The Cubs reverted to their early-season form tonight – that is, squandering opportunities at every turn. But they won in spite of it.

And they won in spite of a shaky (though technically “quality”) start by Ryan Dempster.

And they won in spite of being thrown out three(!) times on the bases.

It’s good to play the Royals.

Oh, and they won in spite of this…

  • jh

    5 hits with 0 RBIs is an impressive display of futility. God bless the Royals.

  • Dan0mite

    Forgetting the Cubs short comings, it was a pretty good game. The Cubs looked pretty good at the plate but awful on the base paths.

  • Brian

    I was not able to watch the game but I got text message updates and the one that I started laughing at was when DeWitt (I think) grounded into a double play and the Cubs still scored. That text update basically sums up the Cub’s run production this year…. incredibly bizarre and typically not productive.

  • PFK

    Yikes! Talk about bad baseball. Yet, what I like is learning who is worth keeping and where we need improvement. In that regard, Castro is, without question, the Cubs’ next legitimate super star. I’ve also realized how exciting it is to see energy and speed – athleticism. Most of those caught on the base paths are slow: Soto, Ramirez, Soriano. Others just need time to learn to harness their speed but I love watching “action.” I look forward to the days when we are no longer flat footed, slow and lumbering. Does it seem that the Cubs, as an organization, are horrible on teaching fundamentals?

    • Fishin Phil

      “Does it seem that the Cubs, as an organization, are horrible on teaching fundamentals?”

      This is what really grinds my gristle. Especially after spring training when Quade said they were going to stress fundamentals. I don’t really mind the losing nearly as much as I hate watching bad baseball.

      • Ace

        If this is what they look like with fundamentals stressed, can you imagine what they’d look like if it was just another thing?

        • http://BleacherNation Bric

          Remeber all the talk about how Jarimillo was gonna turn around the Cubs offense? Don’t hear much about that anymore. Apparently Hendry didn’t realize that nothing on his resume says RBI coach.

      • Ian Afterbirth

        “Grinds my gristle”!
        I gotta remember that one!
        It’d make a good album title or band name.

        Is there ever a year when they don’t say “fundamentals will be stressed this year” and “if we take care of all the simple things the rest will take care of itself”?

        But I say let the kids run!
        Let em learn!

  • Michigan Goat

    So how long before Q sees Castro’s success batting 2 as a reason to put him back in the 3 spot? Castro is comfortable hitting 2, but I’m sure Q will convince himself to move him around.

  • awesome

    someone said Soriano came home and sat down, didn’t slide, wanted no contact with the catcher. same way he plays the OF. i missed the game, or maybe i didn’t miss much.

    • Ace

      I thought it was a fine slide. The ball beat him there by quite a bit, plate was blocked, it was either awkward slide or plow the catcher. At his age, he probably chose correctly.