Marcos Mateo to Chicago, DJ LeMahieu to Iowa

In between games today, the Chicago Cubs called up Antonio Alfonseca’s evil, five-fingered twin, Marcos Mateo to shore up the sure-to-be-heavily-taxed bullpen. In a corresponding move, the Cubs sent second baseman DJ LeMahieu, mercifully, to AAA Iowa, where he probably should have been for the last three weeks.

Mateo, 27, made the Cubs out of Spring Training, flashing excellent stuff at times. But he couldn’t put it all together, and, after accumulating a 5.74 ERA in 20 relief appearances, was sent down to AAA. For now, he’s being called up as depth and little more.

LeMahieu hit just .243/.243/.270 in 37 at bats. He’ll probably be called back up when rosters expand in September, but otherwise will be working toward getting a shot in 2012. He was going to be sent down tomorrow anyway when Darwin Barney returns from the disabled list.

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5 responses to “Marcos Mateo to Chicago, DJ LeMahieu to Iowa”

  1. die hard

    re arranging deck chairs on the TITANIC

  2. Jeff

    Iowa is looking like it will be an interesting team to watch the next couple of weeks. Byrd is rehabbing, Colvin is starting to rake, Castillo has been hitting well all year, LaHair might be the first baseman the rest of the year, and now DJ LeMahieu is heading there.

  3. Bric

    There’s rumor swerling in the blogsphere that the Rangers would send Chris Davis to the Cubs for Mateo. This move might be to show a trade. I think the LeMahieu call up was also due to interest that either didn’t pan out or he just didn’t show enough. Either way, I think the first shoe to fall will be Ramirez, whether Hendry’s still there to do it or not.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Source please, it makes some sense except I think the Rangers will want more.