Photo credit: Paul Sullivan

The Cubs draw Jhoulys Chacin in today’s makeup game against the Rockies, which is fantastic luck. Chacin has already dominated the Cubs once this year.

  • Randy Wells says he felt good yesterday, despite giving up five straight hits (and then a walk) to open the game. He was decent thereafter, giving up two runs over the next six innings. Recall, first inning problems were the bane of Wells’ season in 2010.
  • Though he was annoyed with Starlin Castro’s defensive lapse yesterday, Mike Quade still thinks Castro should be an All Star.
  • With his league-leading 16th error on the books, calls for Castro to be moved to second or third base in the future are growing a bit. For now, it sounds like the Cubs have no intention of moving Castro any time soon.
  • Marlon Byrd, who starts his rehab assignment with the Iowa Cubs today, will wear a specially-crafted helmet that offers additional protection to the side of his face that was exploded by a fastball earlier this year. Insert helmet joke here. Mine would probably have something about a drool cup.
  • Various Chicago Cubs neighbors aren’t interested in extra parking in the Triangle Building, so the plans might well be going back to the drawing board. Literally. Again.
  • The Cubs might have most of their Opening Day roster healthy before the All Star break, which will almost certainly lead to a 45-game winning streak. Maybe 46.
  • Fishin Phil

    Sarcasm becomes you.

    • Ace

      I try to avoid it where possible (it can be difficult to pull off in print). But sometimes the situation just screams for it.

  • Serio

    Can we call the Cubs sellers now?

    • Toosh

      Not yet. They might still turn it around.

      • pfk

        I assume you are being sarcastic.

        • Toosh

          You are correct, good sir.

          • TWC

            The sarcasm runs deep in these parts.

            • Toosh

              Yes, it does. Defense mechanism. The losing doesn’t bother me any more. What does bother me is that I think Ricketts won’t make any front office changes after the season.

  • RY34

    Lets see, Dempster sucks in the first inning, Wells sucks in the first inning, Garza is usually bad in the first inning, Davis other than the Yankees just plain sucks, and you never know which Big Z you will get out there. Man our pitching coach is doing one hell of a job I would say! This team is one train wreck after another every which way you look!

  • EQ

    I just went to see the Cubs in KC.. went to Friday night’s game, the only win against those mighty Royals..sigh… anyways, I’ve seen them play in several venues, including 4 games at Wrigley.. in those games, they are 7-1. So apparently, I am the key to the Cubs’ success.. maybe I will retire early and follow them around after the all star break and we can get those 45 wins in a row!

    • Ace

      I’m sure the Cubs would chip in. I’ll send you a fiver, myself.

  • Jeff

    “The Cubs might have most of their Opening Day roster healthy before the All Star break, which will almost certainly lead to a 45-game winning streak. Maybe 46.”

    You snuck into one of those front office meetings, didn’t you Ace?

  • chode

    I think the key for the pitching staff, is for everyone to grow a “Riggins Mustache” Then, and only then will it all come together.

    • Ace

      The Rigginstache! Do it!

  • Vince

    Would someone please explain to me why Koy Hill is even wearing a major league uniform?