Sometimes, writing a handful of articles a day (every day for two and a half years), you allow yourself to wonder. As much as you might enjoy what you’re doing, you can’t help but wonder if, and to what extent, you’re shouting down an empty hallway.

Fortunately, there comes a moment in every blog’s life – the lucky ones, anyway – in which the proprietor realizes he must be doing something right. Given the caliber of the readership around here, I’d suspected it for a long time. For that, I thank you.

But the moment of certainty came this weekend, when, at the Cubs/Yankees game, reader and frequent commenter Caleb did this:

So, to Caleb – who is, himself, a blogger – I can say only that I’m blown away, grateful, and now, kind of full of myself.

Thank you, Caleb. And thanks again to everyone else for reading.

  • TWC

    Wait wait wait…hang on a sec… lemme see if I can post a pic of the Bleacher Nation tattoo I got on my ass…

    OK, got it. Now where should I send it, Ace?

    • Ace

      Use the contact form. Make sure it shows the WHOLE enchilada. Er, I mean, tattoo.

    • Fishin Phil

      Does it say “Wait ’til Next Year” ??

      • TWC

        Two cheeks, two tattoos, baby!

  • Toosh

    Thank YOU, Ace, for the ‘site!

    • TWC

      Most certainly.

  • Caleb

    Success! Someone sitting near me asked what the website was. I said, “It’s like… it’s… it’s basically Cub Porn.”

    Not sure what I meant, but I do know I was right.

    Happy to help, Ace. It means a lot to finally have a Cub home to visit everyday, argue about obscure Cub nonsense, and get to know other (miserable) Cub fans.

    And the Simpsons references help.

    • http://BleacherNation Bric

      “Back on land my name was Homer Simpson… and here, I guess it still is…”

  • Ace

    Happy to do it, gents.

    Cub Porn. Love it.

  • miggy80

    I tell every other Cub fan I know about Bleacher, keep up the good work Ace!

    • Ace

      Thanks, miggy.

  • Laura

    Chicks dig it,too! It’s a shame it’ll only be around for another year, since the Cubs winning the World Series in 2012 will cause the world to end…

    • Ace

      I could almost deal with that ending.

      • Sam

        Id be able to die happy

  • MichiganGoat

    Its time for BleacherNation merch!

    • Ace

      Official BN cat nail clippers, coming soon!

      • Caleb

        And male onesy thongs, ala Borat? No?

        And Laura, you’re right- the world will end when the Cubs win. An hour after the victory, Jesus will return to Earth. When nobody notices, he’ll look around in exasperation and say “Hello? Jesus here! I’m back? Anybody, you know, care? What’s wrong with you people?”

        Go Cubs.

        PS Ace, how do you get a cool picture by your name? I wants to haz one.

        • Ace

          You can use gravatar (, I believe)… or you can wait until tomorrow. Good things are happening.

          • Michigan Goat

            Oh boy, oh boy, new toys?

        • Laura

          Ha! If they got Jesus to replace Hendry I could support Rickett’s confidence in his GM.

  • Caleb

    PPS you can see that the other side of the sign is already marked. Funny story.

    In 2008 I got back from an 8 month civilian deployment to Iraq. As part of my self-reward I bought 2 tickets to seats DIRECTLY behind home plate ($$$). I also bought Blink 182 tix for later that night. Anyway.

    I went to the game with my brother and brought that sign. On it, I wrote “Gary Caves Loves The Cubs” in all bold capital letters. I was trying to get it signed, but no luck.

    Oh, right. Gary Caves is the biggest Cardinal fan I know. I took pictures of me with the sign all over Wrigley, with fans, next to players, etc. Printed them all out and posted them up at the bar he hangs out at. I had random people text him how much they appreciated his Cub support. To one group I claimed that he couldn’t make it that day because he was in the hospital, and they recorded a get-well “thanks for being a great Cub fan” video on my phone. Yeah, I’m a dick.

    So this year, when I needed a sign… I was ready to go.

    • Ace

      I’m glad to now be a part of that story of, first self-reward, and then friendly spitefulness.

    • Fishin Phil

      Great story Caleb!!

  • Kyle N


    Where was this Bleacher Nation sign idea when we were at the Cubs game in Boston? You know, the one where I drove us over 3,000 miles while totally redeeming myself? Trying to steal all the glory for yourself, eh?

    All kidding aside, Caleb is an awesome Cub fan and the only friend that I can call and talk to after any particular noteworthy Cub event, almost like a combination of true passion and group therapy. Ace, this site truly awesome and is the first thing I visit when I start the day. True honest Cub fans who are passionate about their team (and yes, on occasion some of the posts are similar to the incoherent ramblings of a crazed lunatic. . . But as a Cubs fan
    aren’t we all a bit crazy?)

    Here is to many more funny articles, serious discussions, satirical box scores, and crazed fans drinking Old Style.

    • Ace

      Thanks, Kyle. Awesome post.

      And, yeah, where WAS the sign in Boston?

  • Caleb

    Very simple explanation for that.

    I uh, er, well… that is to say that, okay. Got it.

    Ten-inch had his hands full with beer and texting, and you had 3 hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, 2 beers, and an ice cream cone. I obviously had to drink my beer; who would hold the sign? Had to wait for a trip where I could bring a girl (they love carrying stuff).

    See? Simple.

    And Kyle DID drive the entire 3000 miles, by himself, without getting lost once. Which broke his consecutive getting-lost streak of “every single time since birth” so it was quite an achievement.

    I have a lot of passion and even- yes I dare say it- optimism as a Cubs fan, I don’t know ANYONE with as much raw baseball knowledge as Kyle. He’s that guy you call when someone asks “Hey, what was Dunston’s average in the ’89 season? And how many doubles did he hit off pitchers whose first names started with letters A-L?” He’s like a baseball rain man.

    If you want to see a picture of him gulping down a hotdog, youtube search for “Caleb sings the anthem.” You won’t be disappointed.

    And thanks, fishin Phil! I like to remind him of that story a lot- especially now that my Pujols jabs aren’t as sharp.

    My new project is to draw a retired #5 Cub flag hanging over Wrigley for Pujols after he retires in the hall of fame as a Cub.

    Hey- when you’re not winning, you get creative.

  • Slamming Sammy

    Great stuff Caleb.

  • Gyeva

    I have a bn tatoo on my shaft