Cubs Fan: The Catch and the Gun

If there was one good thing that came out of yesterday’s doubleheader misery, it was a late-inning blast by Miguel Tejada in the first game. No, not because it was fun to laugh at John Grabow once again, but because of an impressive catch and throw by a fan in the bleachers:

I’m not saying sign him, but I’d make fun of that move less than I would the John Grabow signing.

(h/t TFB)

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18 responses to “Cubs Fan: The Catch and the Gun”

  1. RY34

    One hell of an arm!

  2. vitaminB

    I think this movie ends with a hidden ball trick at 1B.

  3. 1060Ivy

    Nope. The movie ends with the Bomgartner’s catch in the outfield and a close up of the World Series ring.

  4. Butcher

    I’ve always wanted to catch a homer and throw the ball to home plate and have the catcher tag the guy out. Of course…that would require me to have an arm that could throw the ball 400 feet and for Soto to cooperate. Oh, I guess I’d have to catch the ball, too.

    Fine. It isn’t ever going to happen.

  5. Deez

    He made the catch in the bleachers & didn’t put anything into the throw. He has a good one!

  6. Steven

    Sign him….. he cant do anything to make the cubs worse than they already are..

  7. MichiganGoat

    sucks I can’t watch this on my iPad

  8. miggy80

    It seems like I remember watching a Cubs game when I was younger where a mailman picked up a homerun ball and threw it back over the fence from just off of Waveland. Does anybody else remember this?

  9. joseph hatcher

    Yeah I use have it on a old video tape. I use to play that scene over and over again about 10 times a day. It was a Andre Dawson’s homerun and it was a cnnsi’s POD (play of the Day). The next day the cnnsi host had said, the mailman had to tell his bosses that he was on his lunch break when he actually caught the ball. This happen around 1985 or 1986 time frame. I have the tape in stroage if I find it i will post it on youtube. Fred Hickman and Nick Charles were the host back then, it was Great times. Cnnsi just close down 10 years to early, because now there are all kinds of sports channel.

    1. Scott Hiers

      It happened in 1989. Go to Youtube and search for “The Boys of Zimmer”. I still have an old VHS tape. It was a video they made about the ’89 Cubs, and there is a little segment on that play in the video. By the way, I was watching that game as it happened. I remember it very well, too. I think on the video they said the guys name was Neil White.