As I said this morning, doubleheaders are hard to sweep. But, it’s hard not to sweep when you’re facing Doug Davis and Rodrigo Lopez.

Rodrigo did the best he could, and actually managed a fine start until ran out of gas (predictably) in the 5th. The only offense came on a Lou Montanez home run and a meaningless solo shot by Aramis Ramirez in the 9th.

  • TWC

    Yeah, but Ramirez is breaking out! He’s kicking ass now!! We should re-sign him for 8 years at $136 million!!!

    Hey, at least we were only 0-3 w/ RISP.

    • MichiganGoat


  • die hard

    Option to minors all pitchers that you can…and replace with kids…..

  • Kyle N

    This pitching staff reminds me of the 2000 team. And I thought I had finally banished all thoughts of Daniel Garibay, Ruben Quevedo, Ismael Valdez, and (gulp) Kyle Farnsworth ( . . as a starter) from my memory. Guess not. Looks like it is back to therapy for me.

    • Caleb

      The Farns! Remember when that dude tried to charge the plate on him and forgot he was a linebacker?

      • Ace

        Paul Wilson. Bloody face.

  • RY34

    Screw this team! I would much rather play tiddlywinks, watch paint dry, have my fingernails pulled out with pliers, and get kicked in the teeth than watch this pathetic bullshit day in and day out! Do any of these sorry suckers have any pride in them whatsoever or is it just a fact of cashing the checks? Hopefully people will stop going to wrigley in protest but i highly doubt it.

    • hardtop

      you say that, we all say that, and then we find ourselves back here the next morning and at wrigley some weekend. its a blood disease.
      for what it’s worth, i really think we’ve seen increased effort from the players as of late, save fonzie sucking again in left. It hasnt produced results as we still play below 500 baseball, but I just see slightly better overall play (big picture over the last few weeks). I think the line-ups have been suspect and may have actually counteracted some of the effort. anyway, the pitching has been horrific and the use of the pitching has been worse. The staff of total suck was assembled by Hendry, given Davis and Lopez were reactionary pick-ups. Mlke Quade’s utterly idiotic mis-handling of what garbage we do have to work with has made things worse. So, usually you can blame it on the players, but really, this time its on the managment. Now Grawbow cashing a check, thats a joke. Hendry signing him for big money? not f’n funny!

    • MichiganGoat

      We are Cub fans first, feast or famine I love this team. Yes they suck this year, Hendry is a tool, and it’s frustrating to watch sometimes, BUT I will love this team and follow their every move till the end. A fan is a fan irregardless of performance, a fan loves his team like a child, and a fan doesn’t bail when his team is sinking. I have great respect for fans that keep their loyalty during tough times, everybody loves a winner but to show your pride when their losers is a true measure of a fan. Be strong, be a fan.

      • Matt

        It’s kind of like that starving man, who gets a saltine cracker and says it’s the greatest tasting food he’s ever had. All the crap we deal with year after year, when we finally get a good one, it’ll be all worth while (so I hope).

      • Jeff

        Agreed. This isn’t even the worst season in recent Cubs history, injury or record wise. Every long time Cubs fan has gone through bad seasons and stretches, and it’s the true fans who you see coming back year after year, regardless of how poorly the Cubs are. The only difference now is the ability of the fans to voice their opinions via blogs, forums, and comment sections. I have made some very negative comments about the team this year and last, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like them or that I don’t want to watch them. I still love the Cubs, frustrating or not, and I’ll watch every game I can, and cheer them to win any time I can. I can’t wait until the time comes that we can all stop saying “wait ’til next year” and start saying “next year is now.”

        • EQ

          Well if recent history repeats itself, we’ll be in the playoffs next year, actually the pattern says next 3 years.. then be good but choke on the 4th year, followed by 2 straight bad seasons.. look below:

          2003 – playoffs
          2004 – choked
          2005 – bad
          2006 – bad
          2007 – playoffs
          2008 – playoffs
          2009 – choked
          2010 – bad
          2011 – bad
          2012 – ????

        • Toosh

          Or until we can say “The Cubs are World Series Champions”.

          • MichiganGoat

            I hope when that does happen that we can be thankful and avoid becoming what has happened to Red Sox fans after they ended their drought. They are all “sky is falling” anytime they don’t win the World Series, as of late they’ve become the Yankees v2.0.

  • RY34

    Good points Michigan Goat!

  • Ron

    They are just setting themselves up for the worst to first scenario for next year

  • pfk

    We are the very definition of masochists! I love the Cubs and will watch every game knowing that they are competing to stay out of the cellar and there is a high probability I will see some very frustrating baseball. But we hope….and hope…and come back again and again. I can’t help myself. And, amazingly, I actually believe that we are on the cusp of greatness. I really do. I sense big changes coming.

    • TWC

      For me, that’s just it: identity. Being a Cubs fan has been one of the constants in a life of myriad likes, dislikes, loves, homes, careers. I watch the games, I read about them, I hope, and hope and hope… and get disappointed, and turn on the game the next day and start all over again. Because that’s who I am.

  • MichiganGoat

    “We are the very definition of masochists!” – this might be the perfect statement about being a cub fan… nice work pfk