Today’s first game was one of surprises, both sarcastic and genuine. I’ll leave you to guess which is which.

Surprise! Doug Davis got rocked by one of the worst lineups in baseball and couldn’t make it through five innings again.

Surprise! Koyie Hill hit a homer.

Surprise! The Cubs scored most of their runs on gifts and a Carlos Pena homer.

Surprise! Alfonso Soriano took a two-out, bases-loaded walk after going down 0-2.

Surprise! Alfonso Soriano dropped a line drive hit right at him after inexplicably stopping about five feet short of the ball.

  • MichiganGoat

    You summed it up perfectly, no surprises and getting beat tonight shouldn’t surprise anyone. So everyone just chill out. Yes we suck. Your up TWC.

    • TWC

      Whaaaaa? TWO games today?

      Meh, screw it. I jammed w/ some friends rather than watch the nightcap. I’m willing to bet that we sounded better than Doug Davis pitched. OK, not by much.

      • MichiganGoat

        No wait till next year, come on man

        • TWC

          Jeez… I *am* slipping…

      • hardtop

        not only did I intentionally not watch the cubs last night… i went and saw the white sox! ha! dont worry, im not going to the darkside. i dont really have anything against the white sox other than they are an AL team. I had great seats, free tickets, and it was a pleasently neutral baseball experience. i enjoyed it, all 13 innings of it.

  • awesome

    why is Castro the only one in the media? quade makes it a point to get it in the media, another teaching experience. if, and i say if, he is telling the veterans, they sure aren’t listening to him, and he takes no action.

  • awesome

    now, did Quade’s after game press meeting include talking about Soriano’s lack of hustle on that play tonight? or is he going to do it later in the club house.

  • RY34

    Quade sucks, davis sucks, hill sucks, soriano sucks, the cubs suck! Period.