Enhanced Box Score: Rockies 3, Cubs 7 – June 27, 2011

Save for the errors, it was a solid game all around. Matt Garza looked good (nasty, even, at times), and the bats showed up.

But, since the game was a makeup for an April rainout that followed back-t0-back losses to the Rockies, you can kind of say that the Cubs lost another series today. Watch out, Positivity Police!

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47 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Rockies 3, Cubs 7 – June 27, 2011”

  1. Fishin Phil

    So THAT’S what the middle of the lineup is for!

  2. RY34

    Why cant any of pitchers field a ball cleanly? Well Aram and Pena did their work for the week!

  3. Jeff

    Garza definitely looked nasty at times today. It’s good to see he’s starting to spot his breaking pitches well to go along with his fastball. For one day at least, Jim Hendry comes up golden, Garza was good/great at times, and Pena continues to flash his power. Considering that getting these two guys was the bulk of Hendry’s offseason workload, I’d imagine he’s feeling pretty good about himself today.

    1. hardtop

      darn it, i forgot about that. hopefully ricketts isnt thinking the same way. with the pitching staff hendry has assembled, garza shouldnt be considered a highlight of hendrys doing, but rather a make-up offering to the fans for the rest of the crap he’s done ;) matt did look good today. overall, super outing. that first shot by car-go would have dropped short of the track if it were any other day. so, really reinforces what a good show he put on from the mound. are we still 14 under 500? ah well, leave it to cubs fabnce to find the positive.

  4. The Magicman

    hurry trade them

  5. Toosh

    No series preview today = no honeys. Darn. Twice as many tomorrow?

  6. Joe

    so apparently the cubs aren’t going to be careful with the bullpen. Why would you send in your best reliever and closer in a non-save situation? I think quade already gave up on the next few days and won’t be sending them in. Or he believes we’re not going to be in a situation where we need them….

  7. Toosh

    Piniella often misused his bullpen the same way.

  8. die hard

    BY trade deadline say bye to RAMIREZ PENA ZAMBRANO SORIANO FUKUDOME JOHNSON BAKER and GRABOW for starters…..

    1. Hogie

      Ha! Wish they would, but nobody will take Soriano or Grabow, Ramirez and Zambrano will be tough to get rid of as well. I would say Pena and Fukudome have a VERY good chance to find new homes though.

      1. Joe

        Since fielder will probably be re-signed and pujols is likely to not be the same, why not keep Pena? He’s hit more home runs than anyone else on the team and that’s since may 3. Soriano will be impossible to get rid of (ntc clause and no one wants him), no one wants Grabow, Zambrano may go if the Yanks want him and we can get something decent for him. I would like to see Pena and Johnson stay but I’d be really happy to see Ramirez, Fukudome, Baker leave. I’d be even happier if they found a way to get rid of Soriano too but I think they’d have to get his approval to do it.

        1. MichiganGoat

          I’m sure the Cubs (regardless of who is running the team next year) will have their eyes set on Fielder, but I hope that the new mgmt will not out bid themselves or get into a bidding war with another team. Don’t be surprised if the Nationals throw a large amount sum at Fielder and hopefully the Cubs will not sign him to a Soriano-esqe contract. As for Pena I’m sure his agent would not allow him to sign a modest multi-year deal, Boras typcially negotiates either a large multi-year deal or a modest one-year deal. My fear is that if we don’t get Fielder we will over pay to keep Pena, I’d be cautious about signing a player to a multi-year deal right after he signed a one-year “see I still have value” type of contract. This is why having the right mgmt next year will be so important.

  9. Ramy16

    I think we should sign Pena to an extension..I told you fucks that Ramirez would show up! He’s a second half player…get rid of grabow, fukodummy, koyie hill…he’ll throw in vitters in a trade like we did Sam Fuld..why were at it..get rid of dempster.. He’s not worth his weight in shit! Rotation Garza, Zambrano, Wells, Coleman and who ever we get in a trade

    1. Joe

      Yeah Ramirez’s 8 home run power showed up but the rest of his lazy ass hasn’t. He still hates to play for the Cubs and his defense is still only barely average. He just half-asses his way through the game. I think it was in this game that he treated a grounder that he needed to make a quick throw on like a routine play and he let the runner get on first because he didn’t really try to get him. It was pretty apparent that he wasn’t trying and I don’t see signs of him getting his ass in gear any time soon. Just watch he’ll end the year with only 20 home runs. I only say end the year because I don’t think any other teams actually want him and would trade for him.
      Good point on the Sam Fuld thing. Anyone else notice how much he is kicking ass in the Rays outfield? But it doesn’t really matter i’m sure if he was still with the Cubs, Quade would just put DeWitt in the outfield instead of him. Why call up outfielders if you’re not going to use them?
      Do you really want more of Coleman starting? Seriously? All the times he screwed up weren’t enough? I’m sure eventually he can start but definitely not next year or the end of this one. For that matter where did Andrew Cashner go? He just completely disappeared.
      This comment was way longer than I meant it to be.

      1. Jeff

        Sam Fuld is hitting .238, and that is after his “hot month” of June where he played a whole 16 games. To anyone who brings up Sam Fuld as a reason for the Garza trade being bad or as a reason to fire Hendry: Shut up and actually watch more baseball than what comes on Sportscenter. The Sam Fuld Superman story was over before it began, quit acting like he’s a HOF’er.

        1. Michigan Goat

          Jeff, ya beat me to it. Fuld is a AAA player and won’t be on the Rays for long. The players that will measure the trade are Archer and Lee.

          1. EQ

            Yeah a lot of people on here don’t really pay attention to the game and many can’t spell either. The only thing that bothers me about the Rays trade is that we should have sent many of those players to San Diego for Adrian Gonzales. That may have been the biggest dropped ball by Hendry this year.

            1. Toosh

              Agreed. I also believe, at the time, starting pitching was not the Cubs’ greatest need for the 2011 season. First base was a bigger need.

              1. Jeff

                More Hendry b.s. They didn’t trade for Gonzalez because the cost was too high, but they turned around and traded for Garza a month or so later after the Brewers got Grienke and Marcum. My opinion is that Hendry is a much better GM when he is pro active and seeking out improvements before it becomes apparent. He is a terrible GM when he is being reactionary, like Garza, Bradley, Miles, and all those overpaid middle relievers he signed through the years.

  10. Robert

    joe WTF are you talking about hop off kid you dont even know what youre talking about! wtf do you mean ramirez dont wanna play for us??? he said in the off-season “this is the team i wanna win a ring for” and he will invoke his no trade clause so he staying with us no matter whAT!

  11. Roughriider

    Ace, maybe you should be a “grammer Nazi”. I’m not talking about punctuation or spelling. Some comments should be removed. People who can’t get their point across without resorting to objectionable language are only showing their lack of respect. Please people, show some class.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’d hate to see this site become a totalitarian site, but it is frustrating when some of these post just don’t make sense and are series of F this and F that (and I’m not saint). Unfortunately this is what happens when a site becomes more popular, and the only solution is for the intelligent, thoughtful, and consistent posters to keep up the good work and continue to post quality responses. BN has an amazing community and as long as that community continues to respond with maturity it will continue to be the best Cub blog out there.