I hate former player/mangers who constantly pat themselves on the back, and Bob was did that regularly when he first got the job but he’s learned how to share his expertise with referring to his success as a manager. I always liked Stone because he rarely reminds you that he was a Cy Young winner. I wish ESPN and MLB Network would tell their analyst to stop reminding us that they were players and focus on their new profession.

    • Jeff

      I really like Brenly. I think even if he is a little dry, he brings a sense of intelligence and baseball knowledge to the broadcast that hasn’t been around since Stone left. I also really like his views on the Cubs and the fact that he speaks his mind about what’s wrong with them when they are playing poorly.

      • TWC

        I’ve come to really like Brenly a lot. I loved Stone, you know, before he became a TOTAL dick. As for Kaspar, well, see my comment above.

    • Windy City Misfit

      Very happy to have Len for 5 more years. Pat and Judd Sirott are both good in my book too.

      However I can’t stand Bob .. and for as many times as hes had to say it this year Keith should know how to say the word “Error” .. not “Errrr”

  • jim

    Josh lewin is the best but harry did him dirty to get his son in. Len is fine for the homer he must be. He must work cheap.

  • Steve

    Bob should be manager. I wanted that all along. Len is good at what he does.

  • al

    josh lewin blows….i understand about harry wanting his GRANDSON in..and len is very very good and brenly as analyst is top notch…
    and stone is just a pompous ass..good thing hes on the south side cause that gives me more reason to hate him…

  • hardtop

    i really like len. i find him to be very ‘in control’ in terms of making calls. there is an obvious tendancy toward the cubs but he doesnt go overboard. i wish, if anything, he would be a little bit more critical when the situation called for it. If Fonzie went home and his family told him that he’d been called out for loafing it 3 times on national television (basic cable) maybe he’d be a little more prone to run to first. anyway, i guess we have bob for the criticism, whom i also like. as a guy who played and managed i think his insight is great, even if its not always delivered in the most humble manner. i live in denver and i prefer len and bob to any combination the rockies crew uses. the only other local crew i get exposure too on a regular basis is stone and hawk and i cant fathom a worse possible broadcast than the shit show those two put on.