Sometimes, even the most hardcore Chicago Cubs fan has to take a night off. Perhaps you watch a movie with your family. Maybe you go bowling.

Me? I got wrecked with some friends. It appears that the Cubs lost. Frankly, I’m impressed that I was able to create this EBS and type these sentences. I don’t even see any grammatical mistakes.

  • Matt

    What happened to the days when the lineup was set almost the same everyday? Lou started toying with the lineup on nearly a daily basis, now I’m starting to think Q is just trying to use every possible combination of players to see how many different lineups he can get in a season. Am I wrong?


    Totally agree, put your best lineup on the field everyday and stop tweaking it. If you are constantly changing the line up according to the flavor of the day, it makes people press too hard. Tell them they earned there spot and let them get comfortable.

  • ry

    I think we are seriously throwing games on purpose. Big leaguers from the gm to the low hanging fruits seriously cannot be this inept and stupid! How is it that we constantly make guys that get lit up by every other freakin team look like cy young day in and day out. This team sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot watch them anymore for fear of having a heart attack!

  • die hard

    saw tonites game….Castro gets better in field every day….we need to get more speed at top of lineup….Soriano should be sent to an American League team as DH and we will pick up 3/4 of salary for two minor leaguers cause hes killing us in left field….Can’t decide if Lamehu is a major leaguer….but since was all star in minors, needs more time…..Quade over his head…maybe hes a better bench coach since he doesnt have temperment to make tough and correct decisions…also doesnt plan ahead..he reacts instead…doesn’t set up situations like a LaRussa….

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed, Castro is really starting to show patience and control in the field and when you combine that with his range and arm he may just become on of the best fielding shortstops. I’m extremely impressed how much he grown as a player in roughly one full season and he is only 20!

    • Ian Afterbirth

      Nice assessment!

  • jim

    Quade changes the lineup card everyday to keep the Vets happy & off his back. He uses the baseball coaching rules book to make him feel like he is one of the Biys. In this quandry, the Rookies are getting screwd. Ask Castillo (.700) & Hill (.070) how the Q numbers system works…..Grade: F-

    • Ace

      And every time he goes against the book, it blows up in his face.

  • http://BleacherNation Bric

    Q and Hendry both have one thing in common- they like to mess with things that are working all right. Hendry Traded DeRo and brought in Bradley and Jarimillo and basically started this backward process (like trying to trick out a Honda Civic).
    Now Q’s turn is to fuck with the lineup every day. Wasn’t that the biggest complaint the players had with Pinella? This team is about .500 on paper, and was in real life when he moved Castro out of the number one spot and started switching everybody around. It’s been all down hill from there.

    • Michigan Goat

      Great point, Q is just like Pinella in that way. Although as much as I love DeRosa we did come out of that trade ahead since ultimately DeRosa led to us getting Garza and DeRosa has been injured regularly since he left.

      • http://BleacherNation Bric

        DeRosa was a clubhouse leader and the only player to give us a lead for even an inning in any of six playoff losses (a solo homer in the 2nd inning of game 2 of the Dodgers series if memory serves). The Cubs have been down hill ever since.

        In any case, the point is Hendry always had fuck things. Now Q does, too. Obviously injuries play a major role but winning teams find ways to win. Losers use them as an excuse. How many times have we heard “We just need one more player or coach to get us over the hump…” First Bradley, then Jarimillo, now Garza (or Dunne, or Pujols, or Fielder, etc).

        Stop over thinking it and just play the F’ing game. No, wait, you better save Zambrano for game 4… And intersestingly, it was Gaub, not Archer, that got Hendry all hot bothered enough to make the DeRo trade. So much for leadership and chemistry.