The first off-day in what seems like eons is upon us. Off-days, however welcome, are a little less fun the day after a loss. To the White Sox. By one run.

  • Well, Geovany Soto is healthy, which robs Mike Quade of any possible legitimate explanation he had for allowing Koyie Hill to hit with one out in the 8th inning and the tying run on third last night.
  • The explanation Quade did offer?¬†“At that point, with Campana on third, I wanted the best chance to make contact,” he said. “I thought Koyie has gotten some big hits, and I wasn’t sure we needed a base hit there. If he puts the ball in play, I feel like we have a shot….It didn’t work out.” I can only shake my head, as I’ve grown weary of parsing these kind of ridiculous post hoc explanations. Ok, I can do one more thing than shake my head: lefties have just three hits in 37 at-bats against Jesse Crain this year, the pitcher against whom Hill was supposed to “make contact.”
  • Cubs Owner Ricketts Sued for Sexual¬†Harassment.” Raise your hand if you’re wondering why such a shocking story would be relegated to a mere bullets post. Would telling you that Sports Illustrated, among others reporting the story, decided not to include the operative first name of the Ricketts in question – Joe – explain it? Let me make two things clear: (1) The Ricketts family owns the Cubs, and Joe Ricketts is the patriarch of the family. Thus, yes, he is an owner of the Cubs. (2) This is a legitimate story to report. Those two things said, we all know of whom we think when “Cubs owner Ricketts” is mentioned. We’re thinking of Tom Ricketts, the Chairman and face of the ownership, and I can’t help but think that the ambiguity in the headline was intentional. I’m reminded of the time that some bit actor in ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ stabbed his wife, and the headlines the next day screamed, “40-Year-Old Virgin Star Stabs Wife.”
  • Worse, Joe Ricketts isn’t even being accused directly of sexual¬†harassment! He’s being accused of sexual harassment retaliation. It is alleged that he fired two Nebraska employees after they claimed they were sexually harassed by TD Ameritrade’s COO – an unseemly (and rightly actionable) claim, to be sure, but hardly the same thing as “that old guy grabbed my ass!” SI took an AP story, and slapped the most incendiary possible headline on it. It’s unbelievable, really. SI needs to audit the way its headlines are crafted. This one is unethical, and maybe a little dangerous.
  • Darwin Barney is expected to begin a rehab stint this weekend. He’s not eligible to come off the DL until June 29.
  • ry

    Does Quade even look at the stats going into each game. Any manager worth a crap would have known that stat. Reading Quade point-counterpoints just infuriate me more. I would have more respect for him if he just waved a white flag. I can count on one hand over the last 5 years how many freakin big hits hill has. Lets face it Q, the guy sucks; only the cubs would still keep him on a big league roster. Sorry, my frustration cup has reached an all time high and has definitely runneth over!

  • pfk

    Just plain irresponsible tabloid journalism. I expect higher standards from Sports Illustrated. But I’m of the opinion that good journalism is just about dead, save for a few here and there. Creating headlines that sell, regardless of accuracy or ethics, is the order of the day. One of the reasons I love this blog is I get the news I want in a fun manner AND if someone is out of line, its called into question – such as you’ve done here. And, there are beautiful women.

    • Fishin Phil

      Great post pfk! It’s like you were reading my mind. Warning, that is some dangerous territory in there.

  • Jeff

    While Joe Ricketts didn’t actually harass anybody, if the claims of the women are true, he covered it up, forced them out the door, and re-hired the COO under the table, all very sleazy moves if they are true. I don’t want to throw the guy under the bus if this is just a random accusation or money grab, but it’s just as bad to condone the behavior of a lecher as it is to be the one treating women that way. The headline was misleading, but it’s become pretty common practice for all newspapers/magazines/web sites, nothing surprising.

  • Ashley

    I think at the trade deadline the Cubs should look to trade Quade. He just keeps making dumb move after dumb move. I mean DeWitt in the 3 hole earlier in the week, Koyie Hill batting last night when others were availiable. He just seems lost and when he does make a call he has soem dumb excuse for why it doesn’t work.

  • auggie1955

    That picture of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket cracks me up! Not only can it be used to ask what’s up with the harrasment accusations, but also be used to symbolize what’s wrong with the Cubs.