The series against the Royals, which starts this evening, will be an interesting one for Cubs fans who are hoping for a full-on, multi-year rebuild. The Royals, of course, have been undergoing a rebuild for many multi-year stretches, but they certainly now have an exciting young core of players. They just don’t win very much. Would Cubs fans be willing to endure the same kind of team for two, three, four years?

  • With the site esss-splosion yesterday, I didn’t get to do a full write-up on Gene Wojciechowski’s take on the Ricketts regime. It’s a good read. His ultimate point is that Ricketts needs a plan (who’s to say he doesn’t have one?), and he needs to demonstrate that plan to us (ah, I see). The most interesting part of the piece to me? He says that “everyone assumes” Jim Hendry is a “Dead General Manager Walking.”
  • The heat is being cranked up on Cubs manager Mike Quade, now from additional, mainstream directions.
  • The Cubs have signed a handful of their later round, easy sign draft picks thus far. That handful is already seeing time in the minors:Boise (Low A)19th round: 1B Paul Hoilman
    20th round: OF Ben Klafczynsk
    42nd round: IF Brad Zapenas
    44th round: IF Kenny Socorro 

    Mesa (Rookie Ball)

    16th round: C Rafael Lopez
    18th round: RHP James Pugliese
    32nd round: RHP Pete Levitt
    36th round: IF Travis Garcia
    40th round: RHP Patrick Francescon
    46th round: RHP Scott Weismann

  • Though I can’t quite pinpoint the problem yet, I strongly suspect that yesterday’s site issues were related to my attempts to improve our comments and integrate them with a message board. My ambition, it seems, exceeded my grasp. For that, I apologize – the test site has one daily visitor (me), while the actual site has thousands. Oops. I’ll regroup and figure out a new plan for improving the “community” part of the site. But, fair warning, it might be a while. For now, keep commenting!
  • Ian Afterbirth

    No apology need, Ace.
    We understand.

  • Ian Afterbirth


  • Ace’s future son

    Don’t worry pops, your site will be one the best on the internet in a couple of years! Btw, the Cubs will sign Prince Fielder this offseason.

  • MichiganGoat

    I will continue to enjoy this site regardless of the improvements that do or do not happen, but Ace maybe you should change your name to Icarus… I kid, I kid

  • Toosh

    The Cubs are worse. The ‘site is usually very good. Yesterday was a fluke. The Cubs are just the opposite. On to today. Where are the honeys?

  • RY34

    The cubs are far worse

  • The Magicman

    This is off topic but about prospects.We gave so many good prospects in the Garza deal. We could of got a big name, a proven all star. MVP caliber. Not saying Garza will never be good or have success..somebody tell me why we couldn’t get anybody better than Garza

  • Toosh

    Well put!

  • Laura

    Re: Gene W.’s article
    Is anyone else tired of the Red Sox/Fenway comparisons? Yes, they broke through their drought, won the WS & have been back to compete again, and I was thrilled for them. BUT the Cubs, their fans & Wrigley (a holy trinity?) are a unique entity in their own right. We can have our own success by getting a team of people who actually have a clue of what they’re doing, starting from the top. Copying the Red Sox won’t magically make us win a world series. (The events leading up to their win seemed more like erie good luck than excellent strategy.). There’s nothing like the Cubs, for better or worse. Not even the Red Sox.

    • Ace

      Getting a team of people who actually have a clue of what they’re doing kind of sounds like the Red Sox path to success to me. :)

      • Laura