Mike Quade Respects Jim Riggleman and Other Bullets

The Cubs caught a break in the 9th last night when Tony Campana’s bunt sort-of-kind-of touched the ground when Mike Moustakas went to catch it. Replays showed he probably did catch it. Campana went on to score the winning run (on an error, no less). When was the last time the Cubs won on a total gift like that?

  • Mike Quade discusses Jim Riggleman quitting the Nationals’ managerial gig without so much as a drop of self-consciousness: “The one thing I always thought about him is he’s a lifer in the game, and the game comes before anything, and he’s also a very principled guy. Not knowing hardly any of the details, my sense is he left on his own terms. It’s not important that I know why. It’s none of my business. I feel bad for him because after a couple of tough years there, they were playing well. It’s fun to be in charge when you’re playing well. So for that, I feel bad for him. He’s a bright guy. I’m sure he thought it through and did what he had to do.”
  • Former Nationals third base coach, and current Cubs bench coach, Pat Listache says he’s interested in the Nationals job, but he doesn’t plan to reach out to them. It sounds like Davey Johnson is going to get the job anyway.
  • On the rehab trail: Darwin Barney is expected to play in Iowa tonight (expected return around Wednesday), Marlon Byrd is expected to play for Iowa starting on Monday (expected return around the week of July 4), and Kerry Wood has started throwing side sessions (no expected return yet). Wood will probably throw a couple more before the Cubs decide on a rehab stint.

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14 responses to “Mike Quade Respects Jim Riggleman and Other Bullets”

  1. ME1963

    We should get Riggleman again!
    At least he has a quality baseball mind and his on field moves make sense.

  2. Caleb


    I officially reject the notion that “everyone” wants Quade off the team. If there is such a notion. I can understand that most people here are anti-Hendry (not that I agree or disagree) but I’m only allowing for 1 fall guy at the moment.

    Not blaming your bullet, Ace- I understood the “self consciousness” reference! I’m sure Q realizes that managing this team if they were kicking ass would be a lot more fun. I don’t think that you’re only allowed to have fun when you have a winning record, just more fun!

  3. Cardfan

    I love all this talk about Riggleman being a “principled” guy. “Principaled” guys do not walk away from contractual obligations, no matter how much their feelings are hurt. Weak move that reeks of vengeance – especially given the timing of their resurgence. The guy slapped a scarlet letter on his own chest.

    Speaking of bizarre moves – or lack of movement – I was absolutely convinced that this would be Hendry’s last week as GM. The drum beat was loud and undeniable. I would have thought they would have a replacement teed up for the work prior to the trade deadline to provide a logical “reset” approach. Throw it on the heap with all my other missed calls…

    1. Toosh

      Wrong. Besides the principle, it was also a matter of respect and honor for Riggleman. I applaud his courage and wish him well.

      1. Cardfan

        Your bar is set a lot lower than mine

        1. Toosh

          This coming from a person who supports a team that is and always has been full of juicers.

          1. Cardfan

            I applaud your courage and wish you well…

            1. Toosh

              Thank you. Good luck to the Cards the rest of the way,

  4. Caleb

    You’re a Cardfan- your life is defined by missed calls. Starting with the call to be a Cardfan!

    1. Cardfan

      I suppose if you want to classify my underestimation of the dysfunction and lack of accountability that defines the leadership of this club as a chronic problem – go ahead.

      1. Caleb


        1. Cardfan

          Wow, the single A squad took the field today.