The Chicago Cubs have a number of guys they’d love to trade, but almost every such player will be difficult to trade for one reason or another.

The Cubs would probably like to trade Kerry Wood because of his perceived value to other teams, but an ongoing blister problem and a commitment to the Cubs would make him difficult to deal. The Cubs would probably also like to trade John Grabow because he’s almost certainly not coming back next year and isn’t helping the Cubs much this year, but declining performance and a $4.8 million contract this year would make him difficult to deal.

But, of course, the starting point to any possible deal is a team with which to consummate a deal. And in the case of these two relievers, however difficult they might be to trade, it sounds like the New York Yankees might have some interest.

Of Wood and Grabow to the Yankees, SB Nation New York had this to say:

Kerry Wood – The veteran reliever was terrific for the Yankees last season, posting a 0.69 ERA in 24 regular-season games after being acquired from Cleveland at the trade deadline. The 34-year-old Wood chose to go home to Chicago as a free agent in the off season, but several reports have indicated that the Cubs, who are limping through another miserable season, would be open to trading Wood. He is pitching well, with a 2.25 ERA, and it might be worth a shot to see if he can reprise last season’s success in New York.

John Grabow – The 34-year-old veteran lefty is nothing special, but he has done one thing very well this season. He has gotten left-handed hitters out, as they are hitting just .170 against him. That is a skill the Yankee bullpen could definitely use.

As to Grabow, if the Yankees see any value in him at all, the Cubs would be more than glad to unload him for $1 million in salary relief, or a mediocre prospect. They’ll not get any more from anyone else, he’s not exactly guiding the Cubs to the playoffs this year, and he’s a free agent at the end of the season.

With respect to Wood, on the other hand, there are a number of reasons the Cubs might not consider trading him wholly unrelated to the amount he may or may not help the 2011 Cubs. He gave the team a sweetheart deal to return to his now hometown, and, unless he affirmatively wants to be traded (assuming he comes back healthy from the blister issue before too long), he won’t be. That said, if there’s any place to which I could see him accepting a trade, it’s to the Yankees, where he had so much success last year.

  • ry

    funniest thing i have heard all day, a team like the yankees wanting a retread like grabow, get real! there are probably 20 better options than grabow including the guy slicing meat in a new york deli!

  • MichiganGoat

    This just goes to show the value of being a left handed reliever.

  • wax_eagle

    As long as the Cubs do right by Wood. If he wants to go back to New York they should make their best effort to do it. If he wants to stay they shouldn’t trade him under any circumstances. He doesn’t cost anything compared to other folks, and won’t bring back enough to warrant pissing of one of the Cubs’ better players in recent history.

    • Matt

      Agree 100%

  • Corey

    Maybe I’m remembering this wrong, but didnt Woody give the Cubs a sweetheart deal because he wanted to go out as a Cub, with a promise of a desk job whenever he took off his mitt?

    • MichiganGoat

      I don’t remember any promise of a desk job, I do believe whatever happens it will ultimately be Woody’s choice.

    • Ace

      Eh. I think some folks speculated something like that, but Wood signed a one-year deal, and he just turned 34. Whatever the agreement was, it’s not as though the two sides were contemplating this one-year deal and then retirement. Even if he’s traded, there will be plenty of time to go out as a Cub.

  • Caleb

    Didn’t we cover this already? Wood didn’t come to the Cubs at a discount so they could get good value out of him by trading midseason.

    I want us to, er, keep Wood as long as possible.

    • Ace

      We have covered it, many times, but people still seem to be espousing the viewpoint you just did. The counter is (and it’s correct): if the Cubs can get a good return, and Wood *wants* to be traded to a contender, the Cubs should honor that. Why is that so hard for people to accept?

      • Caleb

        Like you said, there are a lot of “if”s here. I think the surprise would be if Wood wants traded after coming back on a sweet deal. “Hey, I’d love to come to Chicago! Money? Don’t sweat it- I’m a Cub man for life. I’ll give you a great deal! Oh, unless the first half of my first season back doesn’t seem to be going well- then just please send me back to the yankees and use my discount to acquire some mediocre prospects.”

        I guess stranger things happen.

        Also, after watching half an inning of today’s game, I’d like to update my Davis prediction…

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  • Joe

    So where was this lefty expert when Russell was being sent in against left-handed hitters and got smacked around?

  • http://Bleachernation Ramy16

    Get rid of both the lame ass fucks

  • Nick

    “who are limping through another miserable season”

    Sadly, that sounds about right.

  • chode

    Anyone remember when we acquired Aaron Miles from the cardinals, he played liked shit for the cubs, then ultimately found his way back to the cardinals and returned to his mediocre status? At least we would be on the Money saving end of the Wood deal.

    • EQ

      I guess Miles found his way to the “right side of the rivalry”. What is it about Chicago that makes players suck?? I fully expect great seasons next year out of whoever we trade away this year.. Watch Demp go to the AL and win 18 games next year.. ARam go elsewhere and hit 35 bombs next year… i really do expect that.

      • Ol’CharlieBrown

        “What is it about Chicago that makes players suck??”

        That same thought runs through my mind often, EQ. Sometimes it truly seems like there’s something legitimate to it and its not just a perception we have. I try hard not to be too superstitious about life or the Cubs, but sometimes its difficult when it feels like many players come to Chicago and catch the “plague” then suddenly fail to perform as expected. Is it the day games, the pressure to win a World Series, quality and size of facilities for players at Wrigley, maybe all of the above or none of the above?

        Like you said, EQ, if we ever get rid of Soriano, I fully expect him to stop swinging at unhittable pitches low and away as well as make numerous Sam Fuld “Superman” catches out in left field for his new team.

    • Michigan Goat

      Ah, Aaron Miles… The man that spamers are attracted to on BN. We just can’t stop reminding ourselves of that horrible contract and how we thought he could replace DeRosa. I’m calling for an official ban on his name on BN for life.

  • jim

    Trade pena. Cant trade davis now. I fear cub br ass is planning to make another run next year!!

    • Joe

      I don’t think Davis was ever on the list of people who could be traded. It’s not like he was a hot item before this start.